(upbeat music)
– Mountains that are just too perfect.
Pretty decent weather.
Utah, it is good to be back!
Hey, everybody, what is good?
We are back we another video.
If you’re new here from What’s Inside,
welcome to the channel.
I am so glad to have you.
For those of you who have been around,
we’ve done hydro-dipping before,
so you’ve seen me do that.
But you haven’t seen Dan & Lincoln
from What’s Inside hydro-dip,
this should be good.
You remember we hydro-dipped
fidget spinners,
they turned out so good.
But there is a new fidget toy in town,
it’s called a fidget stick.
And if you’ve never heard
of this, look what it does.
It’s so weird.
So it stands up like that,
and then you flick it.
And it goes multiple times, like.
Or, you can do that too.
If you’re good, you
can get it to stand up.
It’s kind of like a water bottle flip.
So we did a ton of cool
tricks over on their channel.
We cut it open, all that good stuff.
Honestly I was surprised with
what’s inside this thing.
Now we’re gonna teach
them how to hydro-dip.
Nice, I love it, we’re
already throwin’ stuff around.
– I wanna hear the like Steeeephen.
– I think we should have Dan
sing it for the end today.
– Lincoln, can you sing the Stephen part?
(scary music)
– No.
– He’s not singin’ on camera.
So that was really fun.
We cut that thing open and now.
I’ve never done hydro-dipping.
I’ve only seen it on Stephen’s
videos with the basketball,
with the fidget spinners, so I’m excited.
I wanna see what this process is.
– First thing’s first,
pick a color any color.
We got tons of options in here.
And that’s gonna be the
color of your fidget stick.
– Ooooh, my personal favorite
happens to be purple galaxy.
So we got this one.
– Oh wow.
– Look at that, that looks cool, huh?
– I’m doin’ that one.
– I like that one.
– You wanna do this one?
– Yeah.
– That looks sweet, that’s my color.
With the green and the blue.
– You got the purple galaxy over there?
Gettin’ that lukewarm water.
Ooh, that’s nice.
– Had to teach Lincoln that
warm is not hot and not cold.
In the middle, he didn’t know that.
I failed as a father.
– Learn somethin’ new every day.
– Yep.
– We got this purple galaxy
trying to run away from us.
– It’s going into the galaxy.
– That makes sense to me.
– Cut a little square, you
don’t need much for this.
You want me to show you?
– I just want you to do it.
– We’ll give a little extra,
but the bucket’s not that big.
Alright, first step is primer.
– It looks so good on the grass.
– I know, it looks really cool.
– Yeah I put way too much on this one.
Gonna take long to dry.
(electronic dance music)
Second step is putting a base on it.
It does make the grass look
cool, like Lincoln said.
You got gray grass, you got white grass.
– I like it.
– Glovin’ up.
Lookin’ good, Lincoln?
– Yeah.
– Think it’s pretty dry?
You get to do the honors.
Grab your film, it’s over there.
This galaxy one keeps runnin’ away.
Just lay it on top of
the water, best you can.
And we give it 60 seconds and
it soaks up all that water.
– Alright go for it.
– Go go go.
Wraps around it a little bit.
Swish it around a little.
Alright, go ‘head and bring it out.
We got–
– Aw yeah, first ever hydro-dip.
– This part’s not supposed to be there,
but we’re workin’ on it.
– Ah ha, love it.
That looks so cool.
– Go set it on the rock,
let it dry out a little.
– I don’t think that
was supposed to happen.
– It’s gonna be the
most unique hydro-dipped
fidget stick you’ve ever seen.
– Hey.
– You gettin’ all slimy up there?
Next up, what’s your color?
– It is called rainbow sorbet.
– I like that.
– That’s my own name.
– Oil?
– Yeah, yeah.
– Yeah.
Alright we’re gonna actually
let it sit 60 seconds this time
’cause I don’t think
we quite did last time.
– Oh boy.
It’s shrivelin’ up.
What is that?
– Alright, this is
something I’ve never seen,
and it’s under the water, so
we’re gonna see if this works,
if not, we’ll just do it again.
– Looks like it’s stuck to
the bottom of the bucket.
But that’s what you get
for letting me do it.
– Yeah, keep goin’.
– Goin’ in.
– You have to reach all
the way to the bottom.
– Get on there, colors.
– You fold it on top.
– There we go, baby.
– Is it even … oh, actually
that one side looks really–
– Oh, yeah, that’s gonna be good.
This is unique.
– This is a Dan specialty, I like it.
Yeah yeah, don’t show him the other side.
I mean this just looks too good.
– If you guys want this,
let us know in the comments.
Maybe we’ll give this one away,
’cause it’s the most unique
fidget stick you’ve ever seen.
Oh yeah.
That’s a thing of beauty.
– That looks so good.
It got up nicely right there
in the grooves, you can see.
– Eventually.
– They’re lookin’ pretty good.
I mean we’re gonna have to
peel off that part obviously.
– Here’s yours, Lincoln.
– What do ya think?
That face.
It’s still a little bit
wet, once it dries out
I think it’ll look better.
Let’s just flip it around a little bit.
That one’s still very wet.
– Still pretty wet too, okay.
– Wait another hour on that guy.
– Alright we’re gonna let
that dry for a second.
So in the mean time, enjoy
this mini music video.
(electronic dance music)
– Get ready.
– Lincoln you’re a Boosted board
pro cuz I’m definitely not.
This is like my second time
ever on a Boosted board.
And this is the number two, right?
Boosted board two?
– Yes, this is the brand new.
It’s only been used for like two miles.
– Oh man, I hope I don’t break it.
– Don’t break yourself.
Try to keep up with Lincoln.
– Alright.
Once you build up some
speed, it’s not so bad.
Except for Lincoln’s way
ahead of me, I gotta catch up.
I like the slow down, that’s super nice.
Pretty sure a dragonfly
just ran into my shoulder.
Op, slowing down, Lincoln stopped.
I’m tryin’!
Dude, that brakes are so nice.
Oh, you have tons of trails back here.
This is pretty sweet, dude.
How do you find places like this?
– Uh, I run on the trails a lot.
– It’s really chill, it’s
like you’re in another place.
See in Arizona we
definitely have mountains,
but they’re way closer to
the towns here in Utah.
I love that, it just looks so good.
We’re goin’ so fast, I
gotta catch up to Lincoln.
Dude, we were probably goin’ as fast as a
thousand mile per hour fidget spinner.
I literally have water like
tears comin’ down from the wind.
Woo, instead of walking
your dog across the street,
you just walk your Boosted board.
Goes all on its own, I like this.
Alright I think it’s
about time we go check on
those fidget sticks, I
hope they turned out good.
I will see you then.
(whip crack)
– Whoa, Lincoln, wanna check
out the fidget sticks now?
They might be done.
– Let’s do it.
– We haven’t checked ’em
out yet, so predictions?
Do you think it worked?
– No.
– No?
– It’s gonna look amazing, however it is.
– Yeah, I like the positivity
that’s what I like to see.
Let’s see it.
– Whoa, pretty.
– Not bad, it’s like I
said, it’s not perfect but–
– Yeah.
– You see what it does, it
really did well at stickin’.
– Hey, it looks good.
– And the shrivelness
went away a little bit.
Is shrivelness a word?
– Shrivelness?
– How about yours, Dan?
– Ah, look what … I picked it up.
– Oh, no!
– Ahhhhh.
– That’s okay, we normally do both sides.
– Let’s keep pulling it off.
– It’s comin’ off good.
– Okay, we need this side
to dry out a bit more.
It’s kind of sticky, I
don’t think it’s going
to fidget stick all that well.
– Okay.
– But that part, killer, right there.
Is all worth it just for that.
– Yeah, I like it, I like ’em both.
– Still works.
– Let’s have a competition.
– It’s hard to do it on this material.
– Yeah, this isn’t that flat at all.
– Yeah.
– One two three.
Come on.
– Lincoln got it to flip, right?
Yeah yours is still not dry, huh.
– Let’s just go inside.
– I don’t think I’m ready to
put this on my dining table.
It’s slimy and sticky.
– Man, we’re giving
hydro-dippin’ a bad wrap.
– I can break stuff, I
can’t fix and make stuff.
– Alright, Lincoln, the real test.
– This is the test.
– Let’s do it again.
Alright it seems like
it flips pretty normal.
– I am terrible at it.
– It just seems–
– Ah, that was so close!
You almost had it.
Yeah, it works pretty good.
We landed some tricks
over on your channel.
That was super fun.
– It was actually impressive.
I didn’t land any tricks, but these guys–
– He invented a cool one
that I had never seen.
– I almost did it.
– Yeah no, but the trick is cool,
I wanna know if you guys can do it.
– Let us know if we should do
something else with Stephen,
what it should be.
What should we do for our next video?
We’re on a quest to get
this guy to 100,000.
– One hundred K!
Make sure you go to
their channel right now.
There should be something on the screen,
I don’t know where it will fit yet.
– Like somewhere!
– We have a bunch of these
that are not hydro-dripped
that we don’t need as many as we have.
So if you guys want ’em.
– Should I give ’em away?
How many do we have?
We have like eight or ten?
– Yeah sure.
– He’s like four or five.
I think we have like eight to ten overall.
We’re givin’ ’em all away.
You get a fidget stick,
you get a fidget stick.
Awesome, well thank you so
much for watching this video,
I hope you enjoyed it.
And thank you to What’s Inside
for being a part of this,
that was so fun.
– Here comes my favorite
part, the Stephen song!
– As always, stay tuned, aka subscribe.
Until next time, see yaaaaa.
♪ Stephen ♪ x2 ♪
Where’s my fidget sticks?