How Was Earth Formed & Made? – God of Wonders every seed is a miniature miracle God has programmed the tiny sequoia seed
to become the largest tree on earth reaching nearly 300 feet tall and
weighing many tons God has designed the humble apple seed to yield a bounty of
delicious fruit for years to come and God has planned a multitude of seeds to
produce spectacular blossoms in abundance consider the many varieties of
seeds as stated in Genesis each seed always produces after its own kind and
just as the Lord intended the fruits and byproducts that they bear have supplied
the needed food and resources for man and his environment in the first chapter
of Genesis God said let the earth bring forth grass the herb that yields seed
and the fruit that yields fruit according to its kind whose seed is in
itself on the earth and it was so so the creator made life with the ability to
reproduce after its kind plants produced seed this answers the question which
came first a cedar the plant clearly God created plant life with the seed in
itself seeds are masterpieces of micro miniatures ation inside each seed is a
little baby a little embryonic plant it’s already got leaves you know in a
stem and a root it’s surrounded by a seed coat that protects it and filled
with all kinds of receptors listening in to environmental signals so it knows
what temperature want moisture conditions how much oxygen all these
things have to be present before it will sprout in the first seeds we find as
fossils look just like the seeds that we have today the seed is the first
reproductive structure God made on creation day 3 and it’s the way living
things ever since have multiplied after kind today scientists have discovered what
scripture stated all along inside the How Was Earth Formed & Made? – God of Wonders unassuming seed is life itself contained
within our living cells tiny factories of amazing complexity no scientist has
been able to build a synthetic seed and no seed is simple seeds are programmed
to remain dormant until water and warmth are available who installed this ability
to monitor temperature and humidity who determined the proper time for the seed
to germinate who told the root you must go down and the stem you must head
upward do you see the guiding hand of our all loving creator in order to sprout and thrive seeds
require the proper soil nutrients the ideal properties found in water the
correct frequency spectrum of light the right atmosphere and the necessary
pollinators all of these must have been in place from the beginning in order for
seeds to yield a harvest of blessings for mankind what a drab world it would be without
flowering plants from unassuming seed – magnificent blossom flowers reflect a
sliver of God’s splendor there are a great variety of flowering plants
flourishing all over the globe and each with its own unique flower fruit and
fragrance as a blossom expands its fragrance fills the air consider that
each flower always produces its own particular perfume even more amazing God
uses the same elements soil light and water to produce all these brilliant
varieties remarkably certain flowers are designed to know what time it is
California poppies morning glories and How Was Earth Formed & Made? – God of Wonders day lilies are three beautiful examples
opening and closing with clock-like precision they are sensitive to
atmospheric pressure length of daylight temperature and humidity and must
therefore have built-in biorhythms