– What’s good guys? Keaton here.
So I don’t know if you guys
saw this, but last week,
Apple and Colgate, you know,
the toothbrush company,
they paired up to make a smart toothbrush.
So this isn’t anything
like I’ve seen before.
It’s an artificial intelligence
powered toothbrush.
It can map your mouth, coach
you on brushing habits,
you could even play games.
And if there’s one thing you know about me
is I love to play games with my mouth.
It’s not a mouth based video game!
So I’m at my local mall right now.
We’re at the Americana.
Shout out if you guys actually
know where this mall is in L.A.
So we’re gonna head on in grab
the toothbrush and become a dentist.
Let’s go.
All right we’re in the
Apple store right now.
By these shelves if anyone asks I’m just a
Postmate face timing a customer.
All right the the teethbrush
have been spotted.
Gotta keep it on the low.
Kyle’s right next to me,
everyone’s looking at me.
They’re not kicking your boy out.
All right let’s grab this,
wow there’s only one!
There’s only one toothbrush.
Why do they call them toothbrushes
shouldn’t it be called teethbrushes.
Let’s checkout.
– This looks so interesting.
– I know it looks so interesting right.
You think there’s an Android app.
– This card there might be.
– Just because it’s Apple
exclusive like no way.
Thank you so much have a good one.
I can’t believe it we
pulled a film job off.
Got the smart toothbrush.
Here we go.
So we’re back at the studio.
You guys saw it in the
instastory that we actually
pulled off.
Mission accomplished, stealth mode
really worked we got the
toothbrush I’m really excited.
And we’re able to film
in there without getting
kicked out.
I didn’t have high hopes, I’ve been thrown
out of an Apple store before.
– And stay out!
– Here it is, here is the Colgate E1
and off first impressions
here the box it looks
like an Apple product.
Obviously it’s sold
only at the Apple stores
but it really resembles an Apple product.
Like an iPhone box.
– It looks just like me.
– You guys know Colgate
they have a ton of products
but it’s kinda looking
like the Supreme logo
a little bit I don’t really
know what they’re for.
Now this entire process was super easy.
They had one on the shelves I don’t know
if it was the last one in stock.
It reminds me though of that
time I had to sleep outside
an Apple store a week,
just to get the new iPhone.
You guys missed that video I’ll leave
a link right up there.
This was super simple
so let’s just kinda jump
on into this box.
On the side you you can kinda see the app.
The Apple barista was
showing me this inside
where it maps out your mouth
so you could play games.
Nothing like playing a game
in your mouth, am I right?
On the back see you can
download at the app store.
This is made by a brand called Kolibree
so the more you know.
Here’s some of the features
sonic vibrating technology,
– Bitch caught a body bout a week ago.
– Some AI, replacement
head inside, share your
results with your dentist.
My dentist is gonna love
to watch this video.
He’s actually subscribed
shout out to you doctor.
So let’s open this up.
Now what if I don’t like
this, can I return this.
Should we try, should we try it guys.
Like just try to return it
and be like nah it didn’t
really work.
Drop a like on this video
if you guys want that.
You never know I mean $100 bucks it might
be great, it might suck.
Okay so here is the toothbrush.
Wow feels really nice.
I mean I’ve got really
big hands, nice firm grip.
Let’s see what else we get.
Dude it’s literally just
like an Apple product.
Do you think we’ll get
Apple stickers though.
Colgate stickers that would be chilling.
We got our charging base nice and heavy.
And of course it’s got charge in there.
That’s the Apple way.
I bet when they were shipping this they’re
like Doc all our toothbrushes
are dead, I’m sorry.
And Tim Cook was like no
bro you gotta get these
things charged up ’cause
that is the Apple way.
That’s really awesome and the
E1 actually has a home button.
Hear it vibrating?
All right I’m excited
to put this in my mouth.
I really wish I didn’t say that.
Like I have stronger guts now.
All right so since the
E1 is a bluetooth brush.
That works there it actually works.
It comes with an app so the one
that I picked up at the Apple
store that costs me $99 bucks.
It only works with the iPhone.
Now the brand that makes
this Kolibree they actually
have one if you spend $30 more on.
So $130 bucks total there’s an android app
and obviously works on IOS.
So sorry Android peeps you’re
not getting any love here
I mean that’s the Apple way, always.
So I got the app all installed.
So what’s cool about this
is this brush can help
you with your brushing habits
and actually maps your mouth.
Uses AI, I’m just kinda
pumped to see what’s
good about it.
Name dentisto
I’m just noticing with the
charger it’s like a hot dog
in a hallway, so flimsy.
All right so let’s pair
this up to the app.
We got the R, searching, connecting.
Oh it found it pretty quickly.
Dentisto R. Sweet.
That was really easy to pair.
I didn’t even know the E1 could analyze
your brushing in real time.
We’re gonna try that out.
Remove the cap, apply
toothpaste to the brush head.
Press power button and start brushing.
Okay that’s pretty simple you
don’t have to ask me twice.
So I’m just gonna hit the power
button and start brushing.
It tells me to brush normally.
It’s not like my Sonicare one.
Feels like that covers my mouth better.
This bluetooth brush is amazing.
Try to get the back molars, the canines
and the golden retrievers.
What should we do dude I
don’t have anywhere to spit.
I just gotta swallow.
– [Male] Spitters are quitters.
– I know right dude spitters are quitters.
Two minutes I hit the spot, I was singing
the Happy Birthday song in my head.
I’m gonna go spit hold up.
Here are my results, it
tells you how long you
were brushing for and
the surface coverage.
I feel like I got a little
bit better than 73%.
Will have to work on that
though I’m not gonna fail.
I’m gonna get an A+ mom.
So it shows you how well
you covered your teeth.
You got like this map here
and obviously every time
you brush your teeth
it’s gonna show you this.
And you could kinda improve,
that’s actually pretty handy.
I’m digging this I’m might
throw my other toothbrush out
now or just donate it.
Everyone loves a good used toothbrush.
Meet the coach, I’ve got
a coach for my mouth.
Yes, the coach knows
all about secret tactics
to give you stronger, long term brushing.
That’s helpful.
Turn your toothbrush into a game console.
More games to come are you
gonna put Modern Warfare 2
on here or some Fortnite.
Let’s check out this
coach thing real quick.
Welcome to coach, so
when you brush the area
on the app it becomes
green to let you know
you’re actually brushing right.
Let’s try that out.
You don’t brush the area
it’ll turn red got it.
Let’s try this out.
Okay am I brushing right?
Now I’m brushing right
I’m getting the upper
left portion of my mouth.
I’m going to sneak over to the right
side to see if it notices.
It noticed you.
All right coach time out
let’s go play a game now.
Washiteeth where the rabbits
enjoy a silly fun run
to become the champion
with the healthiest teeth.
What is this game?
Level one put toothpaste on brush.
Hold up don’t start the race without me.
I gotta brush where it’s
showing, so upper right.
Run I feel like I might try
to help it to run faster.
So run faster, you’re not gonna make it.
Big mistake kid, all
right now I’m hauling.
Now we’re hauling, oh yeah Usain Bolt.
Here we go, here we go Usain teeth.
Are we almost done, geez dude it’s like my
6th time brushing my teeth.
Oh wow.
So I took 1st place, is
there really achievements?
Am I unlocking achievement right now?
Wow I though I could brush again.
No,no, no it stopping yeah.
Whoops brushing more
than three times a day
can cause damage to the gums.
See ya tomorrow.
Okay so that’s gonna do it for this video.
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And I’ll see you guys later.