Once your funds have been made available
go to the trade tab and click the one you’re interested in buying you will
then be displayed with the amount of USD required for your purchase along with a
live price of gold to allow you to benefit from the best cost price click
buy you will then be required to choose the amount of KAU (one gram gold) and
KAG (one ounce silver) you would like to mint to your eWallet in the Kinesis
mint the minimum minting contract size is a hundred KAU 100 grams of gold and
200 KAG 200 ounces of silver therefore one contract is equal to a hundred KAU
or 200 KAG this is the amount of gold or silver you will be purchasing to
digitalize any mint to your eWallet now into the contract quantity you wish to
purchase once you’ve entered the amount press the confirm button a pop-up will
be shown copy the yellow message button by clicking on it
open the Kinesis wallet that you created in step one of this walkthrough go to
the account card located at the top of the screen and click advanced paste the
copied message into the message field and click sign copy the generated
signature by pressing the copy button navigate back to the Kinesis mint page
and paste the copied signature into the signature field then click verify
you can now confirm the order details and click buy KAU this will be
instantly emitted to your Kinesis wallet navigate back to your Kinesis wallet to
see your updated balance in my money if you do not see the updated balance try
refreshing the page the transaction details will appear
below you will receive an email to the address used to set up your Kinesis mint
account this will include a transaction confirmation and an electronic statement
of the trade we hope you enjoyed our walkthrough please get in touch with our
support team via phone, email or our new chat feature on the bottom right of this
page if you have any queries whatsoever thank you for your time and we welcome
you to the future of money