I’m gonna give you seven tips to improve in Arema. Let’s check them out! Hi guys, welcome back to my channel! In this 15th episode of Aragon Always Assists, we will be talking about how to improve in Arena. I’m sure this is something many of you feel strongly about but before we begin, do like this video and do subscribe to my channel. Your support means so much to me! 🙂 We are gonna have a special guest today for Aragon Always Assist and that is Yeonhee! The first tip is the most basic and that is to set your attack and defensive leader right. This is one very important factor that is most commonly overlooked. Many people think that the defensive leader should be on the front line to get boosted defense with the attack leader in the backline. Or that the defense leader should have the highest defense and attack leaders should have the highest attack. Well, that is only sometimes coincidentally valid. The more correct way of planning this, is that your defense leader should be the hero with lowest speed. Why? Because the speed of the defensive is not taken into account at all. So to optimize and maximize your team’s total possible speed, choose the hero you want to exclude and logically it should be the one with the lowest speed. Am I right? and it doesn’t matter which position he or she is in at all. So any hero you built with full Lethal or full Crit would most probably be your defense leader. The attack leader, on the other hand, is the tricky one and will require some thought. Your attack leader should be the one with the highest speed on your team. This is especially important if you do not have max dragon weapons. In Arena, whichever attack leader has the highest speed will do speed attacks first. If there is a speed tie, then you will go first by default. So you want to have the highest possible chance to be able to land the first one or two speed attacks. So following that the second thing in relation you need to take note is by putting the hero as an attack leader to cast the first one or two speed attacks, you are essentially also letting his/her awakening guage charge up first. So this will play into your team strategy. For example if you use Rin as the attack leader. There is a chance that she will charge up her awakening gauge much sooner. Is this is something that you want? Or would you prefer to use her awakened skill much later in the match? These are things you need to consider when choosing your attack leeader. The third thing to consider is you don’t want a hero with Willful ring or turn-based immunity to be the attack leader. Why? Because if your hero goes first upon entering the battle, your hero will perform his or her speed attack and when that happens, one turn is deducted immediately. Which means a 4-turn immunity will become 3 the moment your hero does his or her speed attack. And that is very bad because a 3-turn immunity is very very easily removed. Finally the 4th thing to consider is that you will when you attack leaders to be those with unique skills related to basic attacks or have unique basic attacks. For heroes with 3rd attack triggers like Yeonhee, Kyle and Teo, This is especially important because you want them to deal the 1 to 2 speed attacks right from the beginning Heroes like Yeonhee and Kyrielle who can hit two targets with basic attack should also be leaders to spread as much damage or debuff as possible as they can. So for tank teams. Does this all matter? Well…Not so much. But it would still be strategic to exclude the hero with the lowest speed. The second tip is still about speed but through hero building. We were talking about how to make sure your team has the highest possible speed total. But how do you even get a good speed for a single hero? 3 things to remember here: No.1: Awakened +10 dragon items. No.2: 6* 4 Lord speed jewel No. 3: Fully leveled basic trait for attack. (Actually i think Level 15 should be sufficient) I’ve already covered how to obtain dragon items and how to transcend them in the video above so do check that out to get a more detailed explanation. Briefly speaking. It still boils down to completing Raid in Smart Mode, because without Raid currency, you will not be able to buy the best Raid items, which can in-turn be exchanged for Dragon items. And without a good speed total, you will find it very hard and tedious to progress in Arena, because you will face teams which are faster and you and will MOST OF THE TIME put you at a disadvantage. Unless you are running tank team, which is a special case all together. The second factor to boost the speed of hero is via the 4 Lord speed jewel. There are a few ways you can get this: You can try to synthesize them, farm for them in world 9 with poor rates, or wait for events and selectors.
(I FORGOT TO INCLUDE GACHA OF SPECIAL JEWELS!!!) You need a minimum of four speed jewels for your Arena team, for the four heroes whose speeds are taken into account. and the jewels have to be minimally at 6* in order to get the maximum amount of speed increase at +3. And don’t forget your basic trait under limit break! The attack stat once fully leveled (or was it at LEVEL 15?) gives you +1 speed stat. So don’t ever forget to do your basic trait upgrading. With all these you should be able to get a hero with 97 speed, which is the highest amount of speed possible for any single hero right now. Oh, yes your speed masteries! Remember to always increase your speed by 10 at the level 30 mastery and decrease your opponent’s speed by 10 at the level 85 mastery. The third tip is to not follow top players entirely. So I know this suggestion may seem ridiculous to you guys because there shouldn’t be anything wrong at all following top players. So yes, you can actually follow top players in terms of team composition and work towards what they actually use. But in your situation with what you currently have, do you think you’re able to replicate the success they have with their team? The items that top players use, be it weapons, jewels or accessories are all maxed out and can have very game-changing effects on heroes. And for progressing players, these are not easy to come by. A Mercure who has a maxed out Isabella’s Evil Eye. A Yeonhee with a maxed out Gelidus’ Grudge. These are all ideals. If you do not have these at max, are there more suitable options you can try? Do you have better accessories or other CC accessories or jewels you can equip on? My point ultimately is: Do not copy blindly! This links back to the first tip about the attack and defense leader. Top players may choose a high speed hero as a defense leader, but that is because all of their heroes have maximum speed already So it doesn’t affect them at all! But if you were to simply follow what attack and defense leaders they use, you may end up choosing a hero with a higher speed on your team as the defense leader, thereby sacrificing speed and that’s not gonna work out at all for you Another example is their top tier players may opt for no debuff immunity hero like Amelia in their teams But would that work for you in your Arena tier? Do you have maxed out resistance traits, debuff resistant jewels, formation buffs, 6* special pets to actually help you achieve a high level of debuff resistance? If not, then would you consider having Amelia as temporary unit while you are progressing? These are things you have to look at and think about above and beyond the hero composition level The fourth tip is kind of linked to the third whereby you need to test teams and heroes which you have, to see what best works in your Arena tier. What happens in Legend and Grand may not be the same as what happens in Crystal. As I mentioned Amelia earlier. Amelia may be useless in the higher tiers but she can be a very very good hero, if you’re just starting a crime in your arena because of the sheer number of debuff Immunities she provides. There may be many Teos and Silvestas running about in lower tier Arenas, but not in highter tier Arenas. So to progress you need to find the right counters for these heroes to make your life easier. Simply put, you have to deal with the opposing heroes you face at your tier! I do understand that many players at the lower tiers are trying to follow and are using the same heroes used as the higher tiers However, the difference lies in the weapons here. So you need to think about test how you can have an advantage over those enemies that have less ideal equipments and builds. Because once you know what to work on then you can climb in arena easily. The fifth tip is always to have a stash of Topaz on you because of the ever-changing special traits to suit the meta. I don’t think I need to emphasize how deadly CCs and debuffs are, and assuming your traits are maxed, all you need is topaz to change them whenever the need arises We have seen so many debuffs coming in and out of the meta. There was paralyze and then burn and then electrify and then sleep and then stun and bleed and now paralyze is back again. All these in just a matter of 6 months. Death CC is also a CC that sneaks back into arena without anyone realizing So you need to be wary of all these changes and to react fast enough, you definitely need a lot of topaz on your hand so that you can change traits just like that. The sixth tip is actually to stay ahead of the meta and prepare for it. As you know mythical awakening units are on their way, but we have no idea of how they will turn out So in this case start preparing items for them, such as good HP armor, making sure you have ample speed weapons, understanding type of weapons that they will use, you also need to store away Finas for them so that you will be able to unlock all their special traits from the get-go and And also to have lots and lots of gold to awaken (those heroes) and unlock exclusive items.
(SHADOW ORES ARE NO LONGER NEEDED!) The seventh tip is also one of the most basic and important and that is to understand your heroes and read their skills! I know some players who do not read their hero’s skills at all and have no clue what agility and exploit vulnerability is all about. If you do not know how a hero functions or even synergizes with others, then you may end up making wrong choices for jewels and traits, etc. And it is ok, if you read but don’t Understand and you clarify your doubts, but it is not Ok If you choose to ignore as presented to you and run things your own way or simply just copy blindly. Doing anything without understanding why and why not isn’t really gonna get you far in the game and in life. So I actually have 3 more points for you to think about. The first thing is whether to use rubies to climb Arena. Technically you are using rubies to earn more rubies But is this worth it? I would say if you have a pretty good win rate, you can and you should consider doing this to get yourself to the next closest rank for example from 4000 to Masters at 4300 or 4500 to Grand at 4700. The second thing is about RNG. This is something we just can’t fault anyone but our own luck, and maybe Netmarble’s coding but RNG plays a huge role in determining your hero skill use or enemy attacks in auto mode and this is something we really cannot control. So, I would advise you not to get too mad at energy because everyone will face it and really just take a break when you need to. The final final thing is about ever-shifting meta. This is especially when old units return to the meta and you may not have him or her even built properly to be used. Do you remember the time when Atalanta came back when Awakened Rin was released? It is definitely gonna be challenging to actually hardcore follow a meta team So my advice for moments like these would be to stick with the team you have prepared for, which you have the most resources already invested in. Think carefully if you want to spend your resources on returning units just to maintain your weekly PvP position. Or hold off any upgrading and prepare for an actual new hero, new awakening or new remake. So this is the end of my Arena tips on Aragon Always Assists! I hope it has given you some new things to reflect on and think about. Many new players especially returning players come back for Arena, but progress is tough and they end up quitting. So I hope this won’t happen to you and hopefully you can progress based on the advice given here Remember to Like and subscribe to my channel and I’ll see you very soon. Thank you!