hello people exclaim from gumardee coins
and banknotes and today I’m just gonna look at the Indian one rupee Bank not
now I have to seriously I have the bluish purple series and the current
green series now in valuation compared to the Australian dollar this is as an
exchange rate of about two cents but the Government of India has decided to
reissue this banknote after they stopped issuing them in 1994 they restarted in
2015 so that’s a bit 21 years and the reason why is well something to do with
a lack of coin each other when rupees but I’ve read on our forums and websites
that I don’t to be confusing sometimes I say it is not much coin each and at the
current time there for minting in the air produced too much coinage they have
like two and a half milk billion coins in surplus so did any mint in a limited
range but yeah that’s for another video so here we have the purple banknote this
one was issued between 1966 and 1980 and in 1981 they actually issued this
banknote but in the purple coloration and currently it’s green so what I would
like to know for people in India is a why actually no does this banknote
actually circulate because it’s such a low value I personally think it would
not maybe with the poorer people days and like 50 rupees a day it would
circulate but for those middle the high encounter probably would
not okay the Government of India issued one rupee
banknotes since 1917 and as you can see here he has the coin that was currently
in circulation so since 1917 audience one rupee banknotes showing the current
one rupee coin it’s in circulation and we have Government of India and we have
it in Hindi and one ripping or so in an Indian different carriage script and
here the letter A is the flight number you watermark for this one is just the
ahsoka line which is it was ahsoka was a king of the mauryan empire iran time
probably the week before Alexander the Great we have the signature of the
secretary Ministry of Finance these are pretty small banknotes as you can see so
here we have the reverse image of the one rupee coin and fun fact is that do I
know one rupee coins issued in 1968 and we have a one rupee again in doing our
script oops I like that it doesn’t matter it’s
banknotes pretty crap anyway okay and we have our different scripts from the
different languages of India see has lots of that soiling in it has two
stable holes which are banknotes at the time usually had Saudi current one rupee
I won’t get ink on this one his time has he Soaker lines as well so it’s pretty
much the same he has the current one rupee bank note that our coin I mean
he has a rupee symbol up here it’s no security Fred probably has know you very
well such a lot value and on the back it has
the cigar some some not that that’s a drilling ship there in sating this is
the front this is the back this ship actually drill for oil and it’s in
Bombay high which is an largest oil field in territorial or economic
territory of India in this one is 2016 has a dome in me Mac which is the Mumbai
mint don’t know why that actually need to have such a life where you beg know
considering the NYX horse is D 10 rupees after they withdrew the five rupee
banknotes that was 2011 can’t remember who else is you know thank you for
watching my video and I have an awesome coin a banknote collecting time