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don’t go blaming other people if you scam yourself don’t scam yourself apex
predator offended by selling oh we’re gonna talk a lot about that because I’m
really offended by selling that’s been going on lately with a certain well
people are scamming themselves people are stabbing themselves 80% gonna do
what they’re gonna do I mean you get people buying bsv you got
people by an ego coin what will these people come up with next pound that like
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right so let’s talk about the truth the truth about that crypto dividend that’s
out there I call it ego coin okay I’m not gonna use its name I’m not gonna use
the name of the guy that’s behind it because his big thing is just for people
to talk about is say the name and you know if you call this scam and you
interview him on your show and you promote it you’re gonna interview this
guy and say his name you’re he wants that he loves that he relishes it he
wants you to promote it he wants you to have his name up there he wants you to
have the name of he’s in care if you call it like a death cult or something
he it’s like he wins when you just mentioned its name okay he really does
he just scared because there’s so many just you can’t save everyone people okay
but there is an article out there by this guy to one bow to fail alright and
he explains he explains that crypto dividend okay I so don’t scam yourself
don’t steak don’t trade your BIC for etherium but 80 percenters are gonna
do what they’re gonna do okay it’s unbelievable they’re giving this
thing away for free that’s now virtually worthless but some people are like oh
I’ll just give him a fury you are scamming yourself at that point you’re
scamming yourself there’s no it’s just I mean no excuse no no excuse whatsoever
but so I’m gonna read you I’m gonna put a positive spin on the situation first
before you I’ve read you from the article it is a good article it goes
into depth and if you want a clear understanding of what exactly this
endeavor entails okay you can call it a scam you can call whatever you want to
do it okay okay but the bottom line is people are scamming themselves person
responsibly is the new counterculture okay so the officials of the world who
by the way you know the government official of the world and I want to
remind you people I don’t I don’t want people to inform on this guy I don’t
like this guy I think he’s a low-life okay I can’t see why everyone when he
started crying about Bitcoin at the beginning of 2018 when he lost all his
Bitcoin why everybody still liked him after that I was saying it back then I
was like wow I mean he’s gone crazy he’s totally changed his mind about Bitcoin
but there are people oh he’s great he’s great you should have him on your show
hahahaha I mean now look but but anyway but even though I think this about that
dude you should not inform on him to the government no no don’t go there are
people copying the SEC and doing all this stuff don’t do that don’t be a
crybaby don’t be a crybaby about it let me you know it what will happen will
happen but I will say this that the government officials all that a lot of
you are extremely paranoid about are like whoo I got one B diamonds and I
didn’t report it on my taxes oh my god Oh
or I never claimed to be diamond but uh yeah they OB won’t be diamond should I
tell the IRS oh oh all you people let me tell you the governments of the world
they usually they want to make you an example and they want to make a lot of
money okay so who are they gonna go after who are they gonna waste their
time on uh doing an investigation on doing a thorough report on the big ones
the big people that are bringing in who are making huge claims on their
sites saying by my ego coin basically saying by my ego coin give me a cerium
oh it’s not a but it but it’s legal huh and I promise you big returns sort of
tied up yet that’s the kind of person that governments spend their time on and
make an example out you don’t have to go tell it on those type of people
but the positive spin is is that for all the people worried about all of them do
I have to do this is I might be watched by this that in the other when big
things happen in the space big blatantly obvious things happen and is when you
use wording on your website that is so it’s like you’re naive like you’re
saying you’re you’re selling a security basically that’s and so let the if the
government’s gonna waste their time on things like that and try to prosecute
people like that that’s their business that’s more time for all the Bitcoin
innovators to do real stuff and not worry about being hassled by the
government there’s only so many government officials and they’re not
very smart and they want an obvious target and when someone is just waving
his hands around just saying government look at me come and get me big cut look
at my site look at the promises on my site that’s good for the people that are
doing good things because the government will will go to them but you don’t have
to eat form on them no you don’t want the what will happen will happen so with
that in mind with that in mind and and for people are worried that the
government is gonna become very strict on Bitcoin on on other cryptocurrency
demo I only have so much manpower they’re gonna go after something that’s
headline-grabbing massive and so that they can’t get strict with Bitcoin when
they’re trying to make an example out of someone who says I’m selling a security
sort of kind of give me a theorem you know whatever so here’s a quote from the
article which is again a good article and I’m going to change some words
here’s but you’ll know what I’m talking about when he caught because I’m a
unique beast found out like that when it comes to the adoption amplifier mystery
go coin is careful to avoid saying that you are purchasing ego coin
for aetherium as he terms it you are donating your aetherium which is then
being transformed into ego coin to cut through the cut through excuse me to cut
through the confusion this language might cause what is actually happening
is that the etherium is not really being transformed in any meaningful sense it
still exists it just doesn’t belong to you anymore
it belongs to mr. ego coin what you have instead is some token that mr. ego coin
created and his promise that it will make you massively wealthy within the
first 24 hours of the launch over three million dollars in aetherium has been
sent to the adoption amplifier and given that this auction resets every day for
the first 353 days it seems like mr. ego coin will make well in excess of 100
million dollars in aetherium alone now I don’t know about those numbers
like the first number is true there’s so far mystery you a coin has been sent
three million dollars by people scamming themselves scamming themselves they
think they think like oh I got this for free okay you got it for free turn to
Bitcoin some of them they got it for free they turning the Bitcoin they use
that Bitcoin and other Bitcoin to buy more aetherium to send to him to get
advantages so they can get more of this ego coin it makes no sense and if you
think I mean if you think you’re gonna change people’s minds by having them on
your show by repeat by calling them a scanner this that the other no you
actually get more people to do this you’re gonna actually get more because
his goal is to get attention get-get-get call the scam there are
always guys who buy just buy exactly this the guys they’re into gambling or
they think they they know it’s they they know that it’s can me but they think
they can come out ahead and beat the suckers they think they can come at it
they say okay well I’ll get some of it for free I’ll turn into Bitcoin I’ll buy
more theorem he will pump it up and then I’ll get out at the right time I’ll get
out the right time before it comes back down again they would flip okay
giving calling it by name calling that person by name having the person say
you know setting a time again I’m inviting you on my show come on this
time I’m going to promote you I’m going to do
it’s totally bad totally a waste of your time and you’re just you’re just helping
him out he’s face it he’s making a lot of money off of this
are you making a lot of money off of doing legitimate stuff so don’t worry
about him making a lot of money he’s made a lot of money he’s making millions
and billions of dollars in F theory on because there are suckers who buy bsv
who by who by anything who bite as they think they can beat it and they love ego
coins they love these strong leaders who curse and scream I mean he’s very
similar to the UH Jim Jones of BSP very similar it’s a
seller it’s some similar type of operation and you know there’s always
gonna be suckers and that they will follow table to the very end when the
whole thing’s blown up and so and you could read such a clear article is it
they will support the first person to the very end I mean I don’t know these
people don’t have confidence in their own salt they need a brand leader like
ego coin or uh or Jim Jones of bsv they just need this I don’t know maybe they
didn’t have a father I have no idea what these people with their psychological
issues it must be a psychological issue and yet some of it’s just some really
beau ha I could be him there’s a total opposite type thing to like nothing the
people that know it’s a complete joke but they think well I I’ll flip it at
the right time and I’ll be able to beat the system I’ll be able to gamble I’m a
gambler I’m a winner I’m like this some of that no dudes you’re scamming
yourself when you give up your precious Bitcoin forever to get to turn into
aetherium to give to these guys or or whatever whatever the latest thing is
you know if you’re gonna get to stuff for free then turning the Bitcoin and
walk away you’re out ahead that’s great that’s great because you’re not you’re
not helping him but if you privately claim the thing and then turn it into
bits like worthless right now basically but you’re helping yourself if you claim
this thing which is pretty to infinity on it’s unbelievable how much of its
pretty if you’re able to sell it get Bitcoin for it and you walk away
you’ve helped yourself there’s some people’s everyone got that that supports
him no that doesn’t support it the people that say what supports him are
these people that are giving him three million dollars worth of aetherium 3
million and he’s and I guess more power to
whatever whatever he wants to do I cannot stop people from being fools
I cannot stop people from being bsv people I cannot I I mean impulsive
people are gonna do what they’re gonna do people without father figures are
gonna do what they’re gonna do I 80 percenters are gonna do what they’re
gonna do you got to take care of yourself dude so if there’s some people
that are just hating on involved because he’s becoming rich no no no no again you
take care of yourself you can’t take care of your this is we’re not
babysitters here in Bitcoin okay we we say what’s going on this is where the
big boys play if you can’t understand what we’re saying and you want to learn
the hard way then be my guest this is where the big boys play go learn
the hard way at the school of Jim Jones or the school at ego coin go have fun
have fun just see what happens be my guest be my guest so yeah Matt Odell
says debating mr. ego coin is not productive or effective you’re just
giving him publicity exactly what he wants it’s trivially opped really easy
for him to pump the numbers of his contract by sending aetherium to himself
chief market at cheap marketing he only has to pay a theory and transaction fees
okay don’t scam yourself okay don’t scam yourself that’s it
it’s Bitcoin is precious to give up your precious Bitcoin for aetherium for
benefits to get more ego coins I don’t know where it’s coming from me Paul F
said to is cent $2.99 of Australian dollars I love Australia I know there’s
a few Australians watching this right now hey he says how do hot Auto then win
yeah I say hold-hold-hold then win and pound that like button all right um
oh yeah I’m a unique beast by the way go visit Bitcoin x dot news speaking of
Australia that’s what Alex mentioned only this week in Bitcoin show on Friday
he it’s really thought-provoking articles I think he’s coming out with a
new one soon Bitcoin times not news everything that I
talk about is linked to below a news story out of Cincinnati on Friday Fifth
Third Bank which is a pretty big Bank in United States it’s not one of the top
three or anything but in Midwest is big back online after customers face
temporary network outage so Fifth Third Bank went down on Friday I think was
similar to that night the Bank of America went dad you couldn’t get it
online you couldn’t get a user ATM Bitcoin never goes now how that like
button alright off again offshore crypto is
linked to below I was on his show and it was a fun fun time we’re moving on we’re
gonna talk about more ways to not scam yourself also in a second okay hey
whenever you give out your Bitcoin for some nonsense gambling Alcorn you you’re
scamming yourself it’s no one else’s scamming you’re scamming yourself take
personal responsibility dude look what’s this shirt I came and see what I’m doing
here and it gets something completely okay
in Japan Nick Carter has a report on some statistics from Japanese exchanges
have 2.1 billion dollars of cryptocurrencies on them and the Bitcoin
that they have app on it makes a point nine percent of all the Bitcoin in the
world so not that much I mean it’s and then 1.1 percent of all
the be cash in the world is in the world is on Japanese exchanges and six point
nine percent of all the ripple in the world is all Japanese exchanges out
sheet Japanese you’re scamming yourself there you’re playing hard in that riffle land
and you’re gonna get a rip right up the yeah all right
so Jameson lop this article is great he’s done this before he tortures these
freaking metal storage seeds were you write to him in metal you can save your
recovery seeds okay there’s many different products you can do this with
okay in terms of your private key recovery seed whatever and he puts it
puts these through he tests corrosion test and crush tests and he ranks them
all the article is linked to below all right Tour de Meester bring
back to a show of mine uh from a few weeks ago all these people were talking
about the unknown fund this seventy five million dollar unknown fund from
anonymous people who that was going to invest in privacy startups and I said
dude there’s no proof that it exists and Nick Carter also said that this well now
toward a Meester who actually tweeted out the you know when he heard about it
he tweeted it out like everybody else did
he said no proof of funds tweets about pseudoscience tech seventy five million
dollar unknown fun that was going to invest in privacy startup is likely a
hoax you heard it here first alright Ansel limner shows uh he has
this tweet is linked to below it’s beautiful it’s fifty years ago today the
nascent ARPANET grew to four nodes when ARPA connected computer networks network
nodes at four universities this is the chart of all the Internet at the end of
1969 and you see three dots in California and one dot in Utah and they
got lines between them that was the Internet and Ansel Linder had the best
reply he says never gonna scale town that like button because perhaps if you
back then people maybe they thought well there’s only four how’s this gonna scale
look how small how will it it happens it’s scaled bitcoins will scale patients
people nineteen sixty nine nine we’re not in 1969 terms we’re not in 1969 here
in Bitcoin but what look at it it’s a good week is a good tweet alrighty so
let’s talk about an article from the Atlantic and it is about amazon.com now
how am I gonna tie this all together here how am I gonna tie this tie this in
hang on one sec I’m gonna see what uh oh no you can’t see the shirt look at that
shirt I like it’s funny he’s got a he’s got a P Bank and everything he’s mr.
Bitcoin that sir bitcoin is next coin boys and girls have you learned
that let yet do you get it alrighty but let’s let’s talk about
amazon.com because this article please read this article make millions working
from home schemes that have cluttered some boxes since the dawn of the
internet yet instead of touting shadowy multi-level marketing schemes or obvious
scams they’re pitching something we can all understand Amazon so I mentioned
this when I was in Australia I noticed ads on YouTube just people saying hey
learn how to make millions on Amazon I stay at home all day and I make so much
off of Amazon and this article is about coaches coaches that tell people how to
you know they buy a lot of some product on Amazon Amazon stores it for them and
then you go sell it and you make you become rich just like these guys but
these guys they probably haven’t even done it it looks like so many of these
coaches out there but there are so many people because Amazon is so well-known
and they people know it’s a big great one tremendous rich company that’s
changed the whole world they’re all these people that want a piece of it
that think it’s an easy way to make money and people are buying up these
programs that teach you how to become rich or now and they don’t even teach
you how to be rich they don’t work and so that’s what this article is about and
it just made me think we have not reached that in cryptocurrency in
Bitcoin yet okay we not at all people are not comfortable enough in Bitcoin
yet where they’re like oh I’m gonna go to Bitcoin
I’m gonna learn how to be a Bitcoin millionaire I’m gonna learn how to be a
cryptocurrency millionaire I’m gonna learn how to be an all-time millionaire
I’m gonna check I’m gonna take these courses I think they don’t even exist
yet these these courses don’t in 2017 we were getting close to it on a certain
level of fakery out there but I’m telling you it will come to this space
you read that article about the insanity like people just they want a second
stream of income so they think they have to complicate things by getting into
Amazon and becoming a seller and this is not these are not poor piece
these are middle-class people blowing lots of money on the courses blowing
lots of money on buying stuff on Amazon and really hurting themselves terribly
terribly so they’re not stupid people they just they want more they want more
and they believe they’re so confident in the Amazon name they think this is
something that is legitimate and I’m sure you can run an Amazon store and
make money but it’s incredibly competitive okay incredibly competitive
but this will come to Bitcoin this will come to cryptocurrency and I say
cryptocurrency specifically because they right now right now in this down market
I mean because it’s the market has not hyped yet we have people buy an e Gro
coin we have people buying all sorts of nonsense still all corners still by
buying chain link and all this weird stuff out there and someone even brought
up an I don’t know where I read this but imagine if ego coin tried to pull this
off in 2017 how well II go coin would have done I mean it would have been
thirty million dollars already to do the dude would have made okay so in 2021
probably if it’s everything cyclical all sorts of newbies are gonna be coming
into the space because bitcoin will be surging they will buy up they will buy
up the alt coins they will be taught by these people this is how you get rich in
crypto you buy and I guess we kind of we’ve had certain people that advise you
know having portfolios you know you gotta have a crypto portfolio a crypto
portfolio but it’s gonna take it to a whole new level
again read this Amazon article and you will see what I mean we weren’t at this
level what’s going on in the Amazon space right now but we will have all
sorts of people saying how to make your crypto portfolio I’ll charge you five
thousand dollars to tell you how to make a grip the bar oh you gotta do this buy
bitcoin that’s that’s really and that’s free advice right there and that’s all
you need to know but so but but long when this happens these all coins they
will pop again so if these all coins have legitimate like marketing teams and
stuff and they can stick around the ones that are round now I mean even some of
these godforsaken ones um I mean like BBS V for instance it’ll
pump again it there are suckers out there that will
buy it and there’s only so much of all these alt coins on the exchanges so
there will be I’m not gonna say they’re gonna be scarce they’re gonna be more
scarce than they are now when all these newbies come and start taking these
courses start doing all this stuff so the all coins people don’t like to hear
this they don’t like to hear this that some of the Jews that are bad players in
this space that are bad actors in this space are gonna do well again in the
long run bitcoin will beat them all okay a couple clearly bitcoin will be the
survivor but we’re gonna go through these cycles of newbies coming in and
they are gonna buy this stuff hook line and sinker they’re buying it right now
and these people aren’t even newbies that are in the space that are buying
this stuff some of these wretched old coins right now so just imagine when we
take when we get to the Amazon level the too good to be true
they gets to get rich quick scheme type of stuff that is going to reap umph
these alt coins and you can yell and scream about it and warn people about it
or you can just keep on getting Bitcoin and you will do better in the long run
and that’s that that’s I mean that’s what I do
I just anyway I can get more Bitcoin I get more Bitcoin and I just you know
there’s so many people trying to be heroes out there don’t try to be a hero
dude don’t try to be here I mean okay you
know logically and calmly talk about these things and share stories that show
how silly these altcoins are but you just can’t keep on repeating and
repeating and repeating yourself and and putting these people on his guests
because of Jim Jones you say he’s faked oh she sees this you sees that if you
keep putting on a show that’s what he wants he just needs a name recognition
and just to stretch this thing out long enough until we get into like Amazon
too-good-to-be-true get-rich-quick scheme territory and
they’re gonna do just because these wretched people do well okay doesn’t
mean you can’t do well doing the honest thing doing the right thing don’t worry
about the rest of people doing well they’re gonna do well they’re gonna do
well you can’t stop 80% suckers you cannot stop them
you cannot this is this is where the big boys play if people are gonna make
mistakes let them learn the hard way okay all right um pound
that like button yeah so that’s again those are future in the future people
will be scamming themselves that way scamming themselves by buying up
programs and buying up all coins that are advised by their coaches their
crypto portfolio coach hey under crypto portfolio coach I’m gonna tell you how
to manage your portfolio this is the sure way to win and then and where’d it
where to trade it at and then get it and double your money in two days all right
trade this someone commented Alex winners on this week in Bitcoin said
that a lot of money a lot of Bitcoin has been lost by people just trying to that
don’t understand how to move their Bitcoin off exchanges anybody a good
point I’m gonna bring it up the trace went races on the show at 7 p.m. on Los
Angeles time on Thursday and something I think he said but that this one dude
bitcoins underscore life reminded people and I think Alex said it that you should
prep if you don’t know how to send Bitcoin okay if you’re nervous about
sending Bitcoin and you’ve been on coin base for a while if you’re one of those
people that just doesn’t get it like you you probably have some cheap all coin on
there to practice with the cheap off coin with a fraction of the cheap off
coin to send that somewhere to send that to your Tresor okay because most likely
the cheap all coin on coinbase can be stored on your tresor alright so again
you’re one of those guys you thought you need a portfolio now you’re scared you
don’t know how to send it off of there you don’t want to risk your precious
bitcoin you know you want to risk a fraction of you but if you only have a
bit really a bitcoin on a coin 1 coin base just practice with a fraction of a
bitcoin but if you have got like nonsense on there well practice with a
fraction of a light coin or whatever okay so that was a good I think Alex
made that suggestion but this guy made that suggestion also best thing is get
real comfortable people get real comfortable learning how to send stuff
okay because it is true people have lost
Bitcoin trying to send it and they just didn’t get it I don’t know I don’t know
what was going on I know but they jumped in I always say you got a bot you got to
know how to send a Bitcoin before you buy your first litecoin pound that like
but but but so many people don’t do that so many people have no idea how to send
anything and they’ve got all source of all coins at coin base and that can lead
to some problems for them just trying to help
but yeah I still believe in proof of keys strongly because you shouldn’t keep
your coins on in exchange if you’ve bought it from an exchange then your
next step is to learn how to move them you should have really learned
beforehand but now you’ve got financial incentive to learn how to do so all
right finally this was mentioned on Saturday show it is a it’s a doom tweet
gone wild but it also shows you just how people
were just willing to believe anything people were willing to make up lies and
then just you you can make up these stories and they just they seem so oh
it’s so mysterious there must be mystery no usually the
answer is pretty darn simple and I’ll read you this diss doom tweet boom but
wild and by the way this guy like coin underscore Lord he liked that I
mentioned him on my show yesterday even though I mean I’m not really flattering
him or anything like that he’s he said I made him famous apparently people must
have looked at the tweet that I mentioned and I’m at is linked to again
below so yeah making thing I don’t can’t read you I think it’s a ridiculous suite
there must be very few crypto travelers but I can only think of tone BAE’s and
Adam Meister both Israeli passport holders by the way why are most of
bitcoiners possibly Mossad agents asked me for a friend and as I said yesterday
turn days is not Jewish tone days has never stepped foot in Israel I am Jewish
I am an American citizen I do not have an Israeli passport I’d like to get one
maybe next time there I will get one tone and I don’t work for Mossad and
why are most bitcoiners possibly Mossad agents yeah ok again it’s like
Jah try to creates a weird foot out there that you know conspiracies about
Bitcoin you know the government controls Bitcoin Mossad controls Bitcoin what’s
that FBI Canada see and they say controls Bitcoin it’s it’s such it’s
such noise but think people love stuff like this and that’s what yesterday’s
show was about that how bit there there’s certain figures out there that
just make up the most ridiculous stories and everybody buys into it again they’re
people that say they’re fake they’re they’re Satoshi Nakamoto people buy into
it I mean that’s why people keep doing it over and over again because people
love why there’s a certain segment of the population that will believe
anything they will believe anything and they will end up scamming themselves ok
and the ones who tell the stories the that they’re convinced they’re the ones
that do well and you make them do well because you believe anything it’s
unfortunate person responsibly is new count future ok finally RA 803 ge says
bitcoinmeister in 2016 I accidentally sent for Bitcoin back to coinbase a coin
base bot wallet couldn’t get customer service to respond eventually got it
back after contacting the Better Business Bureau whoa no doubt tons are
lost yeah it’s it it is true it is true that may I get Alex thought more has
been lost by people making mistakes than packs of exchanges
I don’t you I don’t have the statistics but yeah plenty plenty of it we all
remember when people when when people again they believe that king of the
trolls they thought whoa I’m getting I’m getting this be cash for free might as
well buy more and they end up sending Bitcoin the B cache addresses and never
getting it back because it was confusing at first it was confusing that the
address is looking exactly the same back then and it’s just people complicating
matters is when you lose your Bitcoin keep it simple buy and hold that is it i
am adam meister the big game yeah news is pure moonshine fuel said
amazing BBB helped I agree I can’t believe it that Better Business Bureau
somehow got coinbase to give you coin back you must be very uh you must
be an aggressive and you didn’t give up so I give you I agree to give you credit
for that you were you had some conviction there so that that’s awesome
that you got your Bitcoin back and hopefully people learn from that and
just be careful when you’re sending your Bitcoin around and the best thing you
can do is just don’t send your Bitcoin anywhere
just get it send it on your treasure and never move it there you go there’s a
great solution don’t trade it don’t turn it into a theory I’m to give to some
some dude on a throne somewhere i’m adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt
meister remember to subscribe to this channel like this video share this video
and i want everyone to notice something I did not call that guy a scammer and
I’m not calling it a scam people are scamming themselves people are scamming
themselves on that thing okay it’s you you if you do it the right if you just
do the airdrop you’re getting something for free if you go out of your way to
buy aetherium and then give it away to someone I mean what that’s not a scam
your body you’re taking all these steps do and it’s this it’s it’s complete it’s
not and even in the article it says it’s they explain what it really is it’s a
very complex it’s a complex endeavor that you should you should never play
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