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I’m your host, Chronos, and today I want to
talk about the first major smartphone designed
specifically with cryptocurrency in mind.
The Exodus 1, by HTC, calls itself “The Native
Web 3.0 Blockchain Phone,” and it’s focused
on protecting your data inside the device.
What sets this phone apart is what they call
the Zion Private Vault, which is a trusted
execution environment inside the architecture.
Basically, they claim this will keep your
private keys safer than ever.
That’s right, private keys: this thing comes
with a deeply a integrated crypto wallet,
with support for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum,
and a lot more.
This is also the first phone that claims to be
able to run a bitcoin full node on the device.
And they offer what they call “Social Key Recovery”, where your trusted contacts can come to the rescue
if you lose your private keys.
That actually sounds like it might be kind of useful.
Still, in my opinion, you can already store
your crypto on just about any smartphone,
so this isn’t really revolutionary.
But it’s nice to see a major manufacturer
making positive moves toward the blockchain
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I’m Chronos. Thanks for watching!