Hi. Welcome to Glint, the global
gold currency, foreign exchange and payments account. Using Glint is easy. Here’s how it works. Once you’ve downloaded
Glint from the App Store, you’ll need to register
using your personal details. If you’re approved, we’ll send
you your Glint Mastercard. This needs to be registered with
the app before you can use it. Simply enter the last
four digits from the card. You can check and change
your PIN number too. Your dashboard shows all the
different currencies you have, including, for the
first time ever, gold. Any gold you buy is allocated
to you inside a Brink’s
vault in Switzerland. Any national
currencies will be stored in a major UK
bank in segregated accounts. So, both are
independent and safe. To top up a wallet with
funds, slide the screen down to see the different
ways to pay, then pick one and choose
the wallet and the amount. Your funds will
appear in the wallet as soon as they’ve cleared. When you spend with
your Glint Mastercard, you can choose exactly which
currency wallet it uses. To link a currency to your
card just swipe across. You can even link
your gold to the card, then use it to buy anything
from a coffee to a car. The app lets you transfer
between gold and pounds instantly. The app will tell you clearly,
exactly how much you currently have in each wallet
and what the exchange rate is before you transfer. If you want to pay
a contact via email, just select that person
from your address book then choose the funds
you want to send, along with a personal message. Glint operates independently
of the financial system but it’s totally
integrated with it. So, if you want to pay a
bank account, just set up your payees using
their details, then choose the funds and the
amount you want to pay. Glint, the Global Currency,
keeping you independent and in control.