– How to transfer Litecoin
from Coinbase to Binance. What up, YouTube? It’s your boy, Jermaine,
back with another video and in this video, I’m gonna show you guys how to transfer Litecoin
or Ethereum or Bitcoin, either one, but in this video, I’m just gonna use Litecoin as an example because the fees are cheaper on Litecoin. I’m gonna show you guys
how to transfer Litecoin from Coinbase to Binance. So, why would you wanna transfer Litecoin from Coinbase to Binance? Well, if you guys know, on Coinbase, Coinbase is a very nice, simple-to-use app but there’s one problem with Coinbase. However, there’s a problem with Coinbase, there’s only three tokens to choose from, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin. Let’s say you wanted to
purchase other Altcoins, such as Ripple or IOTA or Cardano or Dash or Monero, well, you can’t purchase
any of these tokens on the Coinbase app, however, you can purchase these
tokens on the Binance app. Alright, you wanna come
over to the Binance website and go up to the top right corner, and you guys might wanna
hit Register if you’re new, but I’m gonna hit Login. I will leave a link in
the description below. You can sign up for Binance, it’s a pretty cool broker account as you can purchase, I wanna
say around 100 plus tokens or other cryptocurrencies, so it’s a pretty good one. So, I’m just gonna log
in here really fast. Once you log in, you’re gonna
have to complete these puzzles and what you do is you
just drag this thing over. This is to make sure you’re
not a robot or a hacker, and then from here, you want to, I have Google Authenticator
set up on my phone, so this is an extra step of security. If you have any accounts online, this is another way to protect
yourself against hackers. It makes it a little bit harder for someone to hack. I have to go to my cellphone now and enter a code from my cellphone in here so this can go through, and here’s the code right here. This code changes by the time, so I think every 15
seconds, the code changes. Yay! So, I’m in my account now and here is my account. This is all my tokens that I have here and now, if you have an account, your account maybe looks
a little bit different for the deposits and withdraws. I have this here, Hide 0 Balances. If I unclick Hide 0 Balances,
it would look like this, but since I don’t have
money in any of these, I’m just gonna hide the zero balance. So now, I’m gonna show you guys how to transfer money from Coinbase to Binance, so I’m gonna transfer Litecoin and here is my Litecoin holdings here. I transferred some Litecoin yesterday and then I bought, I believe I bought some Canero yesterday and Canero went up, not bad, not bad. So we’re gonna go over to Deposit ’cause this is Litecoin. Now, it’s very important that you guys, if you’re sending
Litecoin from one address to another address, it’s very important that you make sure that you’re sending it
to the correct location, so you wanna hit Deposit. Once you hit Deposit, you’re gonna get one of
these pop up on the screen. These are really awesome ’cause this makes it really easy to send cryptocurrency online and this helps you from making mistakes. So, now I’m gonna go over
to the Coinbase app here and I’m gonna go to my accounts. I’m gonna go to my Litecoin Wallet and I am going to send some Litecoin over. So, to send Litecoin over, you just go up to the
top here, top corner. For the sake of this video, I’m gonna send 100, let’s just send $75, just for the sake of the video. Or let’s just send 100, round numbers, so we’re gonna send $100. Now, where am I gonna send this $100 to? Well, I wanna send the $100 to that thing, so you come over to the Coinbase app and you hit this button here. I don’t wanna hit it directly in front because it’s gonna scan it, but I’m gonna hit this button here and you’re gonna get this QR
code scanner on the phone. You see this QR code scanner? What you wanna do is just, just flash it right over, like this. Bam! You see? All the information just
showed up here on the phone. The address, the amount, all of that. I’m gonna hit Send. After I hit Send, it’s
gonna ask me to unlock my… I need to put my pin in, basically, so here we go. I’m gonna put my pin in and then, bam. As you can see, I just sent the Litecoin. So, let’s go over here, we’re gonna hit… Gonna hit the transaction and you can see there’s a
hundred that’s been taken out and it’s pending. So, let’s go over to this other account ’cause I believe a lot of people sort of freak out after they send money, or no, not after they send money, after they send crypto,
a lot of people freak out because they’re like, it’s not showing up, it’s not showing up and
I wanna talk about that because if you’re sending Bitcoin, it’s going to take a whole
lot longer to show up. That’s why I did not send
Bitcoin in this video. So, I’m gonna refresh the balances here. It hasn’t hit yet. Nice, this transaction is
almost done confirming. Here you go, guys. As you can see, the money just showed up in my Litecoin Wallet here. Now, I have a couple options from here. I could just leave the money
in Litecoin in this wallet and just ooh-ahh at the
price of Litecoin going up or going down, or I could go over here and I can take the Litecoin. I’m getting a notification on iWatch. I can go over here, I
can take the Litecoin and I can sell it for Bitcoin, and this way, I can purchase
more Altcoins with Bitcoin. And that looks like… Did I click on the right thing? No, I clicked on Iota instead of Litecoin. Pretty much the same thing. Where is Litecoin? Litecoin is right here, here’s Litecoin. And if I want to sell Litecoin, I could just come over here and sell Litecoin for Bitcoin. I’ll have more Bitcoin available to purchase more Altcoins here, and there’s a bunch of Altcoins here. These are the BTC markets,
the Bitcoin markets, and then here are the ETH markets, so if you had ETH and you
want to trade with ETH, you could trade with ETH
here very, very easily. And then here’s back to the BTC markers, which I believe, there is gonna be more, yeah, there’s gonna be way
more on the BTH markets versus ETH markets, but you can, I’m pretty sure you can find what you’re looking for. Now, not every Altcoin will be on Binance. Some sites, you may have to, for some coins, you may have to look for other brokers or special brokers, but I really like Binance. This bit is pretty cool, they make it pretty
simple for the most part. I will leave a link the description below if you guys are interested, if you wanna purchase other
Altcoins using Binance, it’s pretty simple. To sign up, it takes, I don’t know, less than two minutes and you deposit Bitcoin,
you don’t deposit USD. On Coinbase, you can deposit cash and you can transfer it into Bitcoin. Here you can only transfer Bitcoin or you can only transfer tokens, you can’t transfer cash, you can’t link this to your
bank account and put cash in, so that’s one difference
with this account. You might wanna still have
a Coinbase account open so your Coinbase account can
be like your gateway account to cryptocurrencies. And also, the fees on
Binance are so much cheaper. Let me just show you guys an example of some of these fees on Binance. It’s so much cheaper than
the fees on Coinbase, and I will, I’m gonna make another video to teach you guys how to get
around the Coinbase fees. It’s pretty dang simple. If you look at the fees here, you see how it says 0.10 and it has a line through? And then the new price is 0.050, which is like so freakin’
small, it’s like micro, so the fees here are pretty dang, pretty dang low. I’m really, really liking the fees here, I’m really digging the fees. The fees are super, super low here, I really like the fees. I think a lot of you guys
will appreciate the fees on Binance as well, but I just want to wrap this video up. I wanted to make a quick video on how to show you guys how to transfer money from your Coinbase
account to Binance account because you can purchase a whole bunch of other cryptocurrencies on Binance and Binance is a pretty cool platform. But anyway, guys, like, comment, subscribe, and peace out. Hey, you guys accept Bitcoin? Okay, alright, thanks. Hey, y’all folks over
there accept Bitcoin? Oh, y’all do? Okay, cool, okay, thanks, thanks, thanks. – [Computerized Voice]
Alert from SystemUIServer. Low battery. Alert for low battery. – Hey, how you guys doing? Y’all accept Bitcoin? Oh, you do? So, Bitcoin is a digital currency and since the creation of Bitcoin, the price has just increased like crazy. Like, the first Bitcoin
was around five cents and now Bitcoin is, it’s
getting close to $20,000 for one token. Yeah, it’s definitely something that you wanna check out in the future. Actually, I got a link, a Coinbase link, I can send you my link and you and I, we both
get $10 of free Bitcoin when you deposit 100. Yeah, I’ll tell you what, if you send me a phone number, text me a phone number,
I’ll send you my link. Yeah, you and I, we get
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