Hello Friends Welcome to My Youtube Channel today I am here with New Interesting Video
In this video i explain to you about how to earn cryptocurrency for free through your android, iOS or tablet Devices
In addition you won’t need to invest anything and the work is also quite easy and simple and i hope if you follow my steps then you able to generate lots of crypto
So it’s basically a newly launched app by using which you guys able to earn bitcoin, Ethereum or the apps own coin named as Storm Coins
You just need to watch videos or answer simple questions daily and then you will be rewarded with 3 to 4$ worth of storm coins
If you want to understand how it works then watch complete video without skipping
so that you guys able to understand it’s different functions, options and features and able to use it in your devices in beneficial way
So friends at first you need to open your playstore
If you are using apple device then go to app store and if you have android then simply go to playstore and open it
Now our playstore opens and we need to type here
Storm Play
When you type storm play in search bar the app name Storm Play – Earn Free Bitcoin show up
You simply need to tap on it
and now the app itself show up simply tap on it again
and it shows up like that
Storm Play – Crypto, Bitcoin and Ethereum for Free
Then you need to install this app in your device i already installed the app
but in your case an install button show up simply tap on it and the app begins to download & install in your device
Now i am going to open the app and after that i tell you what work you need to do here through which you able to generate nice cryptocurrency
The apps icon shows like that simply tap on it and it will open
at first the app asks you to signin so tap on signin button
Here you need to insert your phone No
So that app able to work smoothly and also verify you that you are not a bot
It works in all countries
simply tap on little box in which +1 is written
See it’s available worldwide here you simply need to select your country
I am from pakistan so i select pakistan
see +92 my country code is selected now
next you need to insert your phone No
then they sent you a verification code which you need to enter here
So now i am adding my phone No
After entering Phone No. tap on sent verification code tab
See guys i am now clicking on sent verification code tab
Now company sent me verification code
It comes
and simply i need to enter that code here
see guys i instantly receive a code from company
Now i go to the app again and will enter that code there
here i enter the code
next you need to tap on verify code
next page opens up and it’s asking now are you over 16 years old simply tap on Yes option
after tapping on yes option scroll down a little bit and tap on I Consent tab
next they show you some hints and tutorials simply tap on next, next and next options
Next this page will show up and it’s an important page
If you able to insert correct info here then you will get upto 3$ worth of storm coins instantly in your account
so you need to insert correct referral code her
If for x reason you skips it then i am sorry you will loss 3to4$ worth of storm guys
You can find the correct referral code in description of this video
I already copied it so i am pasting the code here
You can either type or simply copy paste code here then tap on apply referral code tab
after doing this i hope we will get our 3to4$ worth of coins
Now i am tapping on apply referral code tab
so guys here comes a congratulation message
You receive 6K bolts in your account now we simply taps on ok tab
and if we check out balance now then we observe that our coins are already added
So here it shows 6k bolts you just enter a correct referral code and you get 6k bolts pretty cool
that’s equivalent to 0.00022 ETH
Now guys i tell you about how to earn more coins from this app it’ll be simple right
see all of available tasks are showing here
You simply need to open any task and submit your answer
and you will get your earnings in shape of storm coins, BTC or ETH and it’s absolutly free
e.g i scrolls up a little and simply tap on Dreams task
and see it’s quite simple question Tell us more about your dreams?
if you answer this question then you get 2.5K bolts so you need to tap on start task button
Do you usually remember your dreams i taps on Yes
then you need to tap on next tab
Do you believe dreams have meaning relevant to your life
I am tapping on Yes
after doing this simply tap on finish
see previously i have 6k bolts but now i have 8.5K bolts
Now if i taps on do another task then more easy tasks loads up
In this way you guys will perform lots of tasks per day
& for every task you will earn some bolts which ofcourse you can change to Storm / BTC or ETH instantly
FYI storm coins is also listed on many exchanges
so you can withdraw your bolts in shape of storm, BTC or ETH
with that said now if you taps on top left button then more tasks and offers will show up
& ofcourse you can complete these offers too if you want
The best way to do tasks is tapping on all storms tasks tab then all available tasks will show up here
the questions are so simple lets do another one
Now i am tapping on phone habits task
and then i taps on start task tab

Here you need to give your honest opinion
Every one knows how much time he spent with phone
So just tap on one of the answers and then tap on finish button
and see i have 8.5K bolts and now it’s 9K
so if i taps on do another task tab again then ofcourse more and more tasks will show up
So friends they provide you such tasks on daily basis and daily you need to complete those tasks
Simply complete one task and scroll up
No doubt questions are so simple and in no time i able to complete 2 tasks here
most of the questions are related to your daily life
so simply daily complete tasks and get new on next day
in this way you able to generate a passive income
You can leave downloading apps tasks and do surveys tasks if you want
But you need to answer the question daily cause by doing this you will get new tasks next day
you won’t get much easier work than that
and everyone can do this
and earn lots of cryptocurrency at the comfort of their own home
Now i tell you how to withdraw your coins here first you need to tap on your wallet
and guys one more thing see here you can also earn more coins just by watching videos too
wait the video loads up after some seconds
and if you watch it then you will get more bolts
see now it’s saying earn by watching videos you need to tap on it
Lets wait for the video to finish
after it finishes you instantly get more bolts
In this way you have the option to watch unlimited video every day
and increase your earnings
So the video finish now simply close it by tap on Cross sign
See previously i have 9k and now it’s 9.5K
now wait a little and next video becomes available soon
so videos are available to watch 24/7/365
and you guys can watch them and maximize your earnings here
In my view the app is good and also legit & paying and ofcourse you guys will get your cashout in time
after that click on your profile and it will show up
then tap on referrals tab and you get your invitation code
and you guys can earn more by sharing your referral code with friedns on whatsapp & facebook
and one who joins through your code
then not only you earn some but your friend also gets 6K bolts instantly