In the last few years Bitcoin has become
one of the most prominent methods of exchanging value across the web. Since
its creation in 2009 the way we look at money as a means of exchange and a store
of value has changed dramatically. But what exactly is Bitcoin and why is
everyone looking for ways to buy it? Bitcoin is a form of digital money that
aims to solve the problems of the current monetary system by providing
revolutionary solutions and giving power back to the people. In more detail, here
is what makes Bitcoin the most popular cryptocurrency to date so important:
you can send Bitcoin instantly to anywhere in the world at all times even
on the weekends late at night or on holidays; Bitcoin transfers are cheaper
and much faster than bank transfers or any other money order; in contrast with
traditional money bitcoin is not controlled by any third party such as
banks or financial institutions. As such, no one can control your funds reverse
your payments or confiscate your account. A great way to understand how Bitcoin
works is by observing its similarities to cash. When you use paper bills only
you control what you do with them or who you give them to. If you lose your money
it’s most likely lost forever. If you give it to the wrong person you will
never get it back. It is exactly the same for Bitcoin. All transactions using
Bitcoin are irreversible and only you are responsible for the safety of your
funds. Aside from its function as a currency Bitcoin also acts as a great
store of value. There are only 21 million bitcoins in existence and the demand to
obtain even a fraction of a coin is constantly increasing. As such, the value
of each Bitcoin appreciates much faster than any other investment opportunity. On the other hand, credit cards are still the most popular method of buying and
selling goods and services worldwide. A simple swipe of a card is enough for you
to buy your favorite sweater on the web, pay for your daily coffee, start any
subscription service and pretty much anything else that comes to mind. All in
all, the way we are using our money today is easier and much more simplified than
any other time in the past. Because of this, credit cards and debit cards are
the most common payment methods to buy Bitcoin instantly. So how can you buy
Bitcoin with a credit card or debit card? The process is very simple. First off, you
will need to create a Bitcoin wallet. In simple terms, a Bitcoin wallet is an
address used to send and receive Bitcoin on the web allowing you to make use of
your coins. You can choose from many different wallet options and there are
four main categories depending on your preference. If you want to buy a small
amount of bitcoins, say 100 dollars worth, you might want to consider creating an
online wallet. These Bitcoin wallets run on the cloud and can be accessed from
multiple devices with an internet connection. They are very convenient but
they often require more layers of protection and are more prone to hacking
attempts. In our opinion the best and safest online wallet currently available
is from – since it is both very easy to use and downloadable as an
app. If you would rather go for an option that’s a bit safer you might want to use
a desktop wallet. Tese Bitcoin wallets are downloaded and installed on a
computer and can only be accessed from the device they are installed on. But
beware, any damage done to your computer both internal and external may affect
the safety of your funds. Moving from safer to safest, if you are looking to
spend a significant amount of money on Bitcoin you may want to acquire a
hardware wallet. These small devices that look like USB drives allow you to make
all of your transactions in a safe way with manual authorization using multiple
layers of security. While hardware wallets come in a relatively high price
ranging from 70 to 200 dollars they you ensure maximum safety of your
Bitcoin. We recommend using a Trezor or Ledger device as they are the most
popular devices on the market. Finally, you can also create a Bitcoin paper
wallet. These wallets are a physical copy of your public and private keys that are
printed on a sheet of paper. You can send Bitcoin by transferring your coins to
the wallet’s public address and access or use your funds by using your private
keys. These wallets help you store your Bitcoin offline but do pose some serious
risks as a piece of paper can easily be lost, damaged or destroyed. After choosing
your favorite option and creating a wallet it’s time to find a trusted
crypto currency exchange where you can buy Bitcoin using your credit or debit
card. A crypto currency exchange is an online platform that allows customers to buy and sell crypto currencies for other assets such as conventional money or
other digital currencies. While there are many available options it is best to
find an exchange that is easy to use responsive at all times and has a proven
record of satisfied customers. At Paybis we know and understand the importance of
choosing the right exchange for your Bitcoin purchases. Our platform offers
everything you need to make this and every following transaction a success. To
start off, our platform’s easy to use interface makes the purchase process
very simple even for complete beginners. Most transactions are completed within a
timeframe of five to 10 minutes depending on your payment method. All
users that choose to buy bitcoin with debit card or credit card for the first
time will need to go through a quick verification process. This process from
start to finish takes no longer than five minutes to complete. We are well
known for our personal approach to each and every customer on our platform. A
strong multilingual support team stands by 24/7 to help users with any questions,
problems or doubts that may arise. Feel free to check all the positive feedback
we have received on Trustpilot where we score near perfect for our
continuous efforts. So let’s see how that works in practice. Visit and start a new transaction. If this is your first time
buying Bitcoin with a credit or debit card, get ready to verify your identity.
At this stage we will ask you to provide your personal documentation and
credentials so that we can verify your eligibility to purchase Bitcoin from our
exchange. This process is important as it will confirm your compliance with
government regulations and ensure that no one else is spending money on your
behalf. Paybis complies with both European and United States regulations so you can
rest assured that all the information you provide us will be safely stored on
our servers allowing you to make instant purchases in the future. Once you verify
your ID you will have to provide your Bitcoin wallet address and complete your
payment. Your newly acquired Bitcoin should become visible in your wallet a
few minutes after we receive your payment. From that moment on you are in
full control of your coins. If you wish to see a more detailed process of the
steps required to buy Bitcoin click on the video on the screen. Finally, if you
have any doubts or questions feel free to contact our support team – we are
standing by 24/7 to help you out with any issue that may arise.