Hello, today we would like to demonstrate how
to apply for financing at
Bankera Loans – the lending solution for the blockchain era.
Follow this tutorial to get a crypto-backed
loan in several easy steps.
If you are new to Bankera Loans, create a
free Bankera Loans account – it will only
take a couple of minutes. Simply click
the sign up button in the top right corner
of the home page and follow the instructions
to complete your registration.
If you are a registered user, log in to your
Bankera Loans account.
To request a crypto-backed loan, first of
all, you need to deposit the cryptocurrency
that you are going to use as your collateral.
Navigate to “Wallets” in the “App”
section of the website and click “Deposit”
next to the currency you want to transfer
to your account.
Click “Deposit” once again and copy the
wallet address provided in the pop-up window.
Use it to transfer funds to your account.
Once the funds are deposited, click “Get
a loan” and choose the loan conditions that
suit your needs best, including the collateral
and withdrawal currencies,
as well as the loan duration.
Please keep in mind that we issue loans as
low as 100 EUR and as high as 1,000,000 EUR,
while the maximum loan duration is 24 months.Your
actual loan amount and the offered annual
percentage rate (APR) will be displayed on
the same page.
Click “Next”, read and accept the Loan
Agreement and confirm your loan.
Once your loan application is reviewed, we
will send you a notification via email.
You can also check the status of your loan in
your account.
If your application is successful, you will
receive the loan straight to your Bankera Loans account.
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