– Hey, what is up, guys. It is J. Klenk, Joseph here, and today we’ll be making a video on how to turn Steam Wallet funds and/or skins into IRL cash. In this video, you’re
going to need one website, and that is BitSkins. If you have CSGO skins, I recommend selling them beforehand in Steam, then repurchasing DotA2 skins, since it’s hard to sell
CSGO skins nowadays. There are many sites that take tons of tax if you choose to sell CSGO skins, so the 15% loss in Steam
isn’t that bad if you do so. When selling on BitSkins, I recommend selling the skins that are bought at least daily, if not, it will take a lot more time to get your money, and this is the same with CSGO skins. Now, the way I sold my entire inventory is probably the best way, since it ensures the most amount of money at the fastest rate. I put my skins up for the average that they sell for on the site, and just waited until they got bought. Now some averages aren’t 100% accurate, so you may just want to sell for the lowest listing price. Once you sell all your skins, go to the top right and
click under Balance. Now, BitSkins has a ton
of withdrawing options. My favorite is PayPal. It’s a 2% fee, which really isn’t much compared to various other sources. If you went form Steam to BitSkins, there will be a lot more loss of profits, but if you were like me, and went from CSGOPositive to BitSkins, you’ll actually make more than what your balance was on the site originally, since they already apply the 15-20% cut to all skins in the marketplace. So, really, you’re not
losing any percentage. Now, after you withdraw, it takes around five minutes if you choose PayPal. After those five minutes, you will have your money loaded into your balance. And if this video helps you out at all, please give it a big thumbs up, and subscribe if you guys are new. Also, if you want me
to make more tutorials or anything else, comment down below, and I’ll definitely do so. I do reply to every single comment on every single video, so just keep that in mind. I hope you all have a
fantastic day, and peace out!