Hello everyone again!
this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one
bitcoin show today is November the 20th 2019 strong hand conviction that’s what
I got to say about today all right hello my elite friends YouTube just kicked me
off for like a second there so I got to welcome you twice so long say hello my
leap friends again yes it is November the 20th and a year
ago the price was crashing down to three thousand dollars and people were worried
I got on a plane from Santiago Chile – two more Maryland to come home for
Thanksgiving and unfortunately upon my arrival I
found out that my father had suddenly died and it was just out of the blue and
my life but we persevere in life we persevere in life
I keep getting kicked off here somebody doesn’t want me to talk about that’s
kind of it no bad that Latin people we persevere like bad things happening
look life goes on it was a three thousand that’s in the past
we had the low of the cycle I went through some drastic changes in my life
the family survived we’re doing it condition it takes conviction so bad
things happen your life bad things happened with the price of Bitcoin I
just wanted to start that off that way today just to remind you a lot can
change in the year you’re gonna have bad things happen in your life
Bitcoin prices kind of panic it’s gonna be live don’t panic you get through any
obstacle persevere strong hand conviction it’s all about a conviction
and remind everyone a new show every day you
get here that’s my system even during bad times in terms of you know personal
life or whatever and again I think everything since last year it has been a
learning experience this past year and I’m a stronger person and my hands is
even stronger so let’s let’s get it on with this show I you tube keeps cutting
off out on me that’s very unfortunate so we’re gonna have to keep a couple
windows we’ll be back in Baltimore soon with the family because Thanksgivings
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okay let’s start by the Andrew yang I didn’t watch the debates I didn’t know
there was a debate that like button but there was a debate and I don’t know if
he talked about cryptocurrency there but I had he just released on his site okay
and then something about technology all right technology discussion where he
discusses cryptocurrency and regulation but he goes on and he talks about
interfering and all sorts of technological companies and you can read
the whole thing below but the obviously the crypto articles only focus Olympic
coin and the what he said there so I’ll really do a little bit and give you my
fuck now I don’t think he’s got good intentions he thinks government makes a
difference can help things it really doesn’t help and he’s kind of down he
attacks some technology companies make some try to thicken a little bit so I’m
not I’m not down with that but he does say he says that the Senate hearings
were embarrassing and his congressman our Congress people are not very
knowledgeable when it comes to cryptocurrency and
Bitcoin I think we can all adorned the Zuckerberg eye hearings whatever you
want to call it but he says so I agree with him on that he wants to provide
clarity on cryptocurrency regulations yang plans to define which federal
agencies have regulatory power now he talks about the Andrew yang talks about
starting some of the more government agencies the regular technology I’m
definitely not a fan for that of that federal agencies have a regulatory power
over cryptid up provide for consumer protection and clarify the tax
implications of owning and selling and trading crypto currencies all right
clarifying the text the the tax implications that would be a good thing
that’s that’s my best takeaway the most positive takeaway I have from what he
said so let’s talk about the IRS for a second here they’re worried about ATMs
all of a sudden like in third-world countries because you can like buy $200
worth of crypto or $200 worth of Bitcoin and something ATM halfway across the
world it’s a sign that they don’t they don’t have their priorities in order
when it comes to a crypto currency and one hand might not know what the other
hand is doing I think it’s good I you know if they want to spread themselves
that thin let them worry about ATMs they might they also try to make themselves
seem really big trying to make themselves seem bigger than they are the
IRS also trying to make itself seem bigger
than it really is to appear scary and world wide and you should worry about
the IRS but they should really be more concerned about clarifying me yeah the
tax situation in the United States and trying to shut down ATMs all over the
world according to the great Zack Bowl who will be on this weekend Bitcoin on
Friday and he’s gonna talk about how to get a job in crypto oh my god oh my god
inside they’re typing information people with Zack ball on Friday at this week on
this weekend Bitcoin Zack ball we talked but anyway here’s a
tweet for of him from him talking about Bitcoin ATMs
I’m really glad the IRS is investigating compliance to choose for Bitcoin ATMs
because that’s definitely a critical regulatory priority for an agency with
limited manpower that barely understands Forks you sum it up pretty well they’re
found that like one dude all right let’s talk about this Wall Street Journal
article that a few of you may be familiar with
it’s about American Express Amex or a MMX you can call them and David nage
actually notifying me about this as I follow him on Twitter
he says Amex American Express is paying up to get businesses to accept its card
card company is offering thousands of dollars in signup bonuses to close the
gap with Visa and MasterCard now that might be what they’re saying and they
hey they’re competing that way in the world of Bitcoin that we are about to
enter and when people start spending Bitcoin and cryptocurrency and again I’m
offended by self I myself but eventually people are going to start spending all
sorts of cryptocurrencies big coin whatever you want to say but the way
these car companies are going to compete is exactly what we’re seeing right here
they will pay they will pay companies to to accept their car like accept us over
Bitcoin we’re we’re better than I mean they’re gonna have to bribe
people they’re gonna have to bribe because again their fees are higher than
big point so we can expect this trend to intensify once a crypto payments really
hit the scene and who knows who knows when that actually will be I’m not
holding my breath and again I am uh I am offended by selling anyway moving on but
but that is that something to uh to do that Amex and Visa MasterCard they got a
lot of tricks up their sleeves don’t think they’re not gonna go down without
a fight here because people will realizing I should I should take
cryptocurrency over you have to pit you know when you’re a vendor you have to
pay like coops and fees but thought they might be tempted short-term thinking but
I love these it gives me $5,000 to to have a logo here and accept it denied
then I will then I will accept it let him compete I’m not complaining I’m
pounding that like button we calm got a party said partially he said that so
that sounds like a gimmick and he’s trying to give the stuff away it’s still
better than that it’s still better than the Bulevar and I get their articles now
coming up how he’s like okay with people using the dollar for all you dollar
eaters out there so and he’s a dollar hater but he even admits that the dollar
is better than his nonsense so but I read you when Mauricio has told me and
he also it linked to below is like the the long video in Spanish where he is
trying to confuse people and plate up the petrol biggert making seem bigger
than it really is kind of like the IRS but anyway so here Maurice who says they
have designated addition this is what he’s claiming the the leader of
Hezbollah they have designated additional resources in the form of
barrels by a question of oil to back the petrol operations the actual
announcement was an hour long and it had the president
members of top cabinets of the top cabinet at sonic rip headquarters they
showed petrol servers which look like ant miner has nines and I’m pretty sure
the petrol should have no a six I’m planning to do more digging and
confusing confusion majora also said the top technology in
the world is in Venezuela Venezuela is all in on crypto okay so there you go
he’s confusing people I mean he’s he’s playing the long game here trying to
trying to stretch things out trying to make it seem better situations better
than it really is use uses nonsense to believe in his nonsense
centralized cryptocurrency that sort of exists called the Pedro whoo oh here is
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talking about Andrews yeah alright good lesson let’s move on to this very nice
email I received the inspirational email when I feel down Your Enthusiasm with my
spirits when I feel weak your strong hand strengthens my mindset when I feel
alone in questioning my choices you remind me of the value of being a twenty
percent IRR and the long-term benefits which delayed gratification brings that
is very flattering so thank thank you very much I’m glad I can inspire and get
people’s hands stronger and to get you know if you ever feeling down and you
want to get energized watch these videos at disrupt meister calm its natural
energy baby you got a love life you gotta love being alive yes so it’s
awesome an and we’re about to enter this olden age it’s it’s unfortunate that
everyone gets to enter the 2020 Golden Age you know that’s life though so if
you’re to stay healthy people yeah another health tip try to do that a
little teeny close it’s good it’s good do because yeah spices out your life
spice up your breath makes the ladies like you
now you’re welcome Bitcoin okay so the following oh there’s an article about
coin desk coin desk did I oh yeah coin death says FinCEN stable coin issuers
are money transmitters no matter what and the funny thing is most of the
stable points out there they probably are like yes Vincent please regulate us
call us money transmitters we will follow all your rules we will comply
will be happy to comply because they want tether to go away I mean they they
no tether will not comply they want them they want that to go away so and any of
their big names their big names behind these stable coins like the Winklevoss
of course they’re going to comply and they’re not going to object to FinCEN
saying that stable point issues or money transmitters I think it’s nonsense I
think it’s absolutely nonsense anyone should be able to create a stable coin
if they want to and again I fixed why people value their wealth in stable
coins it’s you know that’s ridiculous oh my god Oh – but we live people should be
able to should be free to value their wealth and stable coins
I think the intense regulation that is being implied here is not sense but it’s
partially gonna it’s gonna be cheered on by somebody stable coin guys to get rid
of Ted so guys don’t rage that’s a better one okay we got we got a question
here in the chat just January international Bitcoin month to spread
Bitcoin aware and say I think that’s a great time for international Bitcoin
month to spread Bitcoin awareness this proof of keys trace mares proof of G’s
January 3rd so it’s spread were people international Bitcoin month
is gonna be the first month of that Golden Age of the of the 2020s oh that’s
a great way to kick it off that’s a real great way to kick it off alright thank
you for that a question keep on I love when people ask questions man I love
this spur the moment type of stuff you never know what you’re gonna get people
enjoy this birther moment stuff moving on we talked about stable coin
compliance so the fuck we’re talking about medicine point bait one I didn’t
mention coinbase yeah Commission gemenon and Winkle died but the this guy the
following quote is from a guy who works off quite a corn base of all places and
it just shows that big boy the big boys and this is what big boys play value
their wealth in Bitcoin more so than aetherium
again this is a coin based employee that says this bitcoins collateral economy is
much larger than etherium bitcoin is the primary form of collateral for
derivative markets that have cleared more than a trillion dollars in annual
trading volume similarly Genesis capital shows time and
time again that bitcoin is the best collateral for crypto loans okay I don’t
recommend anyone doing critical bones or using bitcoin as collateral but when
you’re talking about collateral it’s gonna have some value okay and people
prefer the real thing they put a ladder over there not a cerium now in a cerium
is where the whole defy aetherium is what the whole defy world is is based
around apparently but yet these people that are doing decentralized finance
that are enviably involve the collateral they what bitcoin is their collateral so
that speaks volumes there and I’m not gonna big boy I’m not ripping on a
theory mom this is a positive spin bitcoin is the real thing people are
using in it intense collateral for these cilia financialization games that they
are playing finally we’re at the end of the show here there is a to site out
there called pointing – intro comm it’s step by step
Bitcoin learning okay I’m get I give it a shot it’s it’s uh
it’s it’s interesting if you’re if you’re gonna teach someone it’s not as
easy as it might appear some of the things are a little bit complex and some
newbies might be gonna get a little intimidated by some of the verbiage on
there but it’s something that showed it’s a step by step learning process
some people like step by step guides like that and let me just make sure
there is nothing oh I almost forgot is speaking of Education this is – I’m glad
I did not skip this education link this guy his name is Tom Lombardi
he says thrilled honor overwhelmed to be teaching digital asset finance to
Pepperdine University MBA students next semester looking to crypto Twitter to
provide a feedback on my syllabus here’s plans you guys can look at that
I’m glad that this guy is in motion the weird is that
I mean MBAs are I could see in the near future how like these evening MBA
programs that sell themselves on advertisements on on the radio on TV and
on the internet are gonna like type themselves up by saying we’re the best
MBA we’re gonna teach you what is this digital aspect route up teach the NBA
guys that are already paying tons and tons of money to go to Pepperdine you
know so why don’t give it to them if they’re already paying the money then
this it’s better than some of the stuff that is it’s better than like learning
uh social social justice compliance business law how to how to bow down to
the social justice warriors is better than that so it’s definitely their
course than that and I’m sure she’d be on syllabus but it is free it’s out
there and it is a good sign well once this happens this
when you start seeing advertisement for EMBA for evening MBA programs or regular
MBA program saying come learn here passed lots of money and you will learn
about Bitcoin the hottest latest thing so keep getting people anyway you can
I’m gonna keep educating people with this channel a new show every day pound
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more questions going once going twice that is it I’m gonna go running soon
it’s obviously the middle of the day here in Australia and handling Australia
thanks a lot everybody yeah you can make it through anything people you can make
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