I welcome you to the channel. In this video review, we’ll look at a new investment and fund-raising model IMO. Before to the IMO model, various projects raised funds by conducting ICO and IEO. Earlier, a popular form of fundraising was ICO. Projects were analyzed through the project website. After the end of the ICO, tokens were listed on exchanges. Such projects were financed mainly by investors. The emergence of a large number of fraudulent projects has led to a loss of investor interest in ICOs. The ICO was replaced by IEO or the public exchange of tokens. In IEO, the exchange itself evaluates the project and listing the tokens. In IEO, the exchange checks investors and project developers. Various projects require a certain amount of time to raise funds, release a finished product and listing tokens. At the same time, investors may lose part of the invested funds due to a delay in the development of the project or bad news. But IEO’s popularity began to decline, and IMO replaced it. IMO exchange is a new crypto fundraising method. The main goal of IMO is to enable projects to raise more funds, and investors to get more profit. Unlike ICO and IEO IMO offers a model that can be used by short-term investors. In IMO, token sales are divided into many stages. In IMO, sales can take long time. Private placements can take from three months to 1 year or more. Projects receive development funds through private placement. With the development of the project, investors can make decisions on investing in the project or out of it. On the IMO platform, all projects will be carefully selected. Periodic investments reduce the risks of investors, provide continuous financing of projects whose development brings investors profit. IMO is a wallet and exchange. The wallet can be installed on mobile devices with the Android operating system or on the iPhone. With a wallet, you can buy project tokens and store them. The exchange allows you to buy and sell tokens. If you want to sell tokens you can do it on the exchange. The token price during the IMO is not a market price. This is the price of the token indicated in the project. The IMO platform use own IMO token. With the help of the IMO token, projects can receive continuous investments through continuous limited private placement. The IMO token allows investors to invest in various projects. This was a brief overview of the IMO platform. You can get more detailed information on the website, in whitepaper, as well as from other official sources, the links to which I will leave under the video description. Subscribe to the channel. Thanks for attention.