Whats up guys After many hours lossing my mind here on my PC because this annoying issue in all my games this is a DirectX error named “0xc000007b” I had discovered a solution and i will teach you how to solve this, so i can help all you guys Fisrt of all, you have to download and install DirectX from Microsoft oficial web site i have done here a necessary DLL selection that we going to use for some reason, the problem is caused by a DirectX DLL error for some reason when we install the directx, the bastard does not install correctly this particular DLLs so all you have to do is download this dll package, that i will upload to Mediafire and MEGA as you can see i will paste the links on description bellow extract to any folder you want, like i have done here on my desktop you have to open the extracted folder and select all DLLs and COPY a good keyboard shortcut to select all files is CTRL + A after you copy all DLLs, we going to paste all files in specific folder we going to open local disc C: windows now pay attention If you have x86 Windows, you have to paste all DLLs on “system32” ok cool, we hit paste and “voilà” and if you have a x64 Windows, you have to past on “syswow64” we hit paste, copy and replace… first we mark this box and give permission, by hit continue and here we hit skip and again skip After that problem solved, you will be able to play your games and thats it. hope this video was helpful. Any question leave in the comment section bellow and subscribe for more tips with English CC And don’t forget the thumbs up