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is a special video because Digital real estate is so powerful and I know a lot
of people hear me talk about digital real estate some of them get confused so
I want to take my time and actually explain digital real estate many people
confuse it with physical properties like buildings apartment buildings houses
when I’m saying digital real estate that’s not what I’m talking about I’m
talking about owning properties online where they’re getting traffic and you’re
making money and I’m going to explain if you stay to the end of this video you’ll
understand why I love investing in digital real estate but I just want to
make it simple we’ll talk about what is digital real estate digital real estate
can be YouTube channels a website a blog your social media platforms like your
Instagram page that’s digital real estate something digitally that you own
it’s your property whether it’s your Instagram property your website its
property that’s digital that you own now where it becomes valuable is when you
understand how to put it in a good neighborhood let me explain this in
simple form and we’ll start with regular real estate let’s say you own a building
this is your building right here’s your building and let’s say that this
building that you own is in a vacant area it’s at a ghost town it’s in a town
where there’s only 10 people it’s not a good town it’s a ghost town nobody’s
really around it’s a vacant area so there’s not a lot of traffic nobody
really goes past this building so it’s it goes down there’s no population here
nobody lives here what do you think this buildings worth it’s not going to be
worth much because if you restaurant in here if you put any type
of business in here there’s not many people that are going to buy and be able
to keep this business afloat and in business so now let me ask if you take
this same building and you put it in the middle of Times Square what do you think
this building’s worth now a lot of money right
why because traffic go you’re going to get enquiries you’re going to get
restaurants that want to rent that space from you right they’ll pay you premium
rental fees every month because you’re in Time Square where there’s all traffic
so it’s money it’s a money place it’s in a big city where there’s a lot of
traffic and whatever is in that building can make money that’s what it’s about
now I just wanted to paint this picture for you because it’s the same thing when
it comes to digital real estate when I’m talking about your YouTube channel your
blog your website Instagram profile Facebook that’s all digital real estate
that you own but the problem is most of you have it in a ghost town nobody knows
of your properties you don’t have a lot of followers there’s not a lot of
traffic coming so it’s not worth any money so what we want to do is take your
digital real estate and put it into the good neighborhoods now you might be
thinking what’s a good neighborhood good neighborhoods are where traffic is just
like Times Square’s is a good physical neighborhood for a building or a home or
property same thing digital where traffic is now if I asked you when’s the
last time you went over to Google and you search for a certain type of answer
or solution or topic or product you might say today if I asked you what
about when you were over on YouTube when’s the last time did you look for a
solution and answer a product or search something and found somebody’s does your
real estate maybe many of you might be watching my video right now because I
positioned myself to get traffic targeted traffic by putting myself in a
good neighborhood so a good neighborhood is leveraging search engines and putting
your website your blog your videos into that neighborhood at the top of the
search engines to get found and to get and that’s what’s worth money now we’re
going to talk about okay but how do you make money from that digital real estate
if I’m able to get it into the search engines where there’s traffic which is
the good neighborhoods how do i monetize it and there’s four ways to monetize it
one which I call local to call the fill again three personal and four econ and
I’m going to explain these four things I invest in all four forms of digital real
estate and I’m going to start with local so I’m gonna give you a quick example
I own a website it’s all about roofing it’s locally themed around a certain
city let’s say New York City so it’s all about roofing in New York City now I’m
gaining traffic by leveraging my website in the search engines Google my videos
in YouTube Facebook and and Instagram you get the gist so my traffic is coming
from here because I’m able to get in the good neighborhood let’s say you go over
to Google and you type in roof repair NYC
roof repair and YC you’re finding my website my YouTube my platforms my blog
and if you need roof repair you’re probably going to call the phone number
or fill out the form on my website and what happens is I take that information
and I sell it to a roofer in New York City a real roofer I’m not a roofer but
I owned a real estate that’s getting all of the traffic so I’m able to rent this
out make money by renting it to a roofer that’s renting digital real estate
pretty much on a local level and chill now I’m not gonna go too deep into
it but there’s some big companies that do this this is disruptive innovation at
its finest there’s companies like homeadvisor thumbtack you might have
heard of them they are eating up the digital real estate with digital
properties and doing the same type of concept I just said in a much bigger
scale but you can actually do this on a micro scale and that’s what I do on a
local level I have many websites like this making me
money on autopilot now companies again like homeadvisor you’re going to notice
these thumbtack disruptive innovation in this market they own digital real estate
that’s in the good neighborhoods Google YouTube social media they own real
estate what do they do when you need something done on your home they connect
you with a service provider and they’re making money from the service provider
by owning digital real estate and positioning it in the good neighborhood
that’s the local level affiliate marketing is amazing and if you’re
unfamiliar I’m going to quickly explain this to you so affiliate marketing it’s
taking your digital properties let’s say your website and your blog and it’s
positioning that inside of Google inside of YouTube creating videos around
specific topics let’s just say for an example protein powder and let’s say you
have a fitness website right here is your website does your
pick this website and you also have a blog where you blog content and you
won’t have a YouTube channel YouTube now this is your digital real estate it’s
all about fitness now what you want to do is take your content your YouTube
content your blog content and position it in the search engines Google YouTube
so let’s say somebody is looking for best protein powder now let’s say this
person looking for best protein powder inside of google land on your blog in
your blog content you would use something called an affiliate link to
either link out to someone else’s product on their econ store or you could
even join amazon’s affiliate program and you could link over to amazon and what
happens is if they buy through your affiliate link that’s on your blog you
get a small commission now when i’m talking about digital real estate i want
you to understand something for a second one of the biggest juggernaut with
digital real estate is amazon think about Amazon and I’m gonna paint the
picture right down here for you Amazon if you want to sell on amazon.com which
I do they charge you $39.99 as a seller every month per month what else do they
do they also charge people who want to be Prime members to get their shipping
quicker another fear they take a percentage of every sale from the
sellers they own amazon.com which is their digital real estate they don’t
even own a product and they make so much money why because they grew and
positioned a brand inside of the search engines that just generates so much
traffic at the end of the day it’s getting your digital property to
generate traffic targeted traffic so now people are coming over to Amazon they’re
finding them in Google they’re finding them on YouTube they’re finding them on
social media from other influencers sharing links everyone’s coming over
here look Amazon they don’t even have to own
their own product but they’re getting a percentage of every sale they’re
charging the seller monthly rent and they’re charging the buyer with an
incentive yearly rent genius concept disruptive innovation at its finest but
look how it’s done all digitally the same thing with your blog you want to
generate traffic the same way Amazon is doing it and you could do it on a micro
level so if you have a fitness website fitness blog fitness YouTube channel
what you start doing is positioning yourself with the right search terms
inside of the search engines to get found let’s say the best protein powder
send them over to your blog you put affiliate links inside your blog and now
you can make some money from your affiliate links on autopilot
as long as traffic’s going the other thing you can also use is ad revenue
which is like Adsense you could put ads on your blog and every time someone
clicks on them or clicks on the ad in your YouTube channel you can also make
some money now you really need a lot of traffic I don’t tell people just to jump
in that right away I really love affiliate I really love local there’s
also you can have your own econ that’s another option I’m just pulling this
back over here so you can see another option is econ you can sell your own
products if you had your own protein powder you can actually list that on
your website connect it to an e-commerce store on your website generate the
traffic by being in a good neighborhood to get online getting the search traffic
targeted and then selling your own product on your website that’s also
another one another way is personal building a personal brand let’s say
you’re a fitness expert you can actually grow a personal brand around fitness if
you are definitely active on YouTube on Instagram if you have a blog and you’re
writing about good topics and you start getting and leveraging traffic there’s a
lot of companies that will pay you to be an influencer for their products and
sometimes they’ll pay you big bucks depending on how many followers you have
how many subscribers you have but you own a digital real estate that is
getting all of the traffic so you’re worth money to these other companies
maybe it’s a protein powder a company that goes Wow James I see your
Fitness website you’re getting so much traffic well you have so many followers
on Instagram and I love the content that you post every day oh you also have a
lot of subscribers on YouTube and I love the fitness content you post now they’re
gonna say would you hold my protein powder and review it and one of your
videos when you post it on Instagram and be an influencer for us we’ll pay you X
amount of dollars it’s another way to leverage and make reoccurring revenue by
positioning yourself with digital real estate growing a personal brand and then
getting money from other companies to talk about their products so there’s so
many ways especially in 2020 and moving forward
white digital real estate is so important again and I wanted to make
this video to show you the different ways that we’re leveraging digital real
estate not to be confused with real estate that’s physical property this is
all digital and I showed you some example of some big companies like
homeadvisor thumbtack Amazon there’s a reason why they’re taking advantage
digitally it’s where everyone is everyone’s using the search engines
today everyone’s looking for answers and solutions and products online on these
search engines like YouTube Google Amazon so it’s leveraging those search
engines positioning yourself to get the targeted traffic and getting your
digital real estate either rent it out sending the traffic through affiliate
links growing a personal brand with that and making money by being an influencer
or starting your own e-commerce tour you could also sell your own digital
products if you’d like so this is the four main ways that I’m making money
with digital real estate I wanted to explain it I hope I broke it down
completely and made it simple so that you’re not confused but again if you
want to learn more about this stuff I actually made a case study and a free
training down below I’ll link it in the description where I actually show my
digital real estate property some of them are that are making me money
showing you how it’s making me money now right now I don’t have it open but I’m
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