I will show you first my earnings…
Here in Uphold,
there you go! I earned free P135,000 or $2600!
How i earned 132,000 pesos by using Brave Browser?
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In this video, i will be sharing you how i earned
132,000 pesos just by using a web browser.
Alright, this browser is called “BRAVE BROWSER”.
You can check out my video before
named “Earn $500 monthly using this browser”.
This video is full guide
and I recommend if you will watch the entire video!
So now, i will be showing you my earnings here…
Here in Uphold,
there you go! I earned free P135,000 or $2600!
This one is a Brave Rewards
BAT or BAT tokens. Meaning…
This value may go up or may go down because
this one is BAT token (alt coins)
lets check in Binance how much is
the price of BAT/BTC
Today im using the Brave Browser
and what I like about it is that
it always cancel / blocked pop out ads.
Lets go now to exchange
and look for BAT/BTC.
Right now, 0.00001665 btc
is equivalent of 1 BAT token.
In this area, it goes up
and because its not yet ALT season now
the value of BAT now is bearish…
That means… this 135,000 pesos
can still go up and go down.
Lets check my full video guide i made before
about this Brave Browser
I have shown here my notepad
the step by step how to use this browser
and the ways of earnings how to earn here.
In brave browser, there are 3 ways of earnings…
1) Referral program
2) Publisher / Creators
3) Advertisement
I also put it in the description the ways and instructions.
1) Just go to brave.com
You just go to download this brave browser.
It is available in PC/laptop
Also in IOS and Andriod devices.
Just download and use it for about 30 days.
With the icon of BAT token in the top,
you will earn your free BAT tokens
but you need to use it everyday or within 30 days.
Here in brave rewards, you may see your referral link
but you need first to add your channel
you can use your website, youtube channel,
twitch channel, twitter,
vimeo, reddit and github.
Connect here your accounts
and get approved to get your referral link.
In my previous video, it goes viral
and got a views of 107,000.
User downloaded brave under my link
are 6146 downloads…
3027 installed…
And 774 confirmed 30 days user.
And this last September 9
i got a last deposit of 15,402.86 BAT tokens
and it directs payout in my Uphold account.
I received it today (midnight)
This video is only a brief summary of my 1st video
because i already share the ways of earnings
and how to use this browser (full guide).
3) You need to have Uphold.com account
Here, all the rewards from Brave Browser earnings
will direct here.
Take note: every 8th of the month
they are sending our payments here in Uphold
and once you earned free BAT tokens
you can payout it without any minimum.
BAT tokens can be converted too
into BTC,
into USD,
into EURO card, PHP card and many more.
And the proof of payout
i have shown in my previous video
i have earned free 127 BAT tokens
and converted into btc which i earned
0.0045 btc.
If you already setup your brave rewards, uphold account
and downloaded the Brave Browser
you can do now some of the ways of earnings.
1) Referral program
I have mentioned it a while ago that you should connect
your channel in order for you to get your referral link.
And by referral people
you can earn free $5 USD worth of BAT tokens
once your referral installs and
use the browser for 30 days.
The referral commission is not counted
when they stop using the browser within 30 days.
2) Publisher / Creators
If you wanted to monetize your Youtube and websites
you can connect it here
in Brave Rewards.
I will show you how this works…
In example, with my channel “earn money with aiza”
me, as a content creator
im able to receive tips coming from you.
lets go to my Youtube Channel,
its says that “Earn Money with Aiza”
is a brave verified creator.
So its like, if you find my videos good and has quality
you can always give me a tip.
You just have to click the “Send a Tip”
and you can give me 1 BAT,
5 BAT, or 10 BAT tokens.
Its like a gratitude coz she
can helps you in her own way.
Thats how publisher/creators works…
Like in restaurants, if the customer likes you
(for example you are the waiter/waitress)
they can give you a tip.
Just like here in publisher/creators.
3) Advertisement
Sad to say, ads watching and ads viewing are not available
here in our country which is Philippines.
But in USA, Europe and in different country
they can views ads and earn BAT tokens.
Sorry again coz this feature
is not available in the Philippines.
This is all 100% free!
Just do some extra effort to earn
You can earn free BAT tokens using the browser
and got tips when you are a publisher/creator.
Inviting people are still OPTIONAL.
In my uphold balance,
if you would ask me if i will withdraw this now?
i have 135,000 pesos earlier but now its 136,000
coz maybe the BAT/BTC price rises up.
i would say no,
i will not withdraw this now coz its not yet alt season
What i will do here is
I will hold this BAT tokens
and still wait
for the target ceiling price i want
then i will sell it right away.
Question: How to convert BAT tokens in Uphold
to BTC coz some wallet does not contains BAT assets?
Okay. for example, i will convert BAT to BTC
you just have to click this brave rewards
here you can convert BAT token to any crypto currency.
In transfer to card, select BTC
then enter here the amount you have in BAT
or you can use all available funds.
You will see here the total amount
if you would like to convert it now
it has exchanging fee with 1.95%
which a large amount of 0.004 btc.
All in all, i will be getting amount of 0.24 btc!
If you wanted to watch my previous video,
you can check that out here
“how to earn $500 monthly
using this browser (full guide)”.
That one is a very clean instruction video
because this video contains video update
how i earned 135,000 pesos using this browser.
Alright! I hope this video helps you
how to earn extra money online
and dont fotget to like,
comment your experience using this browser
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Thanks again for watching!
My name is Aiza Mercado
and see you on my next video!