SEC shuts down Ponzi scheme which duped 300 people out of a total of thirty million
it’s the cryptocurrency news episode 24
with the crypto gent featuring crypto
regulations, tether,
quick headlines and crypto market
round up. Circle CEO says cryptocurrency
needs regulation
here he is with more details, “The
cryptocurrency space needs regularity
certainty and the current definition of
cryptocurrency is too broad,” is it! Time
for a quick run-through of the other
news, crypto Tom Hardy reports: Bitcoin SV doubles in value, Tommy; bit Finex
and tether moves the case dismissal block fi adjust interest rates and no
indication as to whether ETF will make a
decision this year.
tether makes news headlines today
Crypto David Brent reporting. You
know how tether is a stable core yeah?
they’re going oh let’s put our money in
Bitcoin, bit weird isn’t it? Bit different.
Not sexual.
You know. I’m not. See ya later.
Time to see who’s what the 24-hour
Crypto Market Championship – Crypto McMahon. “Thank you Gent.
let’s hear about the top three coins
over the last 24 hours
number three Chain Link – it’s up again. Number 2 – Enjin Coin.
Why don’t I buy any of these damn coins?
You know, sat there with my Bitcoin.
And number one cryptocurrency – the new
champion 77% up
Bitcoin SV – Hit the music
It’s been the cryptocurrency news with
the crypto gent thank you as always for
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