so I like the locals like this how
you’re going and today I have some new watching let’s have a look at them if
you’re new to my channel my name is Glen okay look at some coins from Asia what
is popularly called as yeah and these are actually coins are actually issued
over various time period so we have old coins and we have new clean and we have
different types of coins that the oddest one actually got at least I’m not was
this coin here say looks like a bull and horsemen coin yeah I’m just on the app
on my phone just to check out what I’ve actually got I can actually see this
coin let’s have a look at the other side oh here we go
yes now I can tell what this coin actually is this is a say they actually
mark it I’ll actually confirm see if it’s actually correct I seemed in Punjab
Zhu Tao that’s what it’s actually marked at I think that description is actually fairly descriptive it might be one of
the main tea empires that actually ruled around the Punjabi era and as you can
see this is most likely a bull and horsemen coin I’m sorry upside down so
here we have the actual ball you have an inscription at the top so the Bulls head
is here this is the hump on the back and here’s a tail looser you meet you near
and I actually like to get fooled on a horse one coins actually quite nice
they’re one of my favorite collecting coins so that’s a new coin for me so
that is awesome to actually get if okay the next coin I’ll go for the smallest
ones first so here we have a deli Sultan to Alicia
okay and need to confirm that inset Mohammad Shah so tallit Shah so shows up
this off and Iran Assad should be actually in the inscription but he
either doesn’t show and here’s a another inscription on the back I think this is
Muhammad dad but I need to actually go through that here’s another one at the
same raw picture you can see them like the inscription but Derek coin is
actually quite small and this one’s actually been cleaned but they have
bullion coins so they do have some silver content and they actually quite
coins I actually have quite a few of them
so next coin I got is another Delhi Sultan’s of leaked show to the shark is
actually in the center and description on the other side I just forget what has
actually breeds actually no I’ll write it down my my
Arabic inscriptions my food and here’s another one pretty much the same and
these it cost about five dollars each so you can pick those up for five dollars
these points here not really that expensive but a good thing to actually
get there probably more expensive outside of you need in there in the
other I don’t know so another corner but is this is classes
for week show Delhi Sultan but employer Scott Mohammed on the top
there’s a date eight to eight eight to eight public corresponds to one of the
Sultan’s but this one I’ve never seen before so I’m not too sure yeah I’ll
need to confirm what this coin is and looks like it might be like a Gani or Oh
Connie the class is a detail but this one I need to confirm you know what a Oh
please leave a comment down below and then I have some larger points so these
are rupee coins so here we have one from Jodhpur state one rupee
this is in the name of one of the Mughal one ox
yeah there’s a description on who it is no shot alarms or someone like that and
with the date on it they’d to free so you ever 23 then yeah but we don’t
actually have any other day neither like a ferris oh it’s probably had a
identified it as the extra state as well as the Regal yeah and there’s a free
here and what we were you free not too sure this one I need to look up cuz the
first time Baxter got a rupee from basically just in point and then we have
the key I so all these are actually before I get
to the airport all these actually hammered coins so
these are hematite people which is your way of making coins and then we have
machine struck coins so this is the coin of the Bengal presidency a 1 rupee and
these are going to properly pain a bit but is $40 each
but they’re actually nice coins they actually get and as you can see playing
so that’s actually bag you can actually like drawing down the exercise let’s
move it down a bit and get some of the silver and there’s my actual coin again
first time I’ve actually got one any actual Mint coin machine struck coins
should I say and then they’re not that rare pretty common in India so then I’ve
got some other points so one of my ever favorite sister from bar one so this is
EA our din valve on this is a two-county coin now you can see it has McGarry
inscription inside this is named bull bun and on this side has an error
everything description and if we put these down so this one is actually well
set that you can see the inscription but as you can see the plane is actually too
small for the actual Dyer to fit all of the image on it but this is the best
corner I’ve actually got so far on this side usually an emotionally like that so
if so got the inscription in there but at the top I’m trying to get one with
the whole inscription which this is the closest and these are actually quite
common you can buy tears flow four to five dollars each okay actually quite
nice and as you can see or any edge is supposed to be beaded
and then I have one so these ones haven’t been cleaned these ones actually
have been cleaned and you can see the difference
the last coins ago oh I’m there allow me sultans supposedly supposed to be semi
Gunny there’s actually quite big coins so as you can see there this is quite
fat nearly the size of a rupee just actually one each biggest bronze coins
back Sir John and I need to actually look these up and see what they are but
I won’t worry about that today do it another time
but as I know what’s hot night they are actually quite easy taxi look up on wWOZ
new door are you and your sump liking it it’s a free website of Asian coins and a
lot of these in poor condition set of been in the ground like all these other
coins would have been and it just been found so beautiful and they had the dirt
removed there’s a lots of rust but still I like to collect them anyway they’re
probably from different rules of the money Sultanate which is the one I need
more southern Sultan’s that actually oh this one so it’s pretty good they
actually ruled India and they one of the reasons why the Vijayanagara Empire was
weakened and eventually destroyed that’s my so anyway most beautiful
Indian coins first things that I’ve got in the mail today if you like Indian
coins please leave a comment down below beat me quite awesome I love them better
than Australian coins and just have an awesome coin collecting time people
thank you and I’ll leave a link down below to eBay and have awesome coin
collecting time thank you and bye bye