Let’s create your crypto-wallet. We suggest using a service such as MetaMask.
Go on their website and click on “Get Chrome Extension”, we find it the most convenient way to set up your crypto-wallet and have it handy.
Click on “Add to Chrome” and “Add Extension” right after. The installment process shouldn’t take long.
Click on “Get Started” and choose whether you want to import your wallet or get a new one.
For the purpose of this video, we will “Create a Wallet”.
You will need to add your personal information and register as a new user. It is up to you if you want to contribute to improvement of MetaMask.
Next, choose your own secure password, click on the check box and click on “Create” button.
Next step is very important for your safety, write down all words or save it in a secure way!
This is the only way to retrieve your wallet in case you forgot your password.
Congratulations! Click on “All Done” button.
Time to start using your new crypto-wallet!