Hey everyone, my name’s David – and it’s
question time. Just like each week, we’re taking a closer
look at questions that the community dropped into the comments of videos on our YouTube
channel. If you have questions of your own, don’t
be shy! Alright, let’s roll: So, Monde is asking how you can change the
currency in your Shopify store. Awesome question Monde – this will help
out tons of dropshippers. First off, Oberlo will automatically import
products from suppliers into your store in US dollars, so if you’re looking to sell
in American dollars, you’re all good. If you’re looking to change your store’s
currency, no sweat. We’ll walk you through the process. You’ll need to login to your Shopify account,
and click on the settings button. From there, you’ll need to scroll down to
the bottom of the page, and that’s where you’ll find the ‘Currency’ field. Select the currency that you want to sell
in, hit save, and you’re all set. If you’ve already added products to your
Oberlo store, you’ll need to make sure that you update those prices after the currency
switch. You can do this by going into Oberlo, clicking
on ‘Settings’ and then heading over to your ‘Global Pricing Rules’. All this might sound complicated, but it’s
really not. We dropped a link in the notes of this videos
that will take you to step by step details explaining exactly how to change the currency
at your store. Once again, thanks for that question Monde,
and good luck with your store – we hope that helped! Do you have a question you want answered? Let us know below. We check through the comments section every
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