If you lost money in the stock market, please watch this. // Lost money in stocks Lost money trading welcome to looking at the markets with
David Moadel today I want to discuss a very serious topic if you’re watching
this video then maybe you’ve blown up your account maybe you’ve lost a hundred
percent of your trading account or seventy-five percent or fifty percent if
you’ve lost a large amount of money and perhaps you’re feeling depressed right
now or scared or angry or whatever you’re feeling I understand all right
I’ve been through it I know what it’s like to be scared about your finances
and about your your situation that you’re in right now the first thing I
want you to understand is that whatever it is you’re feeling right now it’s not
going to last forever you’re not going to feel like this
forever it might feel like it’s going to happen or it might feel like it’s going
to last forever but it’s not believe me you will get through this you’ll get past it whatever you’re going
through whatever your situation is there are other people out there who’ve been
in the same situation or worse and they got through it they managed to overcome it and you can
do it too alright you can rebuild you can rebuild
your finances you can rebuild your life the situation right now is not permanent
it’s not forever so please don’t do anything drastic I I don’t want you to do anything
destructive or or don’t do any revenge trading my revenge trading I mean taking
on more and more risk in order to try to get that money back from the market
quickly please don’t do that because it’s that type of thinking and that type
of action that probably got you into this situation in the first place in
fact the reason if you blew up your account or if you lost a lot of your
money it’s probably because you took on too much risk and you probably did not
abide by the small position sizing rule that’s rule number one for me which is
don’t put a lot of money into anyone trade all right in fact I would say put
five percent or less of your account of your trading account into any single
trade in fact less than five percent is even better one or two or three percent
is even better ok if you stick to that rule then you’re
much less likely to lose a large amount of money if you only put small amounts into every
trade all right maybe you lost all that money in one trade or maybe was over
five trades or 10 trades or whatever but you you probably took on too much risk
you probably put too much money into one trade maybe you were in the denial phase
you know maybe you put too much money into a trade and it started going
against you you saw your account size getting smaller and smaller and going
down and down and down and it may be were ended in denial where you just said
well it this trade it’ll turn around okay I’m just gonna stay in there and
it’ll turn around and and it probably did not turn around ok and and then you had to accept a
bigger and bigger loss maybe through more money at the trade to try to fix
that and maybe you put more money into a losing trade which I don’t recommend in
most cases alright and again you are not a you’re not abiding
by the small position sizing rule in in all likelihood ok and so I want you to
learn from this experience I want you to from now on if you decide to get back
into the markets I want you to put in small amounts of money every time you
trade all right that way you won’t be as likely to do
emotional trading because it’ll be small amounts and so you won’t feel the so
much fear you won’t feel the emotions as much because it’ll be a smaller amounts ok maybe you need to step away from
trading for a while or just paper trade for a while that’s okay you can come
back to two real trading with real money later on if you want to but you don’t
have to you can walk away for good from trading and that’s fine too but wherever
whatever you do learn from the experience don’t do anything drastic and understand
that whatever you’re feeling right now it’s not permanent this situation is not permanent if
you’re feeling fear or depression or anger you want to blame the markets you
need to get out of that and and you will get out of it you’ll
you’ll get back to your happy normal self ok believe me you’ll get through this
it’s not forever alright so I i hope that this will
motivate you i hope it will help you get back on track with your finances and
with your life alright it’s gonna get better believe me
this video will be here for you whenever you need to watch it it’ll be here i’ll
be here I’m not going anywhere if you want to
contact me in the description of the video on youtube you can see my email
address there and you can you can contact me alright and we can talk about if you
need to but don’t do anything crazy it’s going to be fine alright so i hope
this video helps you i hope it you know motivates you and keeps you keep you on
track it’s gonna be alright alright so thank
you so much for listening to this and i’ll talk to you soon