hey Jed ice I hope you had a nice
weekend and now you’re ready to start a
new week with Nakamoto Jedi crypto news
today we highlight the latest news from
the weekend so stay tuned it seems like
investors are turning back to the market
again and betting on its growth
let’s check the rates of the main
cryptocurrencies the Bulls are back to
the PTC market over the weekend Bitcoin
break broke through their psychological
mark of $7,200 and it’s still holding
there and aetherium cannot recover after
the fall of prices its price is still
fluctuating around $300 maybe this is
just one more jump before the next fault
correction of the rate but these may
also be prerequisites for strong growth
it will be clear whether BTC will be
able to strengthen its position at the
meantime the main news friends the rice
of the price of Bitcoin is not
surprising it’s even too small according
to the status group the company claims
that in the next bull run the price of
BTC may skyrocket to 98 thousand dollars
and the total market capitalization will
jump to three point five trillion
dollars over ten years though BTC has a
serious competitor dodge going the price
of the doggy currency has gone up 54
percent and this is due to the fact that
fans enter cross Dodge with another
popular crypto coin ether this monster
will appear in September already and
will be called Dutch theorem are you
waiting for it guys look while
cryptocurrencies are getting more
expensive the exchanges are making large
profits BitFenix the largest crypto
trading platform halted trading for 60
minutes due to technical problems mere
coincidence the traders have already
seen conspiracy in this and accused the
exchange of manipulating trades are
there any BitFenix traders watching what
do you think about this write it in the
bitcoin is so popular that even Eminem
sings about it yeah
in his last album kamikaze the rapper
compared cryptocurrency with a rare
metal remember everybody used to bite
Nick gold now everybody doing Bitcoin
while Eminem is singing the others are
earning millions on crypto the legendary
crypto account on Twitter crypto bit
Lord was sold for 672 BTC or 4.7 million
dollars at the same time the account not
only eighty two thousand subscribers can
you believe that the global crypto Matic
network will cost one hundred and forty
five million dollars in five years cess
markets and markets but apparently this
doesn’t refer to Mother Russia where the
authorities declared war on crypto guys
in confiscated 22 Bitcoin ATMs
authorities didn’t give a reason for the
arrest and the owners are going to sue B
ATM while Russia is fighting against
crypto mats the legendary Firefox
browser decided to wipeout mining
malware in the future releases
developers will embed a security system
into Firefox so that no one could mine
crypto on the user’s PC without their
knowledge however who cares everybody
uses Chrome or Safari anyway not far
from Russia cryptocurrency is
flourishing and thriving in the heart of
Kiev the capital of Ukraine you can
easily buy fruits and vegetables for
Bitcoin yeah really mmm
all you need is to scan the QR code
although this is not strange
cryptocurrency change agriculture long
ago in Laos there’s even a farm in which
banana coins are grown halfway across
the world crypto prospers – the
authorities of Colombia cut taxes for
crypto startups with the hope to become
a new crypto Mecca well the beginning of
the fall was hot in the crypto world as
you can see stay with us and of course
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