so get our people going and have a look
I have some Hungarian banknotes and these are probably not collect this
grade banknotes so she can see they’re all pretty one this one’s got holy just
called a holy Pingo and that’s what the currency is called Pingo okay iki means
one and this thing right here was issued by the Soviets as in 1944
as you could see here and well by that time I knew that going to I could buy
some territory and the United States Britain and Russia had agreed beforehand
on what areas they would occupy and Hungary barometer Soviets yeah if we
have a look let’s even find any type of watermark no it’s too damaged but you
can see how damaged she’s back now he’s just got holes and rips in it everywhere
they say not a click the big night midd still is anyone ago hey Tim bingo 1936
yeah you know hungry actually suffered the worst inflation ever even worsens in
Barbarin Germany and this banknote was worthless by 1939 47 okay has a Madonna
and Child in and this is actually pretty prominent on their old coin yeah if I
find that coin I’ll which let’s show you know Bella allegorical figure an
allegorical just means represents something else not the person so
probably just represents hungry probably left over from the austria-hungary
Empire yes um mm-hmm get some great day nice
green Bank that I’ll quite like these banknotes pretty good as I was showing
before no watermark that I can see what a maximun introduced in the early 1900’s
Germany Adam I know probably a bit 1800 sexually so it has a coat of arms of
hungry hungry and crown and that crown is better fares knees old its oldest in
Europe by LWS thanks then here we have um
Pingo in different languages German there’s probably Serbian day probably
Ukrainian it should be Czech Slovak day mmm it’s probably Romanian the set that
we serve a mean not too sure uh no no this is dessert dessert so that’s that’s
probably Croatian anyone else let me know
and here we have bingo issued in 1945 that’s the same coat of arms it probably
represents someone but I’m not too sure probably one of the older kings okay
this is a 100 Pingo this is an issue about a Hungarian and this was at the
start of hyperinflation and as you can see there’s a Hungarian Parliament there
not bad and this will be the den move the river which is the biggest Riveter
go through hungry the next list bits Budapest into two sides Buda and pest
make two different they used to be two different towns anyway I’ll bet any
water fake no so at this time Pingo bang that would have been pretty
much worthless and that’s why he has no security features a lot of these would
have been produced hmm so they the fragments are hungry as
soon as I get the set I’ll let you know and make a video and show you there’s
different types of features and these okay thank you very much and if they can
subscribe have a nice day