Hi there Sasha Liddiard here and today, I want to talk about drop shipping on Shopify and how to get your store set up to all be in US dollars But not limiting your options as far as your payment providers are concerned – so it’s really easy to do I’m going to show you very very quickly But before I do – just want to make sure that you have subscribed to my YouTube channel And also that you’ve hit the bell, and if you hit the bell you’re gonna get Notified of any new videos coming your way. I do them nearly every week so lots of content You’re not gonna want to miss out. Okay? Me, so let’s just go over to Shopify and when you go in into your settings – you they want to go into your payment providers and You should probably find -you’ve got Shopify payments up here Okay, so what you want to do is delete Shopify payments. Not to worry about it because you’re going to setup Stripe But delete your Shopify payments, and then what you want to do – is you want to go back into your settings — And You want to click on General And then you want to have your address.Now the address There’s been so much confusion. Just put your UK address in or whichever address it is That you want to put in. Just put your your UK address And you don’t need to put your US address in at all and you just need to change the currency to US dollars and that will mean everything on your site will be in US Dollars and Once somebody goes through to the checkout it will remain in US dollars. It’s not going to go and convert back to your Home currency you can still have a plug-in on your site, so that it converts to Pounds and euros etc, but you wanting to keep everything Streamlined as far as being in dollars when your main customer is are in the US If they see everything in dollars, and then it converts to British pounds Once they go to the checkout that’s when you’re going to lose a lot of your customers, so you then go back to your settings You go back to your payment providers And you want to set up Stripe and Just need to click on it, and it’ll it’ll it’ll walk you through exactly how to get it set up its really easy – did it within about 20 minutes I’ve got it all set up straight so that means I’m gonna have all the credit cards or going to be as an option showing on the On the product page, then I’ve also got PayPal And then I’ve also setup Amazon Pay Now I have an Amazon store as well And so that’s been brilliant for me because I’m now getting paid on normal Amazon Payments and Amazon pay And they come at separate times, so it does mean that on Amazon I’m getting paid on a weekly basis which is great, so Amazon Pay well worth looking into. So that’s giving plenty of options for your customers and in keeping it all really streamlined and All looking good in US Dollars, and you find that people shopping from the UK more than happy to shop online with dollars It’s not as easy the other way around it does put people off when currencies change from what they’re looking at so but That’s the best way. I’ve found I’ve done both, and I found this is the best way for me All right, give it a try. Any questions at all then add them to the comments below And I am more than happy to help. Speak to you very soon. Take care bye for now