this example wanna show you how to use a
query that uses I’m numbers and currency I S visa be for
number and currency data types actually these examples work for you their number
or currencies they work the same way so you haven’t order announced the old when I run this query it’s going to show
me all the records actually this is between I’m January 1st and March 31st on let’s say I just want to get the
records that I twenty dollars so we’re gonna pick on
you’re here and then for new order now I’m just not tired and
a value twenty and then we’ll pick on rhyme and Ice
House shower the one for 20 cars miss everyone all the ones that are I’m less than that twenty it so we can
use less than of course reviews last curtain call to
so fire on that one I while they’re still there is one for
1251 for 1814 obvious for going to you here the fight
was Ice Ice LS Tanner equal to 20 then when we run that then they can close twenty it processed
in 1843 can say and then we can all see is greater than I would you say greater than 20 it
darker than 100 and we run that of course you know all these are greater
than 100 naturally as I took on the role and that there
might also be that’s a greater than or equal to 100 actually can you stop me I so we have less than we have greater
than we have less than or equal to we have greater than agriculture the let’s say I want to see all the ones
they were not equal to 22 so thats I’ll the way you do that as the
last stand and the greater the next to each other miss have a dime and their and I said
I’m not equal to 20 min so that every minute every record except
for the ones that require exactly twenty dollar since we can say I was corrected designed them and now with a number we can also do I’m
range so let’s say I want all the ones between
100 and 200 so when we run that first the mall because I put that card
here in the same row that the Rings has to be term and now
also all the not other amounts to between 100
and 200 dollars so those comics amples will work just
fine with your number did anti-tax more our currency data
types of the exact same thank this case I wanna and this example
enticing greater than 500 army run that as how they all have to be within that
the range and they’re all over 500 Dollaz as we can see tonight have some examples
of how to do I’m your your number above criteria