Hi everybody from Coach Dom just a quick
eBay tip as you know I do to storage locker auctions occasionally well quite
a bit during the offseason but I do find different foreign currencies and I stack
those dollars up and I save them and I try to bring them to a regular
moneychanger like at the airport if I go there and often they just see me coming
with my bag full of money a clear bag and they just start shaking their head
like nah now that money is too old well there’s a little tip and trick that I’ve
done to sell my money and here it comes the Canadian money with this haul I
simply put it together I make a nice picture of it number of pictures showing
both sides all my coins all the denominations same with the paper money
and I simply put it on eBay as a lot of Canadian money and this batch here sold
for 36 bucks at most just going straight conversion if this money was still good
they said it was 23 dollars so I made a little extra the people pay the postage
and that’s it it’s that simple so I stack this money and Canadian money
is kind of pretty money but I stack it all up save it and that’s how we let it
roll hey don’t forget like share subscribe comment I love everybody’s
thoughts and ideas when they see me in the streets they ask me about this stuff
if I can make a dime doing this stuff you can too there’s a subscribe
somewhere around here and there’s some other videos around the corners thanks
so much and get out there and go hunt and stack up those old bills and get
them sold on eBay you can do this see ya!!!