in today’s episode we look at how to
sign up log on and get free Bitcoin on I’m Aussietai and this is
a crypto current affair – In today’s video
we’re going to talk about how you sign
up log on and purchasing bitcoins so
we’re logged onto coinbase comm and this
is probably my recommendation the
easiest way for you to actually buy
bitcoins from Australia and also the USA
in Europe and other countries as well
why do I recommend it because I reckon
the signup process is pretty easy and
you can use a credit card to instantly
purchase some coins here it shows the
prices in u.s. dollars click on a month
you’ll see that there’s been a
significant rise even though there’s
been a dip from the high of nearly
twenty thousand dollars down to now
about fifteen thousand dollars it still
has grown quite a lot and if you look at
the last year you’ll ask why didn’t I
buy Bitcoin last Christmas when it was
about nine hundred and fifty dollars
it’s gone up over 15 times to about
fifteen thousand dollars today this is
in US currency you can also purchase
other coins on coinbase including
Bitcoin cash which is a fork of Bitcoin
that I’ll cover in another video because
it’s it’s quite an interesting history
there a theorem as mentioned so that’s a
different platform for designing new
applications using smart contracts and
then there’s light coin which is also
another fault of Bitcoin and it’s
considered the silver to bitcoins goal
it’s smaller more nimble faster and
easier to transact with if you use this
affiliate link to join coinbase
so once you spend a hundred US dollars a
Bitcoin or more we’ll both earn $10 a
free Bitcoin the signup process is
pretty easy you just enter your legal
name the email address you want to use
your password select I’m not a robot to
make sure that you’re not a hacker and
then certify your age and once you sign
up it’ll go through the verification
process which you’ll need to show
picture of your passport for your
license this verifies that you’re a real
person not a drug dealer doing naughty
transactions on the internet with
Bitcoin so contrary to popular belief it
is trackable there is a public ledger of
all transactions and because we’ve
signed through an exchange they can link
the transactions back to us so don’t do
anything naughty okay why don’t we log
into my account and we can go through
the features there of purchasing your
first Bitcoin so once you log on I
recommend you set up 2-step verification
using Google Authenticator this ensures
that when you log in you to verify
better to you and it’s not some hacker
trying to get into your account using
just your email and password the beauty
about the Authenticator is that it’s
kind of locked to your phone so they’d
have to steal your phone hack your phone
and hack your account and then get into
your coin base account the code
generated by Google Authenticator is
updated every 30 seconds so don’t write
it down because it will be different the
next time you look in I quite like the
coin base interface it’s very clean it’s
very neat it’s very easy to view so once
you get here you see your dashboard it’s
got the current prices of the coins for
today to buy and sell is quite
straightforward you just click the coin
you want choose the credit card that
you’ve provided you want to buy it
I believe the minimum is $2 so you can
try $2 transaction oh it’s two dollars
and two cents is minimum transaction and
you’ll see that Bitcoin has eight
decimal places so you’ve bought five
thousand two hundred and six Satoshi
I recommend that you purchase higher
amounts at one go
why because coin based charges a flat
fee and a percentage fee so the
percentage fee goes up the more you
spend but the flat fee the percentage
goes down the high you spend so it’s
good to watch fees because they can eat
into your investments
so let’s whack a hundred dollars in here
what I really like about this system is
that you can do a repeat buy like me
I suffer from buying inertia I get too
much data and I say the price has gone
up the prices have gone down do I hire
diner pies are gonna drop some more
should I wait for it to get cheaper and
buy the dip as you’re supposed to do
this way if dollar cost average is your
investment so you can set it to purchase
$5 a day or $50 a week or $50 every two
weeks or a hundred dollars a month
whatever you can afford and that that
averages out your investments see
average a purchase price over time which
smooths out your risk somewhat I found
for Australians is that we get a 300
Australian dollar credit card limit we
can’t open a bank account yet which is
annoying but it does allow us to buy
$300 of Bitcoin a week instantly which
is pretty cool I’ve seen on reddit but
some European card holders can purchase
higher amounts immediately here it’s a
misleading link to increase limits we
can’t really do anything with this it
just tells you what’s remain so it
doesn’t allow you to adjust it which is
annoying so to purchase you can set it
to purchased the maximum amount click
buy Bitcoin instantly and that processes
your transaction it’s as easy as that at
the moment there’s no sole feature this
is supposed to be added to Australia
soon you can sell your coins back to
fiat currency in America Europe and UK
this will be handy if you want to sit
out of the market if you think it’s
going to drop and you want to cash in
your your Bitcoin and wait for it to
drop and then purchase in if you need to
sell your bitcoins for fiat currency you
need to transfer it onto another
exchange which has
on-ramp off-ramp full of dollars please
include independent reserved coin jar
and coin back Stockholm for European and
American users so you transfer your
Bitcoin on to that other exchange sell
your Bitcoin cash and then request that
cash be deposited into your bank account
here’s the account overview so you count
shows all the wallets you have on
coinbase it allows you to send your
Bitcoin to other people so if you have
another wallet or you want to send your
mum some money you you enter her Bitcoin
address here
he set the amount you want to give her
and I don’t have that much so let’s give
her a hundred bucks for Christmas you
can write her
and then click continue I don’t have an
address here because my mom hasn’t set
up an account yet but I will help her
with that
you click continue and the not just
processes into her wallet you can also
receive coins into your Bitcoin wallet
and coinbase and that’s kind of the
reverse of sending you just to send the
person your wallet address they punch
that into their send feature on their
exchange or their wallet and then that
sends it into your your Bitcoin wallet
here or you can send the QR code or have
them scan it and send it if you’re in
the same room vault is a feature to
secure your money offline with coinbase
so it’s ideal for larger balances Volt’s
use delayed withdrawals and multiple
approvers to help give you peace of mind
so if you were the wincle vine you would
probably use a vault but they’ve got
their own exchange and they wouldn’t use
coinbase i’m sure that in a nutshell is
how you quickly and easily purchase
Bitcoin using credit card on coinbase
remember to use my referral link it’s
down below when you spend your first 100
US dollars on Bitcoin we’ll both get
credited with ten dollars of free
Bitcoin free stuff that’s pretty cool
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