so get a fellow youtubers or people who
like coins or banknotes this is glam back of another video and I
have some more coins and banknotes at our pictures uh have a look at these
beautiful stamps World Refugee year for cents so what no pro-v fifties nineteen
fifty stamp 1957-58 free since 1962 for since then well inflation is really
taking its toll and here we have a count one Henry James three ounce 2016 doesn’t
have a price on it and here we have your stream ones fifty five cents so it’s
2009 and it’s another 2009 35 cent okay early yeah stamp ena
pre-decimal in here we have a thirty five cents so that would probably mmm
probably nineteen eighties early nineties so as you can see this thing
it’s not worth collecting people who sell coins and banknotes they just use
these all the time so I’ve gotten old stamps from Germany Sweden Estonia even
I did not as old as this in a lot of other countries because stamp collecting
has just died and here’s another one from oh sorry Neosho my dress from Czech
Republic South Africa don’t know then I have to have to look that up anyway so
let’s have a look and see what I have oh no that was Serbia so RBS republic
serbia let’s see what we have from Libya this should actually be the you just saw
sip that I got could be could be the Montenegro banknotes remember it come in
I presume that’s in serbo-croatian no bad no idea what it says obviously it’s
for a credit card or whatever and say when you get this all this junk it’s
actually quite good to actually take your banknotes in so do I have anything
oh yeah Montenegro 1914 let’s just take that off
ten pepper and I think this is from the second issue so let’s just turn around
so I can ten pepper as you can see it has the coat of arms this seems to be
with their printing survey more they’re probably achieve the type of issue and
in 1914 actually Montenegro actually issued two different types of banknotes
so I’m gonna show them both together so that’s nice didn’t actually cost that
much as far as I know let’s see what we have oops like I’m again it is video to
cross a boy a dress that’s anyone Beck nuttiness what is it Oh an old
Australian $5 banknote so these ones are used up into 1992 it’s a 99 you one for
Fraser and Cole you know this is my favorite
paperweight note from Australia I remember actually using these still I
used to buy Don the kebabs which are Turkish kebabs for around 450 at this
time in early 90s we farm why Iranian and Italian friends awesome so I like
that banknote very much and this everyone
I’ve brought a few items off this guy he usually only sends two items at a time
and this should actually beat the last I actually get from me it’s a return it
first but this one doesn’t have any so if you get some items from overseas in
Australia by eBay you’ve already paid GST I’ve heard that um I just read the
eBay forums and someone had together post office and pay GST all you need to
do is just take a receipt take a receipt or from eBay so just print it off or
something just show that you’ve actually paid the GST and then clip your items
there should be no argument really just why should you have AJ stick twice
oh the last one I got he’s an Afghan to Afghan ease so this is 1961 as you can
see has – and on the back he just has an ego I think that might have been the
coat of arms at the time it’s got 1340 on it so that’s I’m trying to get I need
the 5f get nice for that then the surprise in fact is that 1961 they fully
one and two they didn’t issue anymore one and two up into 1978 even now where
they were public since 1973 in the Canadian 5 scene 1922 this one should be
pretty high we very very fine grade I’ll actually
put them because I see how many diamonds I could see new crown so that’s a new
update actually quite like these PD I didn’t get some more and have an awesome
banknote collecting time people thank you very much for watching give this
video a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel because well we can learn things