After seeing this notes we are sure you already know what this video is all about. Hi guys this is Jharna Hi this is Khushboo Guys we all know what an revolutionary step Indian government had taken by banning 500 and 1000 notes. so the first thing which came in our mind after listening that news was lets use these currency notes in our D.I.Y. May be after few days this currency doesn’t have a market value but after few years it will be considered in a vintage currency. so insisted of collecting them later we decided to add them in our currency collections now. Guys we love collecting vintage currency’s and guys you know what.vintage Indian currency’s are sold online at very high price. we have some vintage currency’s which we have collected like. we have this one rupee note of 1981,1985 and 1973 2 rupee note and 5 rupee notes and we have this coins like 20 paise of 1986, 2 rupee of we have this 10 paise coin of 1988, 1972 and 1988 and 20 paise coin of 1986,1989.And 25 paise of 1986,1999,1981 and 1994. and besides that we have a collection of 1 paise of 1982 2 paise of 1981 1 paise coin of 1963 2 paise coin of 1967. 3 paise coin of 1968 and 5 paise coin of 1965. But guys handling them are quite difficult for us. so for that reason we had decided to make a D.I.Y of currency holder That is how to convert a normal register into a currency holder. so lets have a look on this. so guys whenever we get new currency note we just add them in our collection. Guys if you haven’t subscribe to our channel yet do subscribe for latest updates. and don’t forget to click on bell icon for notifications hope you guys have also saved at least 1 of the 500 and 1000 notes for your collections too. if you guys are making this D.I.Y of any other D.I.Y do not forget to send us picture or a video. we would love to featured it in our channel. Guys we are planning to make JK Arts fan video every month. so if you guys want your craft to be featured in our channel. you just have to do 3 SIMPLE THINGS. FIRST : Subscribe to our channel. SECOND : Make any craft stuff from our videos. which ever you like or feel easy to make. And THIRD : Click image or make video of your craft. and send us with your NAME , AGE , PLACE and PHOTOGRAPH on this email address. Guys we would love to see all the craft which you guys are sending to us. See you in next video. Happy Crafting šŸ™‚