What’s up, John Charette here and today
I’m going to teach you how to mine garlic
coin. Yeah, you heard me.
Alright, welcome back! Today we’re talking
about garlic coin the cryptocurrency
I kind of, I came across. I don’t know a
whole lot about. I know it’s been out for
a little while and they actually have a
whole section on what is garlic coin? And
they say garlic coin is ‘hot out of the
oven and ready to serve you with its
buttery goodness’ Not really sure what
that means. What I do know is that it’s a
fork of Litecoin. Back in the main page
here it talks about the new friendly
decentralized cryptocurrency that you’ve
never heard of so I’m not really sure
what it’s all about yet and this isn’t
use this style I do with mining but
because they are doing a hard fork as of
February 16th I wanted to create a video
start to finish on how to you guys
mining I know when a currency switches
like this it’s a really good time to
start mining for really give it
potential to get a lot of coins before
it goes up in value so first thing first
is need a wallet so on this medium post
here they talked about the hard fork
they have a wallet link and I will save
that it ends up just being a single file
so I have put that into my wallet folder
when you double click that it will open
much like about other standalone Windows
based wallets it needs to touch base
with the blockchain and synchronize so
you see here you can see I haven’t
synchronized a couple hours I’m two
hours behind it will connect
with its peers and then get up to date
so it did that pretty quick you can see
this a tact of connections when it first
did it when I first downloaded the app
it took and maybe 10-15 minutes so ok
once you have that that’s fine we can
leave that as is
ok next thing you want to do is we need
to get mining software so because garlic
coin did a hard fork they actually
changed algorithm
they went from a script’ algorithm to a
new algorithm they that created called
Allium ok and do you need new miners for
that so this guy lenez 0 0 1 2 has
created an nvidia based CC miner that
supports it as well as an SG miner that
for Andy that both support this new
algorithm so depending which one if you
have any video cards down oh this one if
you have MB cards please download the X
G minor I have an NVIDIA GTX 1080 in
this rig so I will be down in the S the
CC minor ok and I want to get the 64-bit
version because I’m running Windows 10
64 bit please notice is here this is a
minor antivirus might block it I had a
huge problem with my Windows Defender it
would not work
it kept saying virus virus trojan I
literally had to turn it off so that I
could get it going and start mining so
everyone’s a little different with your
antivirus but just know you may have to
make an exception for this miner it’s
very common for – offer so we do down
with that I put it into a nice garlic
folder and literally it would just be
this single file in the folder what I
would like you to do is create new up
you see there’s my antivirus I wonder if
it’s gonna delete it I thought I’d turn
my into ours off but let’s try that
again energy virus
is yeah let’s go turn this off all right
let’s turn off okay let’s see if this
survives so what I’ll do is I will
download it again
and I’ll put it right into this folder
so you guys me around in the same thing
with your antivirus miners put it in my
garlic folder or yes please
yeah it didn’t say it wanted to
overwrite it so it definitely looks like
it was probably not there so okay so now
that you have a miner
right-click and create a new text file
call it garlic garlic coin and then
we’re gonna use the pool supernova it’s
my favorite mining pool because it uses
a username based solution so what
happens is you actually mine into your
username and then you cache up from
username into your wallet so because
this is a brand new coin they would do
want you to read register with a new
account even if you already have an old
super elf account so I’ve already
registered let me just log in great so
I’m in you have no miners working on the
right side here first thing first go
into edit account scroll down and this
payment address is normally missing so
what I’d like you to do is go back to
your garlic coin core wallet go to file
receiving addresses and there’s your
address hit the copy button come back
put your address in there put the for to
Japan that you had to create when you
paid your account done so now at least
supernova knows where to deposit your
money once you have some coins next go
to my workers you see here I’ve created
three workers for the three different
rigs that I have Johnny Minnie and
Mickey all using the default password
password up to you if you want to change
that doesn’t
really matter you literally just go on
the left side here and you type in
George and you can add a new worker and
it shows up so I’m gonna delete him for
now okay so now we have a wallet we have
a supernova account we’ve created our
workers now let’s go back to that text
file I started creating change the file
extension to be 80 if for some reason
you don’t see file extensions go up to
view view and you see here it’s just
filename extensions check this off you
want to see the file name so you can
actually change it to a bat file now
right-click on and go to edit okay it’s
just it’s just a blank file that’s
totally normal come back to super Nova’s
website go to the help along the left
side and go to get started here they
give you a sample script to run I’ll
copy that open up our file paste that in
and then we’re gonna customize it a
little bit because we know our liner is
a little bit different from what they
have they’re just using CC my under 18
we’re gonna use CC minor – x64 Exe then
it says okay what’s the algorithm it’s
the Allium algorithm okay what’s the
server this is the server address it
came right from supernova so we know
that’s right then he was like oh what’s
the web login your web login is your
username that you created and then it’s
the dot your worker so this rig is
called Johnny and then my password is
that’s it save that file minimize
opposed it doesn’t matter you double
click on here and that’s it it’s
checking the card and boom there’s your
for share and your money I can go back
to the dashboard of supernova it’s very
fast see here I already see Johnny show
up and I can see a hash rate that
Hatchery updates right away it’ll take a
little time for DAP to give you the
proper hash rate but right now you’re
good to go you could technically leave
this running for as long as you want
and and it’s totally good what I like to
do is I like to use especially in a
Windows environment is awesome liner I’m
super happy with that I only discovered
it about a month ago it allows me to
manage multiple rigs at the same time so
here let’s close this off it’s open up
awesome liner I’ve set up two miners
already this is Johnny here I stopped
him because he was mining some Zee
Classic Mini is down and she is going
strong so I would like to to get Johnny
set up right click on Johnny go to
properties and he see what your miner is
he was set to this kutas e cash miner
because if that’s what Z does he classic
uses switching over to CC minor when you
see how it says CC minor two point two
point four we need to use CC minor two
point three point zero that’s the one
that allows for the Allium algorithm so
we need to do is by default is set to
automatic down located to specific or
existing path browse to CC miners 54 ok
you don’t have to where did we lose
mining pool down here cuz what we’re
gonna do is we’re gonna trick it a
little bit go open up your text file
that you’re created copy the whole thing
come back to awesome line or go to the
command line copy and paste it into here
so you put the whole thing in there and
hit OK now if I start this up it looks
just like I did before but now I have at
least a bit of visibility with awesome
liner I can see the temperatures of the
card what the hatchery soon as it
accepts one there you it accepts it I
can see what hash rates happening on the
right side this typically gives you what
coin you’re doing and what the value is
because garlic coins so new-and-all so
the Allium algorithm is brand brand-new
they don’t have it in there yet I expect
that awesome liner will eventually
update their software to have it in
there but that’s that’s it now I can
easily duplicate the same thing if I
want to do it for the other minor same
idea stop that for a moment same idea
right-click on it change it to C C minor
put the command line in I would change I
would use this exact same string the
same line here this command for me my
other minor except I would change Johnny
to mini
that’s it so close out of here and that
is how you can mind garlic coin so hope
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