okay hello everybody and welcome to
investing with IBD for August 28 2019
I’m your host Irusha Peiris and with me
today is Howard Lindzon, he’s a serial
entrepreneur and the co-founder of stock
thanks for being here Howard and I like cereal and he
likes cereal on today’s podcast we are
going to talk about the current markets
the importance of managing your
weaknesses and current stocks but before
we get into that Howard let’s go over a
little bit of your background now we
know you already like cereal but how did
he get into investing I was born and
raised in Toronto I think I think my
parents gave me a little money because I
remember losing it on a stock called
clearly Canadian okay which was the
Lacroix of like the 80s in a lot Wow so
it was I wasn’t a millennial but I lost
my ass in Lacroix it was called clearly
Canadian was a hot stock I think on the
Vancouver Stock Exchange I don’t even
know if there was a Nasdaq back then
because I was living in Toronto and I
think I lost about 6,000 dollars of
about a $6,500 account okay not that
that’s not good
and it just infuriated me to the point
that I probably stopped investing for
ten years and finish school and then
ended up back in the market ten years
later okay and what inspired you get
back in after that time I needed a job
and see the 87 so it was funny
stories in graduated from college in 80
you know 87 and went to work in Toronto
because I didn’t want to be in the stock
market but I needed a job from my
undergraduate degree yeah and I went to
work in Toronto for a company called
Davidson partner
in the wire room and back in the wire
room in those days you know orders came
in and only in a little bubble tube and
about one month into my job the stock
market crashed oh wow that’s perfect
timing and I remember all the tubes
backing up I didn’t know what the hell
was going on usually would be like a
couple orders an hour and then I was
just mass confusion in the office and
people trying to clamor to get into the
mailroom Wow and and none of them ladies
obviously and I I was let go you know
lastin first-out
embroidery of human meat I was let go a
couple weeks later and the firm was shut
down and I should have bought that dip I
guess but I know what I didn’t know what
buying the dip meant right so I went
back to school okay yeah and and so now
you’ve been you’ve been investing in the
in the markets for it for 35 years now
and and you ran a hedge fund for 20
years yeah I graduate with an MBA from
ASU I I moved out to the States
want you know chasing the Sun and the
good weather we had grown up with a home
in Arizona and I love the desert loved
just the whole vibe of living in the
desert and went to Arizona State I was
Canadian so I wasn’t a legal pre Trump
so there was a chance if I could stay in
the country and am I allowed to say
anti-trump on this network so I it was
free I didn’t have a green card or
anything and so I applied for a job I it
was a stockbroker job and and that was
rated just before the 90 recession yeah
and that’s an out crisis at the center
that was like my hometown in Phoenix so
I was like over nine it will arc it by
this time Wow yeah but I was just so
fascinated by how things worked in like
panics and recessions and everything my
every experience I have with the market
was going 2-0 but I had a great mentor
in the brokerage business and he taught
me how to sell and I just was fascinated
by picking stocks and I think Starbucks
was going public at the time and
Blockbuster Video like 1991 yeah and you
know those were the internet kind of
stocks of the day yeah and I just got
hooked and technology was just starting
until the 386 processor probably and I
just got in at the right time and fell
in love with the stock market and so how
did your investing strategy evolve
during those times where maybe in the
beginning you were you’re buying more
just on on companies but eventually
evolved into relative strength it to
charts how did that process happen yes
the big issue was there was no meant for
sliding that money so my job is to sell
yeah there’s good sales and back thing
you had a call you didn’t you couldn’t
go to LinkedIn or use social web and
build your brand you were just smiling
and dialing and so that was a game in a
way right and you know you had to build
your clientele so it was not about me
buying stocks is about me figure out how
to sell stocks yeah and you know I loved
it and but it also war the war me the
hell out yeah just a few friends and and
decided to switch sides and get on the
the buy side and I was an entrepreneur
and if you’re gonna be an entrepreneur
and love stocks there was such you know
it could start a hedge fund and at the
time everybody would start it seemed
like a bubble no different than
everybody’s starting a venture capital
fund today in 2019 in 86 87 it was like
that’s what you did started a hedge fund
so every but it’s a bubble of Howard’s
starting a hedge fund it’s a bubble you
scratch no real experience
yeah but I had a lot of wealthy friends
I trusted me over the years of selling
and they said go at it and it led me on
a 20-year miserable path of trying to
beat the markets and you know with no
real experience just to trust of your
friends right and no money for Bloomberg
you know I wasn’t a news guy I was just
out in the dark trying to you know
figure out how to be he has to pee and
beating the S&P back then wasn’t like it
is now like it wasn’t about beating the
S&P it was just about making your
two-and-twenty and making trying to do
well yeah but I discovered investor’s
business daily it became kind of my
Bible and it just resonated with me that
you know good companies would show up
with high relative strength and you just
started to recognize that like momentum
you know good momentum begets more
momentum and it just became the strategy
that always made sense to me so I’ve
been a relative strength IBD 50 MarketSmith fan Friday now from the day one
that I had discovered a perfect perfect
now and then you eventually started a
company wall strip right and and and how
long do you that that was wrong with
2006 2005 let me just have a drink yeah
this is when they start drinking when I
got on the internet show shows mm so
imagine me like you hardly know me but
imagine me in you know I I didn’t have
it didn’t have a big hedge funds under
under 100 million I believe I gotta be
honest I was more about preserving
capital no one was really watching
me I was more about preserving capital
and taking risk and learning so so my LP
is a basically paid for my education and
they were paying and I just hate you
know I didn’t I hated what I was doing I
hated the stress of like trying to beat
the market
you know we’d gone through now the
Japanese the long-term capital
management lady a and me gone through
Asian contagion and you’ve gone through
the bubble of the Internet right and it
made so many just surviving in 2000 by
2005 I’m like I can’t even believe I’m
doing this
yeah it’s the warnout I did point I was
a terrible person you know you’re always
trying to beat the market
/ what like helping people you know beat
the indexes and and I hated CNBC just
just hated it just and that’s what
resonated with me I just hate yeah the
only thing I needed was my IBD and you
know a couple smart friends and that was
my world and so so the internet comes
along and and YouTube comes along in
2005 and I’m like it was all cat videos
and and I don’t even like cats but I was
YouTube I’m a dog guy and the I’m like
I’m gonna create CNBC on YouTube that
was the brainstorm that I have I spend a
lot of time by myself and I called some
venture capitals cool called some
venture capitalist raise $600,000 and
starting a show called wall strip it was
a three minute was the first
professionally produced non cat video
show on YouTube and it was about one
stock a day and an all-time high called
wall strip and it’s kind of based on and
I’ve you know stocks at all-time highs
tend to keep stay at all-time highs in
the first show was Apple it became like
I smashed it from day one and CBS ik
we’re the first show ever acquired so I
went from a tiny room by myself and it
was the first show ever acquired by a
major network off the internet so that’s
my claim to fame on Wikipedia
yeah Wow and then so then after that
after CBS acquired wall strip a few
years later I was working here because
they realize what the hell they had done
and they wanted to fire me after about
two days I was like Clarence Beeks of
CBS Wow and but I lasted 18 months and
during that time Twitter had become a I
recognized Twitter becoming a phenomenon
the first time I saw Twitter I go this
is dumb the tenth time I saw Twitter I
go this is dumb but the hundredth time
when I set it up I go this is gonna
disrupt bloomberg wrote a blog post
about how Twitter is the next Bloomberg
and started stock twist I negotiate out
of my non-compete with CBS and started
stock to it which was
basically the idea of Twitter for stocks
and we invented the dollar sign which is
now the cash tag as a way to search on
Twitter to find people talking about
stocks and 12 years later stock – it’s
probably the largest social network for
stocks ya know and I’m perfect in so
many people look obviously Twitter’s
bigger but it’s not a stock focus that
right and and so many people have
learned through stock twits and really
gone through that learning curve a lot
quicker then then I was able to 20 years
ago so IBD was my peloton call it a
peloton right perfect charts from elet
own that’s what I call it the you know
if you just to get this point across you
watch the Tour de France I’m a cyclist
you watch the Tour de France and I’m
fascinated by like how that peloton
works like how do they do that race you
know 21 days in the mountains blah blah
blah but really you know 70% of it
they’re in a peloton and they’re going
40% faster than they could by themselves
and that really applies to every
industry whether it’s birds or whether
it’s people following each other
obviously in the stock market with so
many people you got to be careful who
you’re following but once you build a
strong peloton whether it’s data or
whether it’s people you can block the
rest of the noise out and and so so
that’s what Twitter was to me beyond and
that’s what stocks what’s became even
more fine-tuned and that’s what we’re
speeding people’s education up you know
you can give people a couple website you
know IBD and stock twits and they go
great together
yeah perfect and so so so after that
with stock twits so that I think this is
a perfect way to kind of segue into the
next segment where we’re gonna talk
about you know you continuing to become
be an entrepreneur and learning from
those trends so when we come back we
will we will learn more from Howard and
how he’s using his entrepreneur
experience to pick up on latest trends
and also we will go into the current
market so stay tuned hey guys
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Howard lenses are guests on investing
with IBD okay Howard so let’s get into
the current market and then we’re gonna
get back more into your experience here
so now the current market it’s been
volatile the IBD has it under pressure
for distribution days on the Nasdaq
three on the S&P 500 what are you seeing
in this environment I’m seeing what you
see I read what you read yeah yeah you
know it’s just a lot of people yelling
including myself we’re all yelling
either at Trump or with him you know
what I see is a very strong US economy
no interest rates but like you said the
data is is tippy like there’s a lot of
stuff going on under the surface and I
wouldn’t be shocked if we dip down but
I’m not gonna I don’t short stocks
anymore I’m just too lazy and don’t
manage other people’s money so cash is
my hedge and I got a pretty high cash
position I’m 53 I might have a very high
amount of money in startups from my real
job yeah and my passion is stocks and
I’m super bullish but I’m really on the
verge of like flipping the other way and
just leaning even more into cash so I
feel like the are leaders are tempting
the gods with the rhetoric yeah and you
know the market could get the market
could get saucy yeah we’re gonna
probably have a strong resolution one
way or the other with with this
indecisive environment we’re here now
you’ve got a lot of overhead yes yes
yeah you know like you break lower and
you know the restaurants are strong and
software is strong and some biotech
leadership but so there’s speculation
going on as there should be we’ve got 2%
of 0% interest rates but you can only
you know huff and puff on this stuff for
so long right right ok so let’s get into
because it’s a good segue on managing
your weakness because one of the
things especially when you’re newer the
traders you you feel like you have to
trade every day and that is a huge
weakness that yeah I think we all learn
eventually hey you don’t have to do that
so so let’s go into that and and how
that’s a pretty big weakness for traders
that they need to overcome yeah I mean
my son vapes you know we sent him
articles every day about how it’s gonna
kill him right like yeah I thought it
was cute that he vaped now I’m like kill
my son so I mean like it’s over you
we’ve got these drugs all around us now
we have Robin Hood and Stocktwits is
about to have a trade app and you know
we we’ve taken the Commission down to a
phone and a click and free I mean are
you talking I mean we’re gonna have an
epidemic of trading we so those that
have learned to master it already are
gonna have a great next 10 or 20 years
because you know the Bears bearish or
bullish there’s millions of people in
the next that have been on board 30 40
million Millennials have been trading
crypto in stocks for the last three
years on Robin Hood and coinbase so I’m
super bullish but at the same time kids
are gonna have to learn just like they
had to do with their phone and tinder
and snapchat to put that down and to
enjoy these things for what they are
they’re magnificent and the markets are
magnificent one of the greatest
achievements of aggregating people’s
opinions and money it’s one of the
greatest things that capitalism is
produced and under appreciated and so
people need to respect it and to respect
it you need to be able to enjoy it
without doing it every minute and when
you say super bullish you’re super
bullish just done the future of the
stock market right the new participants
the alternative is is to turn on the TV
and give up on life right so I’m just
super bullish on if you don’t have the
TV on how can you not be bullish it’s
true it’s obviously I’m not talking
Scioscia nom when people have you know
there’s problems in the world I get it
but I’m luckily you know never had those
problems so I’m not gonna I can’t force
myself to have problems I mean I look at
the world
as a glass apple Oh glass half-full is
the secret word of the day the the so I
look at the you know for every buyer
there’s a seller and stocks go through
overvalued undervalued periods but in a
in a world that we are in the no way
knows what’s going on with all this
information out there nobody knows
anything it’s fantastic from that we’re
gonna have the next Warren Buffett and
he’s right now he’s eighteen years old
and has a lot of tattoos and is probably
drinking white claw the the next the
next billionaires and you know everybody
thinks the the markets will die with
Warren Buffett I think Warren Buffett
sucks and I don’t mean sucks I mean like
and the next the next Warren Buffett’s
gonna be completely different right
right and so I’m super sad they may be
they may make their fortunes trading
sneakers and cars and rare collectibles
you know because so I tried to keep an
open mind all this and so now with part
that being super bullish is you being an
entrepreneur you’re in involved in
investing in companies at early stages
and you’re seeing these great trends and
already these huge huge trends that are
happening really on the ground level and
so how’s that helped you in the stock
market and first let’s probably just out
of what are you seeing I’m seeing some
pep listen I’m not a geek as I laughed
about how bad I am at technology and
that’s the beautiful thing of this world
technology out of code ness and I think
you have an edge if you can code
obviously and if you went to MIT you
have an edge that’s just life so kids
you know go to school and go to the
right schools and learn to code but I
don’t and but I technology is now
immersed like it’s hard not to be able
to use this right right and and do you
really need a printer in this game you
can get by with your camera and your and
your smartphone so you are as
technologically savvy as you need to be
but you know in the days when you and I
were doing this
yeah Doss and you like I mean oh my god
I don’t know
yeah so so in the world where everybody
in the world is connected and we live in
a world for now that’s still very mobile
right like I don’t like some of the
policies of this is where I hate D you
know taking away globalization I want
I’ve earned my freedom or I’m lucky to
have my freedom and I cherish that
freedom getting on a plane and getting
out of town and Millennials do too and
generations he expect that so those are
they those are the black swans that we
when talks about those are the black
swans right the freedom to cheat be
mobile right once you’ve given people
mobile and you take that away that’s the
war that’s the nightmare
but barring that it’s not about the
recession and it’s not about Trump and
it’s not about a one wall it is about
the wall it’s not about just one wall so
in this world of technology it’s just
hard not to see how this doesn’t keep
building on itself and the world that’s
connected things are gonna speed up
trends are gonna happen faster and and
markets are connected and we’re seeing
shooting start the chart patterns looked
the same they’re just compressed right
because technology is shrinking time so
it’s the same same patterns over and
over again and they’re just they’re just
a little bit different with respect to
time and they’re a little bit different
now because people there’s less analysts
in the world and they’re a little bit
different because they’ve been fired or
the banks have been shrinking and
they’re a little bit different because
of the speed of which are happening on
the speed at which they can be disrupted
themselves yep so these are all just
different things happening and so some
of the industries where you seeing some
of this disruption happen which
industries are you seeing like biotech
or aerospace just option it’s you know
Marc Andreessen said oh and you said it
well and software is eating the world
yeah but it’s not the only trainer
software eats the world you know real
estate prices will continue to go up and
been good assets so and its software
eats the world
it helps biotech companies grow
faster as software eats the world it helps fashion
companies do more things so so the
underlying factor is software right we
have this what totally connected and you
have analysts well first of all you have
the shrinking chip of analyst and then
second of all you have new rules being
developed meaning we have not seen
companies that this size because they’ve
been able to scale so quickly so yeah in
a world with less analyst and in a world
with less models because we’ve never
seen these models before yeah I mean
everything’s thrown out the windows so I
mean that’s what makes me bullish all
this stuff’s gonna have to be rethought
and reimagined and who’s to say Warren
Buffett understands this market sure in
a world without Tecna without software
and without network effects value meant
something and financial metrics met
something but in a world where
everybody’s connected
good luck measuring what the value of
something is yeah and you’re seeing this
software although example that is
Bitcoin sorry the perfect example of
that a fake one right the volatility and
the polarization that that’s caused is
unbelievable because both sides are
right nobody has the right answer but it
is an incredible piece of software with
no employees right completely open
no overhead yeah no health cost no
carpal tunnel employee complaints
because they’ve been coding is and and
it’s like Facebook without employees and
it’s being built on servers that they
don’t have to pay for right distribute
it so in crazy it’s a great argument I
have no idea but directionally I’m
bullish on a piece of software that has
brand recognition at every corner of the
world and may not be fast enough to
transfer money for everybody yet yeah
could be one of the greatest pieces of
software of all time so so the software
exists Bitcoin and also blockchain in
general as a technology coin is a
blockchain right open-source software
you know elastic Mongo you know who
knows how big these companies can get
Amazon in many ways open sourcing
fascinating fascinating so the key is
software eating the world and and think
about that as it applies to many
industries like aerospace genetics or
even real estate so coming up next what
we’re gonna do is we are going to
discuss three companies that are a
little bit older companies but they are
continuing to innovate it is they’re
continuing to innovate and they also
innovate with style
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we are back with Howard linson and so
Howard let’s go to some current stocks
and now the first three stocks are we’re
going to talk about they’re part of your
Fashology category so I think the
first thing is let’s define what fashion
fashology is yeah coined at about 10 12
years ago with Oakley, Oakley open
these stores and they had had Bluetooth
Motorola headphone built into the Oakley
phone and I was like that I coined the
term pathology saying fashion meets
technology meaning you’re never gonna
buy Motorola sunglasses but you will buy
Apple sunglasses with Motorola parts yes
and so I was very bullish on Oakley but
they sold to luxottica I thought that
was a terrible thing but it was a good
deal but like that was that killed a
great brand that was at the edge of
pathology right yep and they invented
this idea they were the air pods before
the air pods I mean that company was
like onto something and so it was really
disturbing to me because I was so
bullish on Oakley and then along comes
Apple and that has become the largest
fashology company in the world
meaning they combined fashion which was
designed yeah and people want to have it
and with technology so they’re the
leading fashion ology company I’m
immensely bullish on the company
obviously China has a major it’s a major
factor for Apple they’ve got considering
how crazy the markets are with respect
to tariffs and how serious the issue
really is Apple’s held them there
I think it’s massively undervalued
because of law of large numbers and
people can’t get their heads around the
fact that women and kids are going to be
going to the Genius Bar for the next 60
years right they figured out retail and they figured it all that and so
it’s my biggest position I it when it’s
running it’s not it’s because of large
law of large numbers it’s my biggest
position but I also you know trimming on
runs and added on 20% depth so so Apple
right now they’re forming a really big
cup with handle they broke out came back
in with the market obviously but it’s
been hanging and without
yeah it’s not gonna get without any
resolution to China meaning I’ve been
trimming in and adding other stocks over
the last six months it’s just as it runs
I trim and you know if it hits all-time
highs well you know that’s a good sign
if I’d probably pile back into it and
some of the some of the new products
that they have now that though the
watches is really starting to take off
trojan horse fantastic product my 21 year old
daughter lived in new york this year she
couldn’t wait one of the first purchase
she did with her own you know that her
new job money was an Apple watch I was
like really and it’s women loved this
product they use it for different
reasons it’s not to check tinder to use
the phone it’s to compete around Fitness
yeah and little little you know little
cute things that they do that the phone
does and step stuff that I don’t care
about but and the air pods the air pods
are a magnificent piece of fashology
yep and now the credit card to write
they just released the credit card which
is a stylish yeah they just have a lock
in that people don’t know so it’s fun to
hate Apple because they’re so big I get
it but you know the fact that that Steve
Jobs past and it’s been down or 810
years and they can still execute at this
level it’s it’s an amazing company what
everybody’s copying Italy everybody
would like to be apple that’s true I mean
that’s true it’s yeah let’s go to the
second stock and this is Nike right and
and another company that’s been around
they has such a strong brand name and
and it’s not just us half their sales or
international these days and they’re
part of this whole its fashionable
athletic at you know the other category
that people always coin is athleisure
category which you know the same we
won’t say that well say fashology so
let them call it athleisure that it’s I
don’t follow people that call it
athletes terrible that’s like people in
like in like terry cloth robes Leisure
Suit Larry when I was a kid so this is
about fashion and technology and and and
Nike does a fantastic job they’re a
fashion company but they’re on the edge
always of Technology made a few mistakes
digital they’re just not a great digital
company other than e-commerce or
incredible ecommerce company and they’re
incredibly good at understanding culture
in terms of you know the secondary
markets for their shoes and the way they
create pop-up stores but I’m super
bullish on Nike China just like Apple
it’s not gonna get it’s not gonna ramp
if if there wasn’t a China sure right
now stock would be over a hundred no
problem and so you’re not gonna you know
again you got to look elsewhere right
now because these stocks are gonna mark
time with the tariff issues but mark my
word if this tear stuff goes on forever
they’re gonna figure this shit out yeah
and they’re gonna figure out how to
manufacture stuff elsewhere but what
Apple does well is partner with other
big technology companies because of the
size of their brand and their e-commerce
is fantastic and this secondary market
through stockx and goat apples at the
forefront a ninety nine it’s a
generational brand you hope that stock
drops twenty five percent so you can buy
it yeah and right now net Nikes forming
a flat base they’ve been trying to form
and they’ve been for my number of bases
during this volatile market the latest
one is a flat base here most importantly
here you know shoot our best book that
I’ve read in twenty years about business
it wasn’t really a business book as much
it was a Bible Nike went through this
period as he got older I think that you
know politically you got factions within
that companies a huge company everybody
thinks they’re and he went wrote that
book which is more like hey don’t mess
with this company right I’m handing down
this book we’re gonna we’re talking
about the early twenty years of this
company when it was a ten million dollar
business and I was going to Japan and
China and open factories so put your
politics aside within the company I
think was a genius move by Phil Knight
as he had elite you know as he got older
and left his company and left a legacy
to say don’t f*ck up the excuse my
French but like respect the brand like
right we built this company you’re here
because of us you know you know don’t
screw up this company yeah and I think
that I think they the stocks done very
well in the last three years since that
book dropped
and for a big company I think that could
be easily a half a trillion dollar
company and and everything’s about
culture and brand right and always
reminding and having that that’s the
Bible orders right that’s right right so
let’s go to the third stock and this is
a younger company but they’ve been
around for a little while now Lululemon
and and they have carved their own both
and technology but definitely fashion
they’ve carved their own niche so that’s
important it’s riskier as everybody
copies you and your PE goes up or your
your multiples go up there’s not it’s
not that there’s no risk but I’ve owned
the stock forever I feel like it’s just
in a world and let’s use the word
leisure but in a work because I don’t
think of them as a fashion as much
fashion as leisure but in a world where
people can now wear to work in the in a
software world where they can wear
t-shirts and and and kind of Lulu type
ABC pants to work they are in a perfect
position the the products are light so
they make them easy to travel with you
can mix and match them like your animals
it’s it’s been run without a CEO for it
the founder isn’t even there anymore and
they manage to continue which is you
know which really was a is really the
one big worry that I have is they don’t
have that founder involved right but at
the same time he’s still a huge
shareholder and I think he still kind of
got a big pull on that company and it’s
just such a great brand that it seems
like almost anybody can run it right now
and then obviously expansion the company
is tiny so Asia Europe they just
starting opening stores in Amsterdam I
mean this company no one no one knows
the brand yep and and now out of the
three stocks have you spoken so far Lulu
definitely has the best relative
strength the most constructive chart
pattern here – well if there gets they
it’s just a steady uptrend so they’re
really fighting this market yeah you’re
adding stocks today Nike and Apple I’m
not saying Adam because
the China situation you know but I’ve
only stalked for a while I’m not going
to pay the taxes and sell them and I’m
trading around them but yeah and but I
have a lot of other ideas but the
fashology trend is something that
everybody that can understand yep so
let’s go to one more stock and and this
is McDonald’s what why don’t you talk
about how technology has has helped
McDonald’s well I think it was written
up we had this period where Domino’s if
you look at Domino’s were like four or
five years it was outperforming every
tech stock because Domino’s was a tech
stock Domino’s really was an in-app
experience you know my son could be at
the golf course order the pizza on his
on his Domino’s app and it would be
Dylan he could triangulate it arriving
at the house at the same time we got a
toast because they had their own
built-in delivery service yeah but alarm
and so and McDonald’s struggled Chipotle
struggled all the fast-food guys
struggled then quietly well nobody
understood it along comes post mates
ubereats lifts door – and they’re
they’re subsidizing and and those the
things that were most ordered on those
things were Big Macs you know and names
the kids recognized my sons were in
goddamned Big Macs on on ovaries yeah so
so what happened is the door – and those
became the delivery mechanism and became
caught if you look at a chart of dominos
the last two years it’s gone down that’s
your world where the others have gone up
because they have menu competition so so
McDonald’s it makes sense that they are
now benefiting from the VCS pouring
hundreds of millions of dollars into
delivery companies which are just
jacking McDonald’s sales that that’s
interesting and it’s been just a steady
uptrend for for McDonald’s really low
volatile because so undervalued in a
world where Domino’s had that run
because McDonald’s has way more
distribution a bigger menu
it’s trusted and they have for delivery
companies bidding for that business so
it’s really have been a fascinating
trend so I think that’s it’s been you
know I’ve owned it since about 150 and
it’s a buy the dip type of stock because
it’s massively undervalued in a
technology world yeah and well I even
if you go to McDonald’s restaurant Lee
now it’s well you have all the the
touchscreens and all that stuff now
right so did it so very but I’m sorry I
still like to order my food from a
person yeah but maybe not the kids till
I go to the screen and I can’t even
order without crashing the machine but I
think the restaurants are cleaner I
think the food is better
I think the I’m a huge McDonald’s fat so
those are four stocks
three of them were fashion key stocks
that are worth taking a look into during
this vol time market remember China’s
obviously had a huge impact on the first
three stocks that we spoke about but put
them on your watch this watch them and
then you know be there when a lot of
this uncertainties is resolved thanks
Howard for joining us today it was great
it was great
thank you that’s it for this week on
investing with IBD now we are getting
closer to a football season and next
week we are gonna bring Justin Nielsen
back director of research at IBD and
we’re gonna discuss the parallels
between fantasy football and how we
invest in the stock market so that’s it
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