today we’re going to introduce you to
some faucets so let’s get into it left some links in the bottom we can get to
these faucets first thing you gotta do for these particular faucets is called
coin pardon the link is down below open you a quaint pot account micro wallet
once you get in you’re gonna see this screen right here I’m gonna take your
email address that you open up the point the coin pie wallet with and then go to
the link where we left here we go to the moonlight coin in Bitcoin and dodge coin
whatnot and then you’re gonna come to this site you’re gonna see this area
right here is gonna be a box it’s gonna be empty you’re gonna put your email
address from your coin pot account into that section into the area right there
sign up and then you’ll be able to claim these satoshis or litotes
essentially what this is is that taking a handful of pennies and throwing them
into a 50 gallon bucket or a 50 gallon barrel and whenever you claim doesn’t
seem like much in the beginning but over time it’s gonna add up you know a
handful of pennies is a lot different than a 50 gallon barrel full of pennies
so once you’re signed up you come in here you’re gonna hit the claim it’s
gonna come to the CAPTA it dad I am NOT a robot CAPTCHAs gonna pop up want you
to click on roads somebody tricky if you get it wrong gonna have to do the
capital or so try to get it done the first time properly shoot the roads hit
the moon jack once you find all the roads then submit
yeah and as you could see it went down to zero and it’s starting over again in
the beginning it moves very quickly and it gets to higher amounts particularly
this one right around 5,000 it starts to slow down so a good strategy for
women’s – you know what till I get around 5,000 you can claim me every five
minutes but it’s best the way to get around 5,000 or so and then hit that
that phosphate and clean button I’m collector Satoshi’s just get this
out the way no still there so on this claim as 2223
satoshis is because i claimed about ten minutes ago
fifteen minutes ago so it reset then here’s a total amount right here that
you clean from the faucet you go back over here to your coin pot hit refresh
and there you go you can check to make sure those are like coin they’re like
latosha Satoshi’s went into your wallet the other good thing about this
particular faucet or this the micro wallet is that you can deposit bitcoin
if you withdraw Bitcoin you can deposit – coin which all same with like coin the
other good thing about this or you know the nice thing about this is that you
can convert the coin so when you hit convert now it’s gonna pop up to this
screen and you can convert this Bitcoin into like wine or the dodge coin the
other thing that you can do is well then go back over here real quick dashboard
you can actually mine using your computer’s GPU you know your video video
car or whatnot and that’s real simple you just hit mine coming here you set
the CPU uh power that you want to use essentially I can set the number of
threads and then you just hit start mining I’m just gonna start hashing and
just just you know if you know know really a lot about mining I’m not real
technical on it either but this was simply you know when one of the things
hashing just imagine a little miners out there with his little pig digging and
that’s what is when it’s hashing and as it gets these
coins it’s going to send them right back into this wallet right here real simple
real simple and if you’re on the fence about crypto currencies or you know your
problem in a lot of people struggling you want to get into this crypto crazy
this is a way to do it it’s free you start collecting these coins and if you
think this is such a small amount that you know you don’t really want to even
mess you mess with it a wishing time as I said just see it as a handful of
pennies stolen into a 50 gallon barrel you get closer to this decimal point
right here this zero you’re gonna start having enough to invest and really easy
to just come on over and look at the markets find something that you know was
interesting to you that vibes with you do some research on this corn market
Capcom right here so for 20 cents you can buy one name less than 20 cents you
can buy one name and as you can see here name is up so the value of that coin is
going up so you come over here collect your Satoshi’s you hit these faucets up
get it on an exchange you find something that’s within your range that looks good
feels good to you use your due diligence never invest more than you’re willing to
lose you know at this point whatever you’re gonna lose potentially is was
free you lost nothing out of your own pocket so that’s why the faucet is is
pretty good so you know you can mine and then you come over here you find
yourself for coin like NIM you know and you get it for 20 cents I mean you build
up you know five ten dollars what do these free faucet coins in here and you
come over here and you get yourself some of these coins and you start trading you
know you’re just Bitcoin right here it’s up so that’s that’s the you know the
usefulness of the faucet if you if you’re skeptic you know you’re
skeptical and you want to try without any in cap rod your own pocket this is a
good way to do it so once again if you want to use these faucets first go to
the links below or go to pot Co you don’t want to use the links you know the
referral links we’ve set down there it’s up to you it’s get you this wallet
either way you know and then go sign up for the the faucets and start claiming
these faucets I mean you could really make some some some coins here these
faucets can get up to 30 $40,000 $40,000 Satoshi’s a day that gets added up over
time so get on in there if you can you want to be skeptical of ain’t got no
money if you just wanna try this shit out and do this it’s an entry way this
is a tool to get into crypto currencies and no cost to you everybody likes that
so again use your own due diligence you can give advice on financial investment
here I think we say is financial investment advice it’s all pinion based
on knowledge and experience and that’s about it you know there is once again
going pot you can deposit give you the the key public key right here and you
can mine which is real nice I’m just basically mine from your own computer
you own your whole bunch of expensive rings right here and do the same for
dodge going alright so there it is domine my pot faucets free corns you got
no money you’re a skeptic you want to try doubting your cost to yourself
here it is so till next time she’s trying writer see ya and keep writing
them dry