so hello fellow banknote collectors and
especially those from Indonesia so here I have some Indonesian ten banknotes
these are dated 1964 but they’re only put in circulation in late 1965 as part
of their redenomination and these are pretty common and if we have a look at
the once in you can see it has no watermark and it has no security Fred
and that’s the same with all of them so to come in 5 10 20 25 and 50 cent so
during the red denomination the highest banknote of previous series of it was
ten thousand rupiah in red denomination was one to one thousand so ten thousand
rupiah it was a 10 News in 10 new rupiah so this one would have been equivalent
to 10 old rupiah and we have the governors who were Joseph’s mother dalam
so that he’s the governor and the director was a he taught EDM talk so hot
in the nation or bhai Indonesia is the Malay language in its Austronesian so
it’s related to Mary and a Samoan in the Pacific most the Pacific island
languages are Austronesian then you have some pop woman languages so that summer
hopefully something new to for you to learn so site to sin and the printer is
actually down below and it has a farmer with a petty hat so Patti hey is this
one these lot in Southeast Asia or Vietnam Cambodia it’s a good cover from
the Sun on the back we have just a patination in a security number just one
there so oh it’s been a bit damaged so then we have the five just the same and
on the ever banknotes they have a soo cloudy flower and this
is a volunteer group so this is a female volunteer and in the reverse we have
pretty much basically the same then we have some in donation account really God
I’m ready Indonesian so I’m not too sure that sighs probably just face it I have
a legal tender or the punishment if you can’t offend him he’s ten
nice blue banknote see how green red blue it’s not bad the 25 rupiah yes I
looks like a male volunteer and they look like during the army uniforms so at
the time Indonesia actually had an exchange rate officially over 25 cents
Oh 25 cent it was one US dollar but really in reality is like 150 rupiah per
US dollar so these ones for the average person they wouldn’t have actually
circulated and except for the once in all these were withdrawn in 15 for
November 1996 so I need a once in you still current league with the end of
banknotes and this is the highest one 50 Sen they did actually issue ever
banknotes like they wanted to offer a few issued by the Treasury and the five
and up we should buy the Bank Indonesia so as you can see do 25 refuse anyone
had pointed so who’s here and the rest are just a flat circles
that’s all patination designed to stop counterfeiting and unique thing is is a
no and this one’s a bit off-center as you can see let’s see anyone I have
that’s off-center but I have to banknote to U of X and apparently X is
a replacement bank now so the other one sin is also an ex ex easy so it is –
apparently replacement banknotes for these free any ever five sin this one’s
just a normal serious and this one’s a replacement so anyway I like to know
what do you think about these banknotes I think that they’re quite alright for a
low value denomination I would expect higher quality banknotes which you can
see the paper is quite thick and pretty much cheap paper actually so awesome
anyway please I give this video thumbs up subscribe to my channel if you
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collect inside people okay bye bye