>>Microsoft Power Automate, the unified automation platform, now brings you robotic process
automation for desktop and web, with a feature called UI Flows. With UI flows and Power Automate, users can record and playback human interactions on software
that do not use APIs. You can locate your
saved UI flows with the features you already know
and use such as automated, button scheduled, and business process flows in the “My Flows” tab. Let’s take a look. Here we see a
flow that’s already been created, they were open in Excel spreadsheet, then use logic to loop
through specific fields in the spreadsheet looking for whether currency has been
converted to US dollars. Well, add a UI flow web step to find the current currency
conversion rate for any records that
haven’t been converted. To begin I’ll add a step, search for UI flow, select “UI flow for web”
give my flow a name, add the website that I’ll be using, and then select “Launch recorder”. Much like a UI flow for desktop, each keystroke is captured. Here I’ve opened Bing, done a search for
currency conversion, adding any outputs, and
then selecting that output. Giving my variable a name, now I can go back, and add a few more variables. Here are some inputs, I’ll add source and destination. I’ll clean up a few of the
steps that are unnecessary. Stop recording, and we’ll go back
to Microsoft Power Automate. There’s just a few
things I need to update here back in Power Automate, I’ll add our source currency, and we’ll add a step for our converted output of exchange rate. Let’s test this out now. Here’s our exchange rate and copied into the spreadsheet.
Thanks for watching.