Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well.
Today’s political landscape is, for
lack of a better term, a bit of a mess.
It is characterised by two
warring camps, one on the left, one on the
right, plus a large group
of exasperated, disaffected centrists and
moderates in the middle,
whose necks are getting increasingly sore
watching the back and
forth, back and forth of the bitter ideological
tennis match that is the
culture war in 2019.
It started off as a few hypersensitive university
students lamenting
being “triggered” over certain words and
demanding safe spaces
being gently poked fun at by snarky, witty,
highly amusing, very
attractive right wingers who were sick of
being told what to think
and say.
However, it has turned into a vicious war
of not just words, but
From online dogpiling, to professional sabotage,
street brawling, and even mass loss of life;
the culture war has
escalated to a place it never, ever needed
to go.
So, how did we get to this point?
Well, before I tell you how, pretty
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Here we
The left will have you believe the political
tension, or “division” as
they call, it is caused by racist, sexist,
bigoted conservatives spewing
so called hate speech led by a man named Donald
Trump who is
apparently the second coming of Mussolini.
To be clear, when I say the left, I mean the
“regressive” left; the
faction teetering on the extreme, who, while
making up small
minority of the population, occupy a disproportionate
number of
influential positions in the media, academia,
Hollywood, and big
This allows them to dictate the cultural narrative,
determine what is and isn’t publicly acceptable
to talk about.
The right, however, will tell you this cultural
friction is caused by the
blunt refusal of the regressive left to consider
opposing opinions, as
well as their vicious smearing of any opposition.
After all, if you tell a
group of people, that is conservatives, often
enough that their entire
moral core is questionable because they support
a certain political
candidate, you’ve got to expect that maybe
those people will get a
little bit angry, eventually.
And considering the left’s hostility i has
amped up bigly since the
election of Donald Trump, for no other reason
than they are such
appallingly sore losers, it’s no wonder
we have a reached a point
where certain members of the two ideological
camps are role playing
at civil war.
From what I have observed and experienced
over the past few years,
the regressive left, with their neo-Marxist
mentality of pitting people
against each other as either the oppressed
or the oppressors, seems
to have made it their sole mission to inflame
these tensions.
So much
that conservatives, after years of ignoring
or downplaying the
provocations, are starting to react.
This is quite a big deal, because conservatives
are not naturally
Conservatism is not about reacting to things
so much as
conserving what is good and true and functional.
Conservatives want
to create and maintain, rather than react
and destroy.
Leftism, on the other hand, is by definition
a reactionary ideology.
They are not about building things up; they
prefer to tear things
down, with no discernible plan of what to
construct in their wake.
It is in their nature to poke and prod and
harangue conservatives, to
proverbially stick it to the man.
Funny thing is, what the regressive
left doesn’t realise is that they already
won that culture war back in
the 90s, and now they are the proverbial “man”
to which people are
sticking it.
Considering the tendency of the right to placate
rather than react,
the regressive left has been dealt a surprising
hand in recent years,
with right wingers finally making it known
they are fed up with the
left’s rudeness.
One thing I noticed after the 2016 election
is that it
always seemed to the regressive left who were
suddenly talking
about this “division” in society, and
how everyone was “divided”.
And I remember thinking, uh, this isn’t
a new thing; everyone has
always hated you, it’s only now that people
feel empowered to say
You could say that the regressive left is
the ideological equivalent
of Mean Girls Regina George
So, why am I relaying my concerns and mournful
musings about the
state of the culture war?
Well, because, no joke, the West is on the
brink of devouring itself.
We’ve seen this multiple times with the
violence perpetrated by Antifa, and also more
recently the mass loss
of life caused by right wing extremists.
There are a number of people out there who
are very keen to
escalate, and I think we can all agree this
needs to not happen any
more than it already has.
Now, I’ve seen commentary from people who
tend to be somewhere
in the so-called sensible centre lamenting
the fact there is not
enough listening going on; that the two sides
are failing to hear and
understand each other, and that’s why there’s
so much resentment
and vitriol.
Well, that, I think, is a load of rubbish.
Conservatives do listen to leftists, because
we have no choice.
they do is talk, we couldn’t not listen
if we tried.
They are so noisy,
and as I mentioned before, occupy such a large
chunk of institutions
like the media there’s literally no escaping
And the thing is,
conservatives are happy to listen!
We don’t find hearing opposing
views offensive simply because they’re opposing
The reverse,
however, is just not true.
The extreme left is more than happy to admit
they will not absorb
any opposing viewpoint.
That’s why they demonize outlets like Fox
News and Breitbart as fascist and company.
It’s so they can excuse
themselves from tuning in on moral grounds;
and thus avoid the
sheer trauma of listening to people they don’t
agree with.
They are
also much more likely than conservatives to
break off friendships
over politics.
A survey taken after the 2016 US election
by the non-partisan Public
Religion Research Institute found Democrats
were almost
three times more likely than Republicans to
have unfriended
someone on social media after the election.
There was a similar
disparity for self-identified leftists versus
Democrat women were by far the most likely
to unfriend someone
because of politics, with 30% of them saying
they had done so.
was followed by Democrat men, at 14%, then
Republican women at
10%, then Republican men at 8%.
Funny how those who so rigidly
preach tolerance show the most extraordinary
intolerance while
doing so, amirite?
This unashamed habit of packing themselves
into echo chambers,
demonizing any opposing voices as morally
repugnant, and slicing
people into tribes based on arbitrary characteristics
like race and
gender, is why the regressive left, not conservatives,
are responsible
for the division in society.
I’m calling it, there it is.
And they will
never, ever, ever see it.
They will never admit fault, or consider that
somehow their
behaviour is less than appropriate, because
they are so sure that
they are the true, pure, moral, enlightened
Therefore, they feel
they are justified in being as vicious and
as cruel as they want to
anyone who disagrees with them, because they
believe those people
are not only wrong, but evil reprehensible
That’s the key difference between the left
and the right.
The right
think the left are naïve, but the left think
the right are evil.
Big and
very significant distinction.
Once you understand that, you
understand the mindset that we are dealing
There is no
measure these people will not go to in order
to protect their
So, if not enough listening, at least from
the right, isn’t the problem,
then what is?
Well, I would say it’s not enough talking,
talking from conservatives.
As I mentioned earlier, conservatives are
not naturally reactionary.
We’re also, funnily enough, not interested
in engaging in
conversation with people who are going to
screech RACIST at us
whenever we suggest something so horribly
radical as perhaps open
borders aren’t such a good idea.
That is what has landed us in this mess.
Because of conservatives’
totally understandable unwillingness to let
their opposition screech
at them publicly about what bad people they
are, the regressive left
has been led to believe that their way is
objectively the correct way
of thinking and speaking.
And because there is no ideological balance
in popular culture,
people in the middle who are desperate to
hear a different
perspective are not given a reasonable alternative.
All of this has
allowed the regressive left to get away with
their thuggery and
intolerance, under the guise of working for
the common good.
This hall pass for bad behaviour they’ve
been handed is also what
causes social justice warriors to act with
such hysteria whenever they
suffer a loss.
They are like spoilt children; their ongoing
tantrum over the 2016 election proves that
they’d had it their own
way for so long that they’ve forgotten how
to share.
They are so emotionally attached to their
political beliefs that even a
hint that maybe they are wrong on one or two
things goes to the
very core of their being.
To admit they are wrong would be to upend
the very fibre of their identity.
Because of this, and also because of the left-wing
obsession with big
government, it makes perfect sense they would
stress about who is
going to lead them, and which politician does
Again, they’re
like children; they need to be reassured that
the adult authority
figure is in the room, or they’ll become
anxious and act out by crying
or throwing things.
Conservatives, on the other hand, do not get
emotionally attached to
our political beliefs, or at least not as
This is, again, the
nature of conservativism.
We don’t like big government.
We would
prefer politicians to have as little to do
with our lives as possible.
Unlike the extreme left, we don’t look to
politicians for moral
guidance; that’s what religious and community
leaders or family
members are for.
As such, whenever our political parties lose,
we shrug it off with an
oh well, let’s work harder and win next
We do not need
therapy dogs and play dough and colouring
books to get over the
appalling traumatic experience of losing an
So, what’s the solution to all of this craziness?
How do we generate
not necessarily a more conservative society,
but a more balanced
A cultural zeitgeist where everyone feels
they can express their
views without fear of losing relationships,
or having their reputation
Well, conservatives need to start finally
speaking up.
It is very important we challenge the noisy
regressive leftists in our
lives, but not for the reasons you think.
It’s not to change their
minds; that’s not going to happen.
The only way a social justice
warrior will seriously consider other viewpoints
is if they go on their
own personal journey of soul searching.
You won’t convince them of
But, you can convince those who may witness
To borrow from the Gospel according to Ben
Shapiro, never argue
privately with a leftist.
Always do it with an audience.
They are the
ones you are going to persuade.
Some of the best advice I ever got
when I was starting out on this journey of
culture warrior-dom in
2017 was from my editor.
Before I did my first TV panel gig, he said
to me, don’t go in there
trying to win an argument.
That’s not your job.
Your job is to present
a particular perspective in an entertaining
and interesting way, not
for the other panellists or the studio audience,
but for the people at
Those are the people you are going to influence.
The same is true in your own lives, without
cameras and studio
While you probably won’t influence your
they’ll be too busy hand-flapping and calling
you a bigot or
something, you will influence your audience.
Donald Trump embodies this.
Yes, while he may be brash, and
seemingly spontaneous, and rude, and crude,
he is what you would
call the first wartime president during the
Culture War.
brashness, while not typically conservative,
is what is needed.
Until Trump, the left has been the only side
actually fighting for what
they value, and what a dirty, dirty fight
they have put up.
And while
conservatives pride themselves on being dignified,
and polite, and
not at all reactionary, that strategy hasn’t
Trump, for all his wonderful flaws, is actually
fighting that Culture
War, using the left’s own tactics against
He is calling them out
at their own game, using words, not violence,
and while he won’t
change their minds, he is proving to the silent
masses just how
unscrupulous, disingenuous, and power-crazed
the regressive left
actually is.
His strategy, while unorthodox and uncomfortable,
And yes, I know regressive leftists are aggressive,
I know they will
denigrate and mock you, I know it is intimidating.
But it is so
important we do engage with them to somehow
swing the
pendulum of acceptable public dialogue to
a happier medium, even
if they cast you as the villain.
Sometimes, you have to be ready to
play that villain to get the message across.