How Was Earth Formed & Made? – God of Wonders
thousands of years ago God asked job
have you entered the Treasury of snow
now no man living at that time could
have known fully about the treasures of
the snow but with the advent of the
microscope these elaborate crystals can
now be wholly appreciated these are
actual snow crystals that have reached
earth intact
snow crystals form in the clouds where
water vapor condenses and crystallizes
into ice as the crystals grow these
remarkable patterns emerge complex
symmetrical and beautiful they are
breathtaking to behold
in contrast man-made snow has none of
the elaborate structure found in snow
crystals snow crystals are made out of
amazing water molecules each oxygen atom
has a little bit of negative charge and
it holds on to two hydrogen atoms that
have a little positive charge and it
holds them a hundred and four and a half
degrees apart when you reach the
freezing point suddenly they reach a
point where the electrical attraction of
plus and minus charges can pull them
together that’s the energy source and
then that shape God gave the water
molecules they line up to form those
beautiful crystals each one unique each
one a reflection of God’s creativity
every day trillions of God’s transparent
treasures fall to earth for our
discovery and joy and yet no two are
exactly alike I believe that God built
the sex agonal shape into the individual
water molecule because of the way they
have to fit together they form this
How Was Earth Formed & Made? – God of Wonders
hexagonal shape as they add on molecules
and grow outward and each individual ice
crystal is made up of literally millions
of water molecules and although they fit
together in a particular way as they
grow outward the ice crystals falling
down through the cloud at different
temperatures they began to get different
shapes so every ice crystal is going to
be slightly different than every other
one each crystal is built on a hexagonal
pattern and exhibits a marvelous
symmetry of design truly there is a
treasury of snow just as God declared
four thousand years ago there’s two
things about ice crystals that just
really excite me one is literally the
beauty you look at them and you see all
these patterns with these flat faces and
just in the the structure that’s there
there’s over a hundred different basic
types of ice crystals it’s just the
beauty of it and that tells me something
about God it tells me that God loves
beauty and he loves me because he
provided this beauty to look at so it
resonates with me the other is the way
in which the ice crystals are ordered
the way in which the individual
molecules fit together that fits a
particular consistent pattern time and
time again tells me that God has
designed it there is also a spiritual
application as each snow crystal is
distinctly pattern so each human each
soul is unique and of special concern to
our Lord as God’s creative hand forms
ice crystals with loving care so – he
intends to form each person to reflect
his glory compared to the rest of
creation snow crystals are simple yet
the great architects attention even to
the countless snow crystals he forms
each day is an unmistakable mark of his
care God has built into not only ice
crystals all kinds of other molecules
How Was Earth Formed & Made? – God of Wonders
all kinds of systems relationships and
processes that we don’t even begin to
fathom yet today that’s one of the
reasons I’m a scientist I love trying to
find out how things function how they
operate and apply mathematical equations
to them because I feel like I’m touching
the face of God if you wish