how’s it going everybody today I want to
talk about how to buy litecoin and how to buy it instantly and that will be the
main focus today so for the beginners you’re gonna want to get a coinbase
account and your one again you’re going to want to get registered and you’re
going to use your driver’s license to get registered and it could take
anywhere from one minute to a couple days to get fully registered and I use
litecoin in all my other videos for transfer reasons because it is the
fastest in my opinion and that’s just my personal opinion because I’ve tested
others and it seems like litecoin is the only one that’s never in the congestion
network so if you’re going to be buying alt coins
litecoin is the fastest way in the cheapest way to get cryptocurrency to
other exchanges now a lot of exchanges accept litecoin but they don’t accept
you to use like coin to buy another coin so a lot of times you have to transfer
to Bitcoin or ethereum but that’s okay because it’s cheaper so to get litecoin
instantly you’re gonna use your debit card the debit card is how you get the
coins instantly so right here if you watch when I switch to my debit card
from my bank account I get by litecoin instantly now why would I want to pay
the fees to buy instantly well there’s a lot of reasons you might know that some
good news just came out and you need to hurry up and get to another exchange to
be able to buy an altcoin so you come in you say debit card
you buy some light coin and you’ll see the fees tacked on and what you’re gonna
be left with and you gotta remember the price that you bought it at because you
might be buying it you’re buying it at a market value so sometimes it’s a little
higher because of the fees and everything but I’ve learned in the past
that a lot of times if I buy it instantly I can make that money back
fairly fast if I know the coins going up so I’m okay with losing two dollars
three dollars when I’m gonna gain twenty to fifty dollars so don’t worry too much
about that but coin based is how you’re gonna be buying instantly with your
debit card so I was type that in I hit by instantly then it goes into my little
wallet right here and it’s safe there but they recommend if you want it really
safe you drop it into this vault and you can set that vault up if you prefer to
and I believe you get some special keys with it so that even if their site is
hacked you have nothing to worry about however coinbase has never been
successfully hacked so this is a relatively safe exchange it’s also
located in America so that gives it a little bit more illegitimate see now if
you just want light coin you can just leave it here if you want to send it
somewhere else this is where I recommend you switch it
to GDAX or and the reason that you do that is if you look up coinbase
transfer fees I believe it’s somewhere around 4% so
we’ll come down here and base three 4% for all transactions so why would you
want to use coin base to send money out well you don’t don’t use coin base a lot
of people in a lot of my videos wonder well why didn’t you just go ahead and
use coin base it’s so much easier hey if you want to lose 4 percent on top of the
4 percent and fees you just paid and then you’re paying a ton of money in
fees if you want your fees to just eat you alive go ahead I mean by all means
if if easy is what it is what you want take the hit I guess but if you want to
transfer it for free if you look up at gdax transfer fee you will see it’s
not this one yeah it is I lied right here crypto deposit crypto
withdrawal so this is why you use G decks and gdax as a part of coinbase so
whatever you buy that sits in here you can instantly move to the gtex and then
you can just send it from here so if you have litecoin on coinbase if
you deposit it in from your coin base account and it will say instant and free
and then when you go to withdrawal it to send it to another exchange with this
right here what’s it say LTC network transfers are fast and free
now that is how you buy litecoin instantly and send it out for free
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