I see the haters are here
Two, thumbs down in the first 30 seconds don’t really know. How. That’s possible but i appreciate your support
I’d do it for the haters sometimes you know. Like, they, say if they ain’t hating then. You ain’t trying
And i wake up trying every, day
let’s see here
More can, you guys hear, my voice okay
Miss that chad is taking a, long time to load up i need to quit somebody’s program it looks like
They’re, with me a few minutes
What up, what up?
Krc, what’s going on?
so, we got this, boom, boom, boom let’s bring this over go ahead and hit that thumbs up button um
But it’s praying this over here
Thing that works
maybe maybe
Wah, wah mon, ah, me my brother you talk like that you know i’m saying, wha gwaan
Alice, uh, bring that back
It should be better yes
It’s much better
I think this one is a not sure south africa maybe i look like san fran right there
Ha, you guys are pretty funny
Like that for now i know
Cool here we go?
Hey, what’s up juan carlos listen man if you see anybody talking reckless – go ahead hit that banhammer one time big homie
Yeah i’m saying
I got no time
but i hate
Cuz i’m saying people people people want to uh
Jump in here and pop off and just talk crazy you know i’m saying, like, like i got to show
up, let, me tell you a secret i
Ain’t got it never say, another word in this microphone, now i’m good
you know i’m saying i
Come on this microphone every day cuz, i want to help people
Not because i need, you to hit a. Thumbs-up button so youtube can, pay me pennies on the dollar i don’t even have
ads on this channel
They all must have forgot all must have forgot i stopped working for a paycheck a long time, ago
What is this tanner come on come on?
Hey, juan carlos can. You even ban people anymore youtube it don’t even look, like i can, ban people can. You ban somebody
Like, does it’s a band member from chat
if you if you, like right-click on they name
What’s up everybody instagram yes i do pk crypto traitor, yeah, that’s crazy!
I’m gonna just have to start writing cat’s name, now i’m just go copy, and paste cuz
I could, do it on the back end but
Not only let you put them in timeout tan or toby if you if you type
Another scripture in this chat you will be vanna i assure you det
So don’t do that this ain’t that ain’t what the troll box therefore if you, do it tanner toey i assure you
This, was go happen
That button, go get clicked right there and you go be staring at, some numbers for the next 15 minutes
Good it’s great issues like i disappeared for three, days. Yok, like i’ll know how to act
Do that now, joe i didn’t did you message me on facebook this morning
somebody messaged me on facebook this morning i was in colombia for a week so i apologize if
Still a couple people have not been
taken care of
Pretty, sure i forgot to send a person on facebook a, little money too
I’ll write you down though i let’s see i do that now
What up, what up everybody?
Hey, juan carlos man you ready for the next ride on the money train
Mm-hmm is coming, soon you go at. You, another jag sitting in a driveway in a minute
Is coming, soon i’ve been telling people for about six months now. You’d only, want to know actually listen to the advice
and see here
A superior class if you, were gonna donate them they say a
Wallet right there in the description
I’ll be amazing somebody actually donated earlier i got a shout them out
I came, back it was i point almost point one bitcoin somebody, is sent, me that was pretty cool
and then
Whoever that person was?
The, we joe i just sent the etherium to your wallet – oh?
You should be good enough, sorry, about that
Louie, joke octa, oh
Yeah, let’s go ahead, and send this over through to our facebook page
I’m gonna do that
don’t over here
This is our facebook group?
There’s a link in the description right there for this as, well
We’re gonna have a contest to give, away
Bts or some free etherium actually i could go back to them away bitcoin now
Prices are back down
That’s pretty good?
Hi, so what you want to do is jump into facebook, group right there number one bitcoin, group in the world
Share that post i’m pinning it to the top right now
And that will give you chance to win
Can you guys heard of music is music plan music to be claimed out probably can, you know, me and you
Know the music for like the last three couple minute
was up everybody is good to be back, sorry for wait, like little wayne and carter for
Their, yeah, jump over there and i share that post pin to the top and you’ll be good?
Tender w thought i was joking that’s cool i got you?
Mmm i’ve been in colombia somebody said, where i’ve been
What was i doing in colombia chilling and doing in life
Getting another stamp in my, visa on my passport
Eating, some rice and beans
Drinking tequila mm-hmm
Good time in colombia i was hanging out with, some friends
What’s up everybody, jimmy was going out?
yeah, man
Was in a. We weren’t in bogota, we were in a mid 18?
But it was pretty cool, beautiful beautiful little country from the city
Like margaritaville partying or us yeah, yeah, yeah gave us barter gave us, oh
I’m working on my spanish
-, oh
That’s funny, that’s funny i’m just reading comments
Come on tanner what are you doing man what you doing guy
What you doing i don’t know are you doing
What’s tanner be like, some like eight-year-old kid this new second great
As all right one carlos don’t worry, about it mom i’m uh
I’m on the platform right now block them
Don’t worry, about it
What up, what up what’s up everybody, make, sure you jump in a facebook
Group, if you haven’t done it already can, y’all hear music now is it cool
Alright, jack i appreciate the vote of confidence
Thank you for that
Like i said if they ain’t hating then
You, ain’t tryin it’s a new, year i know, we got the haters coming fresh out the woodwork you know i’m saying
Fresh in time for this but it’s a molle whopping y’all, about to get in the market but you know
thank you thank you for vote confidence i
No i’m saying i say even the haters are welcome i?
don’t mind one bit
No, no music yeah
But y’all can, hear me know right
hopefully, how’s this to be
No, music huh
mmm i think i know i
That’s running through air
Let’s see if we get this?
Chacma, is not like money?
What a big b was a brandy good see
55 seconds go ahead and let, me know i’ll do a quick chart before we jump in this bitcoin
Let me know, what chart you want to see
All right let’s see let’s see
So what we’re doing if you haven’t done already go ahead and jump in this facebook group
It’s called number one bitcoin group in the world i’m as soon, as i’m gonna, do one chart right now and then once we get?
Done with that chart i am going to
Jump, back over
Under to pick a winner right
So this is the group right here all you need to do is share that post right there
Right i’m literally just gonna reload this page and
Pick a winner from everybody that’s shared it we got?
164 people on the air right now
if we have more than 150 likes, by the time i finish this, chart
I will pick two people to win some
Bitcoin, from my wallet – there’s right?
There you go!
18 people in the contest right now let’s go ahead and get our?
Other screen up let’s see if we could do this real quick
What out, what out?
If we could get some thai screen let’s make it jump over this, way
No, i’m just bringing back over here that’s easier for me
Wait i don’t even understand why, why, did you do this
Garbage snow like this time you make no sense
Big-big, want to see ada so let’s go ahead and
show, that for the people
Thing this one over here
Why, don’t you trust, ada somebody said. They don’t trust, ada or ios
I’m just trying to get this and rep right fast
I actually don’t get away, with it like this, was
Give me a couple minutes got a refill you did south
There we go?
That’s better?
And then we this one just show. You guys what i’m doing i’m like setting up, my little tv screen for you. Guys, oh?
This, is why i be struggling on background, sometimes cuz, i’m like literally juggling all this stuff
And still banging these charts out like our boss comes in but this one should be pretty good
There we go look, at that look, at that how. Beautiful is this yes?
That’s cool!
I can show. You all my secrets i know other people be watching, my channel don’t steal, my, secrets i
Don’t let them, do it sometimes i watch other people’s videos just so i can keep up on myself
it was good to be back though i like having fun i
Mean i’m just go cut
Wasn’t name don’t even worry, about it juan carlos don’t worry, about it no more
I’m already i’m already, doing it like at the on the backside of this video but i don’t know
Why he keeps doing it like it doesn’t make, any sense but trust me i got his, name written down, and
Won’t won’t be able to post any comments after today
Well so what we’ll do then is we will? Oh yeah?
Oh, that’s beautiful
And i need, to bring this back over here there nurse, awful a second
Oh, that’s not
Yeah, happily hold on one second i almost got it
What’s going on with this thing now
Mmm yuta, that’s cool, just have to really sink it i guess
Much better that feels good
go, throw, this over here
Thank you for your patience everyone i do appreciate it without further, ado
Let’s go ahead and start show
There you go, okay, that’s better
So what are, we i’m gonna actually gonna
Loop, this part right here so i’ll craft this part out for everybody that doesn’t see this thing live
We will be jumping on the chart right now
And that chart will be beta if you, want to win some free bitcoin. You got about two and a half minutes left
Number one bitcoin group in the world jump in there and share that post that i pinned
To, the top of the page right there right how. Low
Will bitcoin go back am blood moon prediction
Wanted to make this kind of fun you know. A lot going, on with the solar cycles so that
Should be pretty cool, to get that going this, also hit that but real quick not ready for that yet
Two, is late i was laying down over there um?
So for everyone that is new to our community?
welcome to the money team
You know it’s good to have you thank you for coming thank you for joining
This, is what we do right here seven days a week make money on these charts
Bb kelly 1203 on trading view if you, want to follow, me i’m gonna be a
Post in this chart to our
steamin community as, well
And i have the same name on there
selina comm
At bk crypto trader
Shut up to the mods open it down i know, we got a troll in a building
But i will take care of that once this video is over i shout out the big beat you know i’m saying to mr.
305 holdin it down for us in the community as, well so that’s the us
Uk, crypto, traitor i’m gonna post uh this chart on there so for all you steaming steamy ins scheme aliens
You’ll have access to that so what we’ll be looking at on this one now, we’re gonna
How, ada right and when we look at our charts the first thing you?
Want to notice we always chart – bitcoin right
Everybody, has bk
Why, do you look at the bitcoin, chart, why, not the dollar, why
Not usd and i tell you every single time the usd ain’t done nothin, but, me so i put my value in
Long story short as long as you accumulate more bitcoin. By design you will accumulate more dollars we assume that
Deflationary economics will increase in value over time the dollar
inflationary economics decreases in value over time simple supply and
Demand right wow look at that chart
goodness gracious i
Got come, back from vacation, and i’m like, oh my, goodness what is this is this language?
All right so what do we say a toe is go do though wow it’s holding up pretty good too, what we expected?
Mm-hmm so this is actually a chart i made quite, some time, ago
we actually posted this one
Ideas, my idea is only let’s see i posted i posted this chart to, ada not too long, ago
since then it basically
Continued down this de-escalation triangle but i think, we have a support, strong support level right here so essentially
Can see, ada reversing. Course here pretty soon a lot of these charts are built to where
from the beginning of february to about you know the middle of february february
1st to the 15th
Is kind of gonna be a bottom out period and
I don’t, want to spend a lot of time on this chart because, we just did this literally like, a few days?
Ago, like last week, and the only thing that happened since i made this chart
Was that we continued to go down into that red, triangle and now you can see
We are starting to fill this kind of reverse valerio’s so basically right now we’re like in limbo
We like crash at the bottom and now it’s like, we’re trying to swing back up to catch ourselves so we can, you know
Continue up this red
Escalation triangle once we get above you know
60,000 then we’re essentially in a continuation breakout pattern
You know and it’s probably a?
Good time to buy and go long on it right now
I, say just hold off for a second because you
May, be able to pick this thing up if we have another strong dip here
Which i think could happen and in the next 10 days
You, may, be able to pick it up under 45 which is i think, where i?
Speculated it was gonna go?
About two weeks ago i said you can probably get it at 45 i know i made a video on this day
That back here 112 where i put that green line i made a video and said don’t buy
Ada at the top it’s gonna drop 30%
If you were on one of our patreon or on steam it you saw, when i posted that video
since then it dropped almost 30% i
Say, that look good
All right down, boy that’s, boy, bk i’ll tell you, what he know, about them shots, boy i know
About them child so this is what we got here this, is pretty much the lowest we can go is about
37 38 i would say anything under
You know even if we put this? And kept this right there yeah but that’s gonna be the
absolute low point
you, won’t get it under 45 after february, 7th probably um
But if you can get it under 45 anywhere between now and february 10th it’s free money you know cuz
It’s gonna, swing up and we’re hitting another wave another macro
Bull market for these altcoins probably right before bitcoin. And that’s what we’re looking at with this video we’re
Gonna look at bitcoins macro but a lot of these alt coins, have strong macros you
Going into
Going into spring this is just kind of a limbo
Micro, that’s you know kind of swinging us but if you notice we’re
Not really losing like a de is literally like flat but it’s all in that one little box
Right so if we actually zoom out to like
Even if we look at it daily right i never do this but sometimes to understand like what’s actually happening
To, this thing
You, look at it daily let’s hide everything
Right that doesn’t look like a
Bad bad setup, yeah i’m saying for like you know the next couple months that’s actually a pretty good
Formation, to buy into it’s literally stepping up right it like breaks out sits flat breaks out sits flat breaks
Out sits flat, what, do we expect, bam just
That easy to get paid so eight is a good coin, good technology, good product
Good community you know it’s got everything that you want i’m sure the dev team is up to date with their linkedin
profiles so i don’t bother to look at those but, some people that do and
You know, oh?
Yeah, i thought is on the up and up this is a solid coin saw the technology
Soto at a market the market will
Rewarded accordingly i just want you guys to be able to buy it at a bargain and where’s a bargain of bargains anywhere you know
Underwater temporarily but it’s still not broken on the macro right and so for us that bargain looks to be right
there right
That’s where, we want to try to buy it at, again, about a week, ago
Two weeks, ago before i went to colombia i said that i thought this thing
Was gonna?
Do like a little m&m formation and dip right down there but it looks like it just took a little bit longer
But that’s still you know the ground, floor so if you can, buy it under 45
That’s a good buy that’s a, solid buy right there good corner right, what up shy
Yeah, right it is looking pretty amazing all right
So, any coin, that’s holding its value right now is a
Solid, solid pickup right because this is technically a yeah?
Correction bitcoin
Is down with 60% in the past month from nineteen thousand to ten thousand under ten thousand that’s a lot that’s a lot
So anything that held its. Value during that time is
Gonna, boom when bitcoin recovers that’s what, we want to look for got a target no i don’t do targets i do?
Momentum projections that stuff likes an when do you you got a target for it’s bad but. You got a target for dying
No, you don’t you just live, your life, take it day, by day respond accordingly to what happens every, day
Et cie is looking great to xlm big shot shot pedia in the building, what’s going on alright so here we go?
Number one bitcoin, group in the world
Share that post right there, we are coming back to it in 30
seconds i have one of the mods clear board, so to everybody on this video live on the
Air right now i can get in how, many how, many likes do we have right now
for this
Video, we got more than 150?
F is not a bad coin right now anything, again. Anything that’s outperforming bitcoin f is a good, corner etc’
Might be better in the next you know
But yeah f is good, bitcoin
Cash is good moani’s decent ain’t as good a lot of these newer you know, top 20 top 30 coins
that right
Alright, so let’s do it
That’s a hippy shirt
I just got back from
Colombian, man i’m gonna got my son bob’s i got some new. Crystals, ii i’m, saying i’m i got my columbiana
Bracelet you know i’m saying got my frames, own so hey hey it is what it is?
You, don’t saying
Here we go?
Let’s go ahead, and make this money
Black, space, was going out?
and it’s it anymore i
Somebody, asked for a scholarship they must forget i’m giving. Away, money for free everyday
Money and knowledge you want a scholarship
enroll in class
Chart like a, boss 32 videos sel scholarship right there
There we go that’s, my, baby right now, what do i want this thing?
Yeah, larry, service starts tomorrow i’m gonna make a
Whole separate video for that and everybody that’s enrolled in and on patreon you’ll get you’ll get a video?
But everything for that but that will start tomorrow
Here we go?
Perfect, good good good
That’s right everybody?
Listen turn turn turn down a fan right now
Ladies and gentlemen it is about that time
Live from the usa hoping. You get paid every day this is the boasts a bitcoin
Decrease though of crypto is your boy, bk and if you, own like, me you must not like, money thank you for joining me everybody
Today is january 31st?
And i am back from vacation
refreshed, blessed you know and ready for a little bit of success
I was in colombia for a few, days with
Some some longtime friends from from school from college shout out to dr.
Lewis, who invited me to columbia for his bachelor party joined by people from all over the world and it was just amazing to
Connect with a new, culture a new, experience you know and really welcome in this new? Cycle that we’re in right now
And that’s that’s more so, what i’ll be talking about a little bit today
With our with our time together is bitcoin is in a new, cycle crypto is in a new. Cycle
the celestial bodies are in a new cycle
And and everything is interconnected and so once you become cognizant of that i don’t think you get caught up you don’t you
Shouldn’t at least get caught up in them the minute-to-minute, oh my
god i come, back i come, back right i didn’t even check the charge one day
While i was gone you know but i come back and everybody talking about, oh my, god bloomberg posted an article that
Was two months old and bitcoins down another 20%?
No, it doesn’t work like that it doesn’t it doesn’t
Bloomberg, wishes they, had that much power over to markets right if they did
We wouldn’t even had a chance to buy it because they
Would have kept posting fake articles to drive the price down even lower so they could have bought all of it at 200
Bucks it doesn’t work, like that don’t believe the hype listen to the charts they
Tell you all you need to know and as you do you’ll?
Be able to profit in growth just like the fam does right here ikea, oughta tota
Total cut, a, deal
It’s like out of the about a siempre see that bueno there’s
Your, first i’m tuning in congratulations baby, you’re now rocking with the best, my name is bk you know me as the crypto traitor
And i am the boasts of these charts as you’ll soon find out every, day i graced this microphone with, my voice is another
Day you get to profit as a result and today is no exception
So with that being said, we’re gonna jump straight into our chat right now shout out the ms 90 crypto i’m gonna need
Some spanish lessons you see i’m a
little rusty on sand i was only in colombia flight 72 hours so you know, then, aney, aney i need a
bow quito
Ayuda, go me espejo on our next on our next call good, deal so let’s just jump in
Facebook, group, young’s in and get somebody paid with, some free btc and who?
Is that person
Gonna be is one three one that’s gonna?
be five from the bottom right here blake prints, one
to shout out the blake to blake’s been posting a lot in our community he has a website too as, well i
I’ll actually share that in another video but blake hit
Me up to me a message so i could share to people out of resources you put up he does a lot of good stuff
for us so
I’m gonna, throw, brick blake, some love i know
we got two winners i’m gonna pick blake as one of the people because his fortune just had me stop on his name so one
Two, three four bam and kirk
Chatfield you know i’m saying you are our free
Btc winner of the day hit me up with your bitcoin wallet
blake you
Do the same i think we already messaged you though each other on facebook and i will send you a couple bucks and btc si
Token of my, appreciation thank you all for joining me you know i’m saying if you, want to get paid it’s just this easy
Join, the number one bitcoin, group in the world
we got
22,000 of my best friends that come together seven days a week to keep each other empowered and in profit in
The marketplace, we don’t pump and dump
Each other, we don’t nickel and dime each other no telegram telethon tell a chat suite deck you know
Forecast what are they, called entry
Exit area none of that none of that none and that is just about harmonics just about people empowering. People with, the natural cycles
Of everything around us and that’s what, we focus on we we empower each other through?
Self-taught expertise and everybody in this group, is getting better every, day, is it’s pretty amazing i remember
When i started this group, and had about 20 people i was excited because
We just had 20 people and we broke about 200 people now, we got?
20,000 it won’t be too long till
We add another zero on another zero and another zero behind that so get ready baby
The world is changing the seasons are changes and the cycles are changing and it the time is amazing and
That’s what, we here to, do make money have fun travel the world buy you, ibiza. Buy you a house buy
you a car get out, of debt but break the chains, off the old neck and
Live your, life because unfortunately it was a sold away and signed off one the minute you arrived here
Now let’s talk, about this crypto
Flood moon super blue
once in two hundred years
It’s a it’s an amazing time to be alive
Once you realize that and you realize the opportunity at hand and you you can
Begin to grasp the severity of this moment for not only us as a people but for
Humanity all together there are a lot of things happening in the world right now
This is literally a crossroads like this is a celestial body
Crossroads like this, is the the the 231 one in the 77 come in from flat and breaking out into a, new
Cycle what happens on the other side of that cycle is yet to be seen but this is a?
mathematically speaking
The super
What is it super blood blue moon?
Whatever it is happens like once every
168 years
But keep in mind that’s within six months of a 100 year total
Which is inside of seven years of?
Total eclipse and those three entities are individually free-thinking and isolated just like our?
721 and 77 but when they happen
Within a small range of each other that’s a, whole lot of energy moving in a, whole new, direction
And that’s what i?
Understand this moment to be in by this moment i mean it’s this shift right this window
Of view this kind of sliding scale of perspective that, we have in this dimension?
It’s just a moment right
It’s very easy to get lost
In the day to day might grow minut you know. Minuscule price
Inflections, oh, my, god bitcoins eleven thousand, oh, my, god it’s ten thousand, what happened
Nothing happened there’s really, no change and a bigger scheme of things that’s, no change at all right
So don’t worry
About that that’s why i say cut the candles off don’t look at the candles look at the intersections what already intersects and the
Intersections are the shifts in the cycles right
Pay attention, to the big events what are the big events the eclipses right so all it is stuff right and guess what
Bobble here was was speaking on tv last night king bobblehead himself
Why, was he doing that
Because it’s a new, cycle they have to mark the moment
Pay attention to the world around. You understand that there are bigger things at. Play
And everything is is happens in succession of?
What happened or and what’s yet to follow?
Right king bobblehead himself, was speaking on tv last night a lot of people talking
About that i went to papa john’s i got me a pizza at
Papa, john’s i looked at the tv for about 32 seconds i said hmm i said that’s cain
Bubble here don’t almost every tv in the country right now probably around the world
Talking, about his plan for the next what
It’s a very significant moment and so the purpose of this video is not to
Highlight whatever number may be associated with
Day this time on this left-hand, side of the chart right
Purpose or the point of this video is to understand that huge event celestial events oftentimes
Synchronicity with, each other, what does that mean that, means the more things become erratic
And scatter doubting you know, we can’t create sense of it the more they come together
Smooth, and flatten out and then it looks normal bam and then goes back right
That’s when lightning strikes right so here we go?
One of the one of the ways, i want to help you guys
Make, sense of this cycle what we’re tuning up to right we’re gonna look at a
Three-month, chart i’m an mickus just gave me a big tip in a super chat thank you sir i do appreciate it i said
So helpful in many ways thank you for what you do?
Thank you sir
biggest thing you guys can start to do is
Look, at the time right before
The, new, year and this time right after the, new
Year used it used 2018
As kind of a flag in the middle of the ground and say what happened before
What happened after that can give us a trajectory of runway so to speak of what we expect to follow. Right so
Before 2018, we see that, we had very very very very very nice little
see that
And a nice nice run a nice channel growth, that, was probably about 30 you know. 30 percent monthly
you know
Cidr you couldn’t you can really beat that that, was solid that
Was solid but what happened right let’s change this color
And that more or less became our?
Balance point right this, was basically our shift in point
This, line right there
When we broke down, below, that line that’s that, was more or less, like the reset button
right and
So now we’re kind of swinging in that channel right there, where, we broke out flat line right
It’s is literally just this easy you guys
Check, this out it just came to me like as i was building this thing out with you guys breakout
Flatline, what comes next
Bam it’s just that easy, to get paid i’m trying to tell you don’t let
Them bobbleheads on tv tell you you need one of them one of them circle-jerk boys and a $200,000 sports car
and and six hookers in
Manhattan every saturday you, don’t need him to show
You, how to make money everything happens in cycles break out break down flatline, what comes next next cycle
water follows the path of least resistance
Energy, flows in the same direction from which it came the path of least resistance is to continue moving in the direction that
We started from that will be up and to the right
Chula, just came over to say, what’s up cuz, she know young saying, when i get excited, like, this i see y’all
Make it money bam and
We are breaking out bitcoin will break out
Sometime in early 2018 right but that will ultimately
Begin a completely, new transition this is almost the shift of a?
New, era that’s why, i wanted to get on here and let
You, guys know, when you have three hundred, year events that happened within five years of each other just
Do the math one over a hundred one over one hundred one over one hundred that equals what, okay?
Well one out of five to the power you know it’s crazy it’s mathematically almost mathematically impossible is like less than
0.02 percent you know that’s like a once in 10,000 year event that is happening inside of this seven-year span
That we know as?
2018 between 2012 2018 and probably 2022 right and
This is at the forefront of it right break out, break down flatline
Let’s go to a chart let’s show. You how, chart looks so you can, understand the micro
Correlation of this causal, association right so now
Btc $2 we’re jumping on the
343 on the turn on this fan a little bit i’m starting to heat up you know i’m saying i got the lights on
This, is what this is what this?
Is what the chart looks, like, again tradingview
calm be the kelly
1203 is my name on there making money is my game right so here we go here we go here
we go ultimate became moving i was a lot of people, asked, me you know it’s new, year i go through
some of this starting off
How can, you get set up this is all you got to do all you got to do go to tradingview
Comm set up an account. Link in the description you know i’m saying kick that link train. You from like i think $2.00
Person, they, make sixty that they need, to take it
so if you click that link in the description, and that will take you to training view type in b k
Right and that will add my?
script and
Our moving average strategy
Ultimate, bk pro tools name 1200 people bam train of you need to be paying, me off this
Child at the cryptid pro tools calm putting it together
1200 people using it right now this is our method, make, sure you turn the candles off like i told you before
We don’t need, them all you need is a seven which is the white line a?
77, which is our blue line, and
A 231 which is like the long-range energy cycle right there right
what, we can, see happening right now is bitcoin is what i call underwater right and
That is when the 77, and?
The seven are both under the 231 that’s basically like, you know it’s it’s
Top-heavy it’s like flipped over it’s not a time to buy it right now to be on because when, this happens that
Means the mechanics are
Broken right i’m just showed you guys
the theology to develop a one in probably thousand
Year event right and tight at the bitcoin over the next you know macro cycle however when we jump down to a
Chart and we limit our scope of view to?
the past
What is this two weeks 20 days?
Then it looks completely different
Right and i need to probably do another video on this because trading view actually has a very good tool, that shows
You, guys, like the change in depth perception when you zoom out
And down in tact right so i just told you you know once in 500 years bitcoin is an amazing buy
Right for 500 years yes oh of course
inside the next
During the last 20 days probably didn’t, want to do it right
What’s happening right now is basically bitcoin, is almost setting up like a
consolidation wedge
It’s almost running itself into the floor to where it can
Squeeze out every last bit of energy negative energy
So to speak down energy before it continues and breaks out it’s like it’s
When you wash the dishes right you have a sponge right and you wash the dishes with funds but
Funds getting heavy this funds get wet what do you got to do to keep washing, dishes which is ultimately go?
What do you need, to do you actually need to squeeze water out of that sponge
To, absorb new, water in it give it a, new, cycle a, new
Lifespan, and you go back to washing this is just what she was doing for you know
You just squeeze out that excess squeeze out that waste and then the sponge works a lot, better
That’s exactly?
What bitcoin is doing right now it’s squeezing that water out it
Won’t need, to squeeze it very long and this, is what the chart looks like now
We start to use my method and this is this is how? My method works i’m giving you the?
Methodology, which is based off a lot of psychology and astrology you know, but now, we talk about
The the, my, dad used to state of scruples right now now, we can
Bring this thing together biggest thing i want you to focus on biggest two events you need to focus on is really whenever?
Bitcoin, goes down and comes up whenever you have an intercept right especially if you have an intersection right around the same
Place what i like to do is just put a line right there and say that’s either
Gonna, be support or resistance as long as we’re, above that line, we’re good as long as we’re below
That line it sucks right it’s either a floor or a. Ceiling right it’s literally like a seesaw, and
so this then becomes one of our major
Points this is like a, major?
Focal point of our chart the point, where this
actually broke out and started going positive this is
Like our last macro cycle and that started back in november right
And i’m sure you can look on blum erb just type the day in google news november
17th bitcoin, and see what the bubble hits, tell you you know resulted in that happen
And that really doesn’t matter because only two things happened after it it went up and it came back now but if you
correlate that information
Then you can, extrapolate much more after the fact so what we’ll do now, is we’ll take our cycle lines?
Right we’ll start with that
day and
Do me a favor if you appreciate this knowledge that i’m dropping on y’all for free you know i’m saying hit that thumbs up button
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Offsets that natural suppression right so this is what i just did here?
we take this swing point right there, where, we just you know created, this, whole new, spark of energy, yet let me
Make, this a little bit brighter all right
We put that up top to the highest
Point more or less our?
Maximum right and we just grew. These, little psycho lines off top of it that’s the orange you know
Macrocycle lines each one is about six weeks right now that’s a pretty good depth for bitcoin right
And what do, we see what happened what happened
Bk, what do we see, oh man and look just like, what we talked, about on the last, chart
We got three parts of a. Cycle right, what’s the three parts, break out break down
Flatline, was gonna happen it bam
is it
dr. Mike
walk, away a
Little bit more to it but that’s that’s basically it all
We see happening right now is is bitcoin as literally you know
Comin down so it can swing back up and go up into a much bigger
Longer extended cycle if you know elliot waves this is basically the bridge between
The five and one you know in one cycle and the three and another
Right people people don’t realize that elliot waves is just a bridge theory to where it’s like
This, psycho is part of this cycle is part of this cycle
Where the one becomes a three becomes the 5 becomes a 1 becomes a 3 becomes a 5 that’s exactly?
What’s happening here right we’ve reached the maximum of one cycle right and how, do we know. That how, do we know
That check this out check this out all right let’s go all, the way back
Take, you back, way back
To, this area right here
And i think it’s right there check this out i think this is it right here if we do our fibonacci from
April, we’re basically, we had like a, flat line between all of those
scales right there and
We bring it up to
The maximum of that point right there
Hey, that basically gives it to us it’s not as pretty as i would have liked
But it’s close enough to have coherency, and that’s probably it right there
Yeah, that’s it right there
all we did
Was we started at instead of starting at that last genesis point you know
Back in november 15th with the bubble hits whatever news, that they gave relevancy to that day brought to you by
corporate, media
Conglomerate sponsorships whatever the news, that day that was?
Moving, back six months go to the big in an april completely different article exact, same energy cycle
They’ll, never, tell you that right
Completely different article i guarantee now you go to april first somebody type in google news april first bitcoin, bloomberg bitcoin, they’ll have a
Whole flood of different articles probably, wanted a facebook
Link will boss twins wanted to one of them build the burgers that that you know decided to better won’t bet it on bitcoin and
Now that’s gonna, make bitcoin, go up for the next eight months no, no, don’t be so naive
This is just the natural energy. Cycle but, what, do we see happened that, was the one six
Which is our natural aspiration of we peaked out above the four six came back down to the three to
Flatlined on the two four what, do we expect, we expect?
Once we break out, above that three two, we will clear that four six and we will be on a completely, new
Extension of btc probably for the next eighteen months
that’s how it happens that’s how it comes together i
Hope this helps you guys um once you go through a lot of my videos if you’re, new
You’re, probably confused as f not knowing, what i’m talking, about say this this brother over here with
These glasses think he’s sitting in starbucks and cl. Somewhere said, no but i’m sitting in my office with
A, whole bunch of btc compliments at them circle-jerk boys on wall street because i can, understand the energy cycles once you see that
You, will be much better off
Not in none date with the garbage that they programmed you with that’s, why it’s called television programming
not television liberation
comes in
They, don’t teach you this stuff in school i know i spent about 12 to 15 years learning
Advanced mathematics i took six semesters of calculus got an engineering degree i didn’t use for about two and a half weeks during an internship
One summer you know i’m saying, went to notre dame got some more letters behind, my, name’s more indoctrinations what
Do you get when you’re indoctrinated you get another degree
Huh, so i’m second degree indoctrinated
Part of a much larger, system but it’s systematic
Systematic content you guys that, is that is basically purdue produced?
To, suppress right and this knowledge this is why i’d give it to you
For free because this knowledge is of the people for the people, by the people, by the way its
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