so hello fellow coin collectors and
people that are new to coin collecting and today I’m just going to make a short
video on how to get sale prices from eBay now this is different from items
that are for sale these items that have sold over by a fixed price or an eBay
auction and on eBay it lists items that are sold under a certain category
whatever you want to find and also sellers you can check what they’ve sold
as well so we these are the things I’ve been looking at I want to get that year
mini one real $40 not much 20 real yeah yeah it has 476 so 8090 Australian
dollars but I’ll actually pick one up for about I think about 15 $20 so if you
shop around on ebay you can actually get cheap bargain that’s actually a rare
coin I’m not a rest guest corner you better move in Maine but we’re in
Australia so to check up coins we’re going to check the 2015 $2 less we
forget coin and that will be the RIP 1 so the orange one must be the
remembrance and here we have a lot of coins for sale so seven dollars five
dollars and you’ve got the bag for $35 but that’s not what we want these are
what people bidding on and whatever to have for sale so if you go up here go to
filter go down to sold items you click sold items and use completed listings
and salt items then you go back you see what to actually solve for so you’ve got
a $50 bag that sold for 115 and then you have a
roll so this is the official roll one hundred and sixty dollars so then you
can also look at the images that they actually have so let’s click on it and
that’s an official role that’s the role you want to get if it comes in a oh my
god or another security company not quite sure if it’s actually all
remembrance coins so about 150 for roll these two rolls about $100 each and if
you want to you can sort by end date recent first lowest highest oldest first
so the oldest listening that they’ve actually got it and nearest to you so
then you’ve got the coin and coin sells for $5.00
even from the roll five dollars five dollars four dollars so you’re talking
about four or five dollars per roll I mean for a coin about 100 to 150 dollars
per roll then you have the PNC which is the coin MD stamp but that is the
remembrance so it’s the orange one and here we go so you can find all different
types of listings like if you want to find I don’t know we go back 2012 to red
poppy corn and then you will see her myself all 100
$120 so bed 100 $120 per coin with that we talk about one with the card but if
you would just want to buy a coin like 60 I get really ticked off 60 so that’s
how you actually look for that coin and you can actually find a lot of different
types of coins so 1913 penny and really a lot of these are going to be fake I would only buy a 1913 1930 penny that
has been graded but there is one coin on here nine or 30
but that’s $18,000 that’s greater as well very fine
so yeah you’re not really gonna find a 1940 penny here any about 1/2 3 shells I
think we’re made so we’re not too sure but yes it all mixed up so look for
another penny 925 it’s not too rare but also these counterfeiters as well so $50 from first looks and looks like
low-grade very fine there yeah $50 that’s okay for that
looks okay to me this one but do I have it on solid items no I don’t so $100
whoa $20.00 this one’s very damaged not
surprised so even a coin in this condition $25
really but if you want to in really good
condition you’re talking about a higher price if you want to see the maximum
that people have actually purchased them for a saw highest price $10,000 woah
someone actually put just in but they didn’t pay and Ira listed the coin so
this is probably a bit too much for that coin let’s go back thousand dollars so
this is the one you want to give for him if you’re going to pay a high price
$1,000 this one has been graters almost uncirculated and yeah you see
certificate number if you go to their website put that number and show you the
actual coin this coin and it should actually have listing values or the
number of coins in that population and there’s another piece GC yes PCGS coin
then you got a visitor ungraded so 850 dollars and this one it’s also high
grade what did they put as scarce who hmm
I need to look it up myself as you can see the bees are quite high 49 25 penny
anyway all in the video here I hope that actually shows you how to actually get
values from a coin you want and a lot of the low minted coins you probably won’t
find in a lot of the German and Italian States coins you probably won’t find
here because they’re very rare and they don’t really sell that many on this
website or maybe they were misidentified so anyway I
we have fun with this and you see at your discretion thank you very much and
how awesome coin collecting time people bye-bye