Christina, Chief Brand Officer: We use crypto slang so frequently that I don’t even think of it as slang. Jesse Powell, Co-Founder + CEO: If you’re a no-coiner or a noob, knowing some slang will help you slide under the radar. Christina: And you may not know what that is yet, but we’ll explain it. Jesse: Yeah, so “wen,” W-E-N, I think this comes from the Dogecoin community. Wen moon? Much good. Such wow. Christina: (laughs) Things like that. You know, it’s very child-like. Christina: “Wen lambo,” that slang, comes from the idea of getting crypto rich. Most people are into crypto for ideological reasons and making the world a better place. But a symbol of getting rich is that you can afford to buy a Lamborghini. “Sats,” short for “Satoshi Nakamoto.” Jesse: Yeah. The smallest unit of Bitcoin, the eighth decimal place out, is called a “satoshi.” Christina: Right, so if a bitcoin is like a foot, satoshis is like inches. Jesse: Right. Christina: So “HODL” (“hawdle”) or “HODL” (“hohdle”) is– Jesse: H-O-D-L Christina: –is another way of saying “hold.” Jesse: And some guy was drunk, and writing a post or something and he mixed it up. And some people were kind of inspired by that. And people have guessed that it means, “Hold on for dear life!” because the crypto markets are so volatile. But that’s not actually the origin of it. People just came up with that after. Christina: If you believe in a coin, you’re a HODLer. If you don’t believe in a coin, then you would call that coin a shitcoin. But that’s totally subjective. Christina: My favorite category of crypto slang are all of the animal slang terms. Jesse: Bears, bulls, whales, sharks. Christina: A “whale” in the crypto industry is a really big crypto trader. And then fish are people who buy and sell very small quantities. For a healthy market, you have both fish and whales. Christina: A “no-coiner” is someone who doesn’t have any crypto. And it’s sort of like “noob,” in that there aren’t positive associations, but there’s an upside too, which is, “That’s OK. Let’s get you some coins.” “Rekt” in crypto means something bad happened to you. Typically it’s you lost a lot of money Jesse: You got rekt. You’re gonna get rekt. Christina: Getting rekt makes you appreciate the times when you’re mooning. That’s what happens when you’re stacking sats! Jesse: That’s true. But if you want to become a whale, you can’t get rekt too often. Christina: Yeah, that’s true. Once you get down the lingo, then you can have more conversations with people in crypto. And then you can learn even more! It’s like a gateway drug.