sooo hello fellow banknote and coin
collectors how you going today and today I have my Indian banknote collection I
have the I have done this one into Ruby so I’m really worried about going into
it so here is your bomb this was issued up until 1994 and it has
various designs generally this is actually the reverse of the one rupee
coin it’s in circulation and this one has the date on the back so it has the
actual episode repeats it is 1968 the one in 1994’s be different
he has oil derrick in the middle instead of various languages of India instead of
problem other ones probably I do and not too short
there’ll be good dirty malayalam what is Tamil and various other languages that
are spoken in in India so basically the Indian states are divided based on
linguistics for the main part here we have the year capital DSO column which
is poor loyal so we’ve till idea one two and a third
here and behind this one is actually a for flying because it’s of has four
lines around it there’s a I forget that’s a thing is a Dharma will remember
something to do with all the spokes represent different aspects of humans
human behavior and here is the current one this is worth about two Australian
cents for one rupee and then actually issue this one they’ve been issuing this
since 2015 but because I can’t produce enough coins so the coin is in the use
that so here’s some 50 peso I’m not too sure if that actually circulates there’s
one two five and ten rupee and on this side this is the actual the
same image that was used in the previous ones issued before 94 in this color this
a purplish blue color so this one is green and as you can see this one’s
pretty much the same as you can see has the modern repeat coin on it so then we
began this issue I don’t have the only modern bet no no this is 2000 rupees
this is worth about 40 Australian dollars and yeah I really don’t want
this one the color is okay but I just the design just just don’t like it so I
do like that they actually put something a satellite which India has launched
which is pretty good and then they’ve got Gandhi’s go asses they wonder why so
and in this issue they actually have issued the 10 50 100 200 and 500 rupee
banknotes so they haven’t reissued a 1000 rupees which I’m not too sure why
they haven’t they should have actually read that back in 9 2016 when um the 500
1000 rupees was demonetized so here I have the 5 to 500 rupees and this is the
Gandhi issue it was first issued in 1996 and at first
they didn’t have the dates on them if we look at the back no not that one
maybe you know one so there’s a – 10 rupees and thing you’ll know new
banknotes up here they have a letter so your son’s a bean B and I presume that
these the not sure why they actually put them there might be a plate number might
not be or batch number so here we have the date so this is a 2016 son
it’s not later so that’s basically since 2005 I believe it might be 2009 they
actually issued the dates on the banknotes so only five we have a tractor
this one looks quite nice I mean they don’t actually issue D 5 rupees anymore
they’ve changed it over to a coin and most most of its in Hindi refer the text
in the background actually quite like it’s bank now it’s actually quite good
if the vaca d5 Pakistani 5 rupees I quite like it blue one reads as well so
that’s another good bank note so these two bank notes actually came from the
same currency the currency of British India which was used up until 1948 we
know biggest Danish you do own banknotes and well they’re just tied with
different currencies now as well as the Pakistani taka the Indian rupee Malone
Maldives Rufio and the Nepalese rupee the Bhutanese in the gold trim is
actually tied to the Indian rupee at one to one so the next highest peak no one
is the ten rupee and this banknote has been replaced by the new or banknote
which is a colour is in 2017 which is a branch color so this longer son looks
tired of telecom looks like brownish orange color
yes Mahatma Gandhi you know Hindi and English so do the national languages of
India English and Hindi you know original languages like each state can
actually have a original language which they use and I like the serial numbers
if that four is a one that will be thank night anyway instead seven was a
six so that’s ever near was over six or seven that will be awesome Bank neck but
pity just really got it and then we have the Reserve Bank of India logo which is
a this is a tighter looks like it might be India also has her Indian Alliance
Asiatic lions so here’s a tyre elephant and a one-horned rhino which
are most common animal was the Asian elephant these two actually a bit rare
because of poaching and land habitat loss and Mahatma Gandhi so water Mike as
well as a tin there’s a security freak so that’s quite nice I would say Union
Bank that’s not really my favorite they’re not too bad well in this area of
the world more dives actually has the best banknotes then the second highest
the second lowest now is the twenty rupees currently this one has not been
replaced by the new series it should actually be replaced soon because all
the ever banknotes actually been replaced the 50
100 s and five hundred rupees and Gandhi she I promise to pay the bearer there’s
over 20 rupees and oh that’s nearly a good one damn wish I actually had a good
serial number and on the back we have palm trees you know the probably not
coconut pants there’s many other different species of carp and
rear-ending and this will be a coastline range in the air somewhere most likely
then in the self so in the Davidians speaking part of him
and you should actually find this very rarely okay then we have 250 rupees so
I’ve to you here so these ones are all pretty much circulated these are
probably not the grades you should actually get because Indian banknotes
quite easy to get and what this is an L and also you can get banknotes with a
plate number as well up the top guaranteed by the central government
actually they don’t guarantee squat in here we have the Parliament of India so
that’s in New Delhi to a circle and it was also on the 2 rupees calling at the
pass but no longer now and this one was replaced by a banknote inner 2018 so
this year as well as the 100 rupees is replaced by banknote and yeah it’s well
that colors do change on this side on this side pretty it looks to be it’s bit
hard to tell what color is was specially this one looks like a combination of
both the ten rupees but the newer ones are more color segregated so for a time
this was the heart oh hi second-highest banknote apart from the
two thousand rupees between being November to December 2016 because they
didn’t monetize you 500 1000 rupees but we’ll get to that in a minute
so all this size is pretty much the same oh my god knee issue and the same with
the new ones the front side is just a Mahatma Gandhi as well and on the back
we have a mountain range in this mountain range e-mount
king cachinga jeonga and it’s in the
Himalayas but up where the Himalayas either actually don’t speak Hindi so I’m
not too sure what language that is okay I have looked it up
Karen king donger is a Tibetan name in the language mountain and then it’s in
between Nepal and Sikkim which is a state in India which used to be
independent to 1975 I believe and it’s actually the third highest mountain in
the world and it’s in Himalayas in suka means it’s dumb change dog Inga and it
means the five treasures of the high snow Tibetan is actually minor language
in Sikkim NT Nepal mmm the predominant language in both of those territories is
a Nepalese yeah so that’s a nice scene of a mountain and well I have a 500
rupees I’ve been trying to get a 1000 rupees but they’ve been a bit expensive
because I’ve been demonetized so I actually don’t want to pay forty fifty
dollars for a thousand rupees which has no real value and it’s a pretty pretty
much forty fifty dollars is too much for so these ones with demonetized in
November 2016 overnight they were demonetized and I
was to combat the black market you know various people have different opinions
on it where for me considering most of the 500 1000 rupee banknotes actually
really deposited in the banks so it’s legitimate money actually didn’t work
but it did cause a lot of economic problems in India in that
if we’re nation to fares and rubies they actually well have problems you couldn’t
actually use it unlesss or something closer to thousand rupees because the
highest denomination was one hundred and as far as I can understand the Reserve
Bank of India then actually print enough excess paint notes of 100 rupees to
cover the shortfall in change so that’s probably been fixed up by now and
generally take them withdrawing these banknotes for four reasons generally
doesn’t work ever countries do to monetize their currency but generally
over a few years or maybe a certain time period like the UK has a one-year period
which over towards the all banknotes and it demonetized them but that’s a
one-year period and it doesn’t disrupt the economy really and that’s mainly for
anti counterfeiting reasons because the old banknotes become a lot easier to
counterfeit with more modern technology and someone who’s written fifty thousand
rupees on here might have had a bundle or whatever and this is plate number oh man that’s not good and on the back we
have much of Tandy candy in his followers in front of the presidential
palace so I have to actually look up that so maybe that was so much for
independence of India cuz he did have a cape for independence of India but
through peaceful means which is different from Nelson Mandela he
advocated um majority rule but the rule out violence but suppose it depends on
the government you’re actually calm bedding
and here we have the security thread so this one’s probably a lot easier to
counterfeit but these ones were not withdrawn because the counterfeiting
that we’ve drawn to to take out the in illegal or you know non-text gains and
people bought certain people in India actually and from the cash economy and
probably the forced people died from bank accounts as well anyway that’s just
my take if you have a different comment and you’re from India please enlighten
me those are differences in people’s
opinion is really important and it actually progresses our society so don’t
be angry just like try and correct me before I say I’ll take your corrections
on board and maybe I’ll make another video to correct myself anyway so I do
have an older banknote this one I got off a friend this is an older Indian
rupee that was used up until 96 so from 1976 to 96 and it’s cool
Tim Lupe’s so have your soca column here promise pay tiberias on of 10 rupees
it’s guaranteed by the central government well this is not guaranteed
by the central government so generally generally I wouldn’t actually trust the
current people in power yes he’s so collinear in on the back he has a house
so let me look up and see what it is ah so I just looked it up and this one
was actually issued from 1992 to renovate 96 and before 92 they actually
had two different 10 rupees which bar and pick up and like a fresco pretty
much in the Islamic style actually looks a lot more attractive things once I’m
too sure what actually changed it and this was supposed to be there
some lima bug family my gardens in Srinagar which is in Kashmir and it’s a
summer residence of the great mobile Jonica great mogul Janica so most likely
the royal residence that was inhabited by the ruler during the british india
period no actually no Kashmir is divided between Pakistan India but before 1948
was actually a princely state within India and has I can’t actually see that
what is it looks like of the Asoka column with Dharma wheels no shoka
Sokka Sokka or sugar and here we have the signatures so this is the first
issued has um it’s been key to believe that is that signature there but I’m not
too sure that that’s so that signature is actually in English and that one
design in Hindi so most likely is that it’s the same signature but just one in
India money English we just feel I’ve never actually
seen that before very very interesting and with this is a
usually a plate number does this one have one
it doesn’t look like it does the plate numbers Gimli up here no not all these
type of ain’t nice actually have it very prominent and you can actually like a
confuse fit so anyway those are my faint notes from India alright say thank you
very much for watching and hopefully I’ll be able to find out what banknotes
are good to collect in India well I’m talking about errors because serial
numbers they’re just the same as any other currency so have a awesome Bank my
collecting time people and thank you for watching bye bye