Hello this is Julien and you are on EatTheBlocks. And in this video I’m going to tell you how much money blockchain
developer actually make. So this is a very important topic because before you
decide to get into the blockchain industry you want to make sure that you
can have a good salary and unfortunately there is a lot of bullshit on this topic
on the Internet. I’ve seen some other blockchain instructors tell students
that yes you can make like 140k like super easy. And I think that really gives
you some false expectation. So let’s be clear: yes you can make good money on
blockchain but you need to understand some nuances. So let’s get started with
this figure of 140,000 USD / year. So I’ve seen this figure circulating in
different places and the reason is because it comes from a study of some
big… some big company made a study on blockchain salary and so they found
that the median salary in the US was 1 140,000 USD / year. But this figure is a
little bit misleading because first of all they survey the US, which will give
you different numbers compared to other places in the world. And second we are
mostly talking of people working in the Silicon Valley, so the average will be a
little bit higher. So don’t worry, in general blockchain developers do make
good money but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should have the same
expectation as someone working in a Silicon Valley. So let me give you a
normal expectation. So let’s say that you are a web developer with a couple of years of
experience and you decide to get into the blockchain industry. Realistically
you could make I would say between 80k to 100k / year. If you are a little bit
more senior you have like between 5-10 years of experience and you are leading
a team you can probably make like 100, 120, 130k etc. And if you’re working in the
Silicon Valley then then you can make 140k or even more.. And
especially if you work at a really large company. So and what about if you just a
beginner and you have absolutely zero years of experience… how much can you
expect to get as a blockchain developer? Well if you’re really a newbie to be
honest I don’t recommend you to try to apply for a job of blockchain developer.
You probably want to get one or two years of experience as a web developer
and after you can specialize in blockchain. But to get started in
blockchain right away I think it’s a little bit difficult. Another interesting
topic is remote work. So it’s possible to work for a blockchain company remotely
and yes in the blockchain industry you tend to have more companies that accept
remote jobs compared to other segments of the area of web development. This is true.
So it’s possible to not live in San Francisco
and to work for a blockchain company in San Francisco and to enjoy the high
salary of San Francisco. This being said there is a trick because they…so first
of all not all blockchain companies accept remote work. This is still the
minority of companies and second among those who accept remote work a lot
of them actually specify that they want to work with people who already live in the
US. And this is both for some legal reasons, because sometime it can be a bit
difficult for them to hire someone outside of the US. And there is also
practical reason. Because usually they don’t really want to have a big
difference in time zones. So if you have like 6 or 7 hours of time difference
then sometimes it can be harder to collaborate. So when you see all these
offers of remote jobs you also have to consider this. So yes, I mean, I don’t
want to be too pessimistic about this. Like yes it’s possible to get a remote
job and work for this company but you also have to consider the location and
are they sensitive to this? So the kind of company that will be more likely to
accept a remote worker are companies that are 100% distributed. So they don’t have
any office location but they have people working for them all over the globe of
all the time zone. So in this case if you don’t live in the u.s. you will not be
at a disadvantage. yeah so oh yeah and finally… how about me personally? so at my last blockchain job I was actually making $100,000 a year
and I was working remotely and by the way if you want to learn the process of
how I landed this job if you want to learn all my secrets I’ve prepared a
free email sequence so if you want to follow this course all you have to do is
to follow the link in the description and I’ll tell you all my secrets so that
you can apply the same technique to get you dream blockchain job well paid and
remote. That’s it for this explanation of how much you can really make as a
blockchain developer. If you enjoy the video give it a like and I’ll see you
for my next video have a good day guys bye