Hello, my name is Erin and in this tutorial I’m going to
show you how to insert currency signs in Microsoft Word 2016 on a Windows machine
using the Symbol dialog box. Please note that the steps are very similar for
older versions of Word so you may find this tutorial helpful even if you’re not
currently using word 2016. To keep things simple, I’ll concentrate on the euro, pound,
and cent signs in these examples. But I’ll also point out some other currency signs
you may be interested in along the way. To begin, place your cursor where the sign should
appear. Select the Insert tab and then select Symbol and then More Symbols. In the
Symbol dialog box, select the Symbols tab. Ensure that the Font drop down box says
normal text so that the sign you’re inserting will match the font you’re
using. Not all funds include all signs, symbols, and special characters, but if
you’re using a basic font you shouldn’t have any problems. To insert a euro sign,
open the Subset drop-down menu and select Currency Symbols. Choose the euro
sign and then select Insert. The euro will appear where your cursor is in the
document. You may have also noticed that the franc and the lira signs are available
in this subset. To insert a pound or cent sign, repeat
all of the previous steps. But instead of choosing Currency Symbols in the Subset
drop-down menu, this time choose Latin-1 Supplement. There you will find the
cent and the pound sign. Once again, choose the sign you want and select Insert. The
sign will now appear where your cursor is in the document. The yen sign is also
available in this subset. Once you’ve used a sign, it will appear
in the Symbol drop-down shortcut for easier access. There are a number of
other ways to insert currency signs including alt codes and shortcut keys.
However, I find these methods more difficult because you have to remember
unique number and keyboard combinations for each sign. Still, those methods are
useful for people who need to use the same signs frequently. You can learn more
about these methods and the symbol dialog box shown in this tutorial in my
corresponding blog post linked in the Show More section below. Thank you for watching. Feel free to
leave me a comment if you have a question about Microsoft Word or Adobe
Acrobat DC that you’d like me to address in a future video and please
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