in this episode hello my name is y and today we’re gonna do magic with Bitcoin but before we do that make sure to subscribe to my channel by clicking the red button below and turn on the both certifications because you don’t want to miss the next episode what’s your name’s Evan Issa and he saw about deena the only name I can first say what’s your name hello Paige hi my name is why what’s your name Serena what’s your name Donna and alia because do you know something about Bitcoin do you know something about Bitcoin what is it yeah so it’s like a currency right cryptocurrencies like a crisis if you don’t see it right but if you imagine it somewhere here you can just if you imagine you can it maybe see it watch you can go like this and you have Bitcoin Pauline oh you don’t know you can keep it it’s my VidCon you know how much is it Bitcoin is around $8,000 yes it’s real bit can you can check yeah yeah can I actually ask you just go like this okay and you have one look it’s my left and right am i right deena right can you actually grabbed me by the wrist okay and you grabbed me by the wrist okay watched don’t be dumb instead watch one two three [Music] one two three [Music] it’s weird right this Bitcoin can be in one hand and then can be in somebody other’s hand right 1 2 all right so it’s like weird because the Bitcoin is from one hand and then is some another scan right but then become cane can drop right sometimes like this sometimes is you go out like this you can try in be careful Vicki because if it’s going there I’m not gonna reach there yeah like this and then drop down but you don’t want to have it up in somebody’s skin if it’s up and the value is raising right you want to have your own different right yeah so you know we’re gonna try to do it can you hold the hand like this yeah and maybe the other one like that perfect we take the Bitcoin and watch the Bitcoin here what a cover maybe go up okay watch carefully watch the bit going to watch a bit watch one two three go but you don’t want it to go up when I have it you want it to go up when you have it right so let’s try this can you hold the hand like this and the other one just just to cover you know to cover but not yet or maybe open yeah like this if we take if we take like a Bitcoin right and go like this watch watch the coin okay watch the what’s the Bitcoin here okay watch watch weird rights going up putting can you hold the hand like this and maybe the other just to cover okay we take the Bitcoin maybe go like this okay I’ll maybe like that okay look carefully one two three jump on your hand oh son Oh actually can you grab this maybe maybe go like this and can we take another bit kind of game but I’m gonna show it’s gonna be weird if you take like a static electricity you know yeah you check this right yeah if you take the like a static electricity you know you can go like this and you can almost like make it like stuck with like a magnet but then it’s just an illusion because you always can go back right but if you go like this watch maybe I go a bit more go like that hey stuck and did you know it’s an illusion right it’s it’s not started right it’s kind of like look like stuck but you can check we can check yeah check it it’s like yeah yeah make sure it’s like I put a static electricity on this one and you go like this 1 2 3 then they stuck together you can actually you can separate maybe try and separate do your best to coins right [Music] one part one is here okay one is there right it’s really you can check and actually yeah idea teck teck teck teck but then you go like this watch you take this right yeah take this right oh sorry no no no I pick it up where’d you get it Lauren you take like this you vanish and then you take the other one right and you put it in your pocket let’s go back and now again go back and again oh no just kidding of course you can keep the Bitcoin not 3/8 mine no no I don’t know somehow you can keep you know put it in the pocket and then you know what maybe one and then come check out my Instagram where I post magic video every single day we have coins on me or something what what coin you have now more more coins more coin this coin like a small one you check what is it happy right so do you know something about Bitcoin what do you know about hit me like online coin right do you know how to make a Bitcoin it’s really easy actually what if you if you take a coin any coin the the lower the better you know because if it’s low then you don’t waste a lot if it won’t work you take the coin and you beat the con Armani’s bitcoin you can check it was bitten so it’s like bit coin you know we’re right it’s it’s solid and you don’t bite it because you mess up with it but it’s it can hold on like this no oh yeah perfect you go like that it’s become Bitcoin yeah Bitcoin now it’s bitten because I bit it you know find it and bit on but of course it’s like bitcoin you know it’s a virtual currency right I hope you enjoyed the video let me know what you think about cryptocurrencies in a comment do you think it’s good investment or maybe it’s too much risk make sure to subscribe to my channel by clicking the red button below the video and turn on the false notifications because that’s the only way you’re not gonna miss the next episode we’re gonna see each other next week in Saturday and as always stay magical Cable will form into something that’s very hard