ASSALAM O ALIKUM Friends!!! Welcome back to my channel Before you Start Kindly Subscribe my channel for latest videos In this channel i told you new Bitcoins and Dollars mining Site Today i will show A new website in which you can mine Free Bitcoins Here the website Simply paste your Bitcoin Wallet adress to make account This is your Dashboard Your Mining will be start automatically For Increase your speed Deposit any of the one plan Currently only 7 plan is ready For deposit Copy this adress Enter the same amount Currently i have 80k satoshi after deposit your mining speed will be increase YOU can check you statistics in this box (minimum withdraw is 0.0005) NOTE: PASTE YOUR ORIGNAL BITCOIN ADRESS YOU CANNOT CHANGER YOU BTC ADRESS LATER This is your refferal link Withdraw your earning Enter the amount and click on withdraw button If you have any question read the FAQ section Sooo here the website you can easly mine 5$ daily without any work Subsribe my channel for payment proof ALLAH HAFIZ!