Hello Friends Welcome to My Youtube Channel
Today i here with new earning opportunity
In this video i tell you about how to earn free bitcoins using your android, iOS or Tablet Devices
& it’s absolutely legit procedure to make bitcoins
and i already receive payout by following this procedure
Here i receive bitcoins from this company
and i only work about 10 minutes in it
and they sent me my earned bitcoins, i attach cashout here
so that you guys believe that these apps are absolutely legit and paying
ofcourse these app will pay you too and there minimum withdrawal is also quite low
if you work about 10 minutes on any one of these apps then you can withdraw from it
so friends let see first how to download these apps
and then how to use these apps
and what steps we need to follow before using
so that we able to take max benefit from these apps
The link will be in the description of this video either tap on it or copy paste it in your browser
i already copied the link now i am opening my chrome browser
then just paste link in search bar of your browser
after pasting the link tap on Go / Search tab
and here just like that you will see all the APK’s of apps.
The company provides you upto 8 apps and you need to download/install them one by one in your phone
after installing you can use these apps to generate and withdraw bitcoins
The working procedure is same in all apps
Now i install any one app from these apps
and will tell you how to work in it
if you understand that working then you able to generate your bitcoins from all apps
and then ofcourse you can withdraw them too
Let’s suppose now i am tapping on Money Bee APK file
after tap you will see a new page with Download Button
here you need to tap on download tab
Next a message pops up you need to tap on Ok tab
next you need to tap on Open tab
Next your APK file will open
and see my phone clears it & says No Security Risks Found
which means the app is secure and we can install it now
Next simply tap on continue installing tab
after that tap on Install tab
Wait a sec now app is installing in our device
so installation complete now you can tap on open tab
But i exists here & will tell you how it’s icon look like
and here it is a BEE Icon with MONEY BEE Name
Now you simply need to tap on it
Now our Money Bee App is opening
Next you need to tap on signup tab and page like this show up
Next you need to type in your Coinbase or Coin.ph Email address
while typing email don’t type FULL STOPS (.) here
cause if you put FULL STOPS in your email address the app won’t let you to create account
so simply insert you email without FULL STOPS here
now see how i type my email
see friends i type in my email address without FULL STOPS
so you also need to insert your email just like this without DOTS
so the app let you to create account
next you need to set your password
Here i set my password and then simply remember your password
cause when you close and reopens the app it’ll ask you to put in your password again for login
so it’s important to remember the password here
then it’s saying Put in your Refer Email
here you need to enter email of a person who already using these apps and have account in them
so you guys can use my email here
you can get email from description of this video
so this is the email which you can use as Your Refer Email
with this email i create account in all apps
so you guys can use this email as your Refer Email
You can copy this email from video description
Now write down you password somewhere and next tap on SIGN UP tab
Ok friends now we are successfully register and now we can earn from it
Here is the homepage of app and all apps home page looks exactly like this
Now i tell you how to work here
First of all
in every app you can collect & withdraw upto 1500 Points every day
as soon as you reach 1500 Points
then you can request to withdraw via Coinbase or Coin.ph
ofcourse you can accumulate more points too but you can only withdraw upto 1500 points every day
so you need to generate per app 1500 points daily
and then ask for withdrawal
and then you can repeat this process every day
now from here you need to scroll up a little and you will see a TAB with word Start written in it
then you simply need to tap on START tab
then some ads pops up simply close these ads
then tap on TASK 1
then again some ads pops up simply close these ads too
then tap on TASK 2 and close ads
then tap on TASK 3
again some tiny ads pops up simply close them
finally you need to tap on TASK 4
then here wait a sec so that final ad loads up
and here final ad show up now it says Please Click on AD now you need tap on AD
now you will see a timer here
now you need to wait for 50Sec then you get your points
let’s wait for 50Sec
once 50Sec timer finishes then you’ll see a wallet like this with word finish written below it
next you need to tap on finish tab
after that simply tap on ADD POINTS tab
now you will see 100 Points are added in your balance
so here friends we successfully generate 100 Points
friends you can repeat this process again and again
and you get 100 points for every 50Sec AD
& once you accumulate 1500 Points here then simply tap on REDEEM tab
& next you need to select payment method and then type in your Coinbase or Coin.ph email address
now you need to type in your complete coinbase address through which you create your account
type in full address here with FULL STOPS
next you need to type in the Amount
which’ll be 1500
after that finally tap on Redeem Your Points tab
then after some time you will receive you cashout in your Coinbase or Coin.ph account
In start of video you see my withdrawal proof
so these are 100% legit and Paying apps
so guys this is the way to earn and withdraw your bitcoins through these apps
ofcourse you can also use VPN to get more ads but these apps work fine without VPN too
this is the way to use these 8 apps
Just install them, use them daily and cashout your bitcoins on daily basis
so these are the Eight Apps
and if you use them daily then you able to generate 1.5 to 2$ on daily basis
Just by watching simple ads
On top of that working principal of all apps is same too
i explain there working procedure earlier
you can do same work in all apps
& i am sure you guys will able generate lots of satoshi’s daily
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