bitcoin is back on track after dropping
since it was valued at upwards of
$19,000 it has spiked considerably in
the recent days today well let you know
the facts the value and the pros and
cons of investing currently in this
cryptocurrency and the best part about
it is that I’m just hitting you with
some facts in value I’m not even trying
to sell you anything in this video and I
sure as hell won’t link my affiliate to
my coin base in the description like
everyone else does shocking I know
welcome to the video ladies and gents
today if there’s anything worth talking
about its cryptocurrency and Bitcoin
it’s finally crossed back over the 7k
mark and it’s trading it around 7,500
year-to-date it’s down 47.8 5% although
some of you might look at that as a
great investment opportunity to buy low
and then sell high so that begs the
question is it a great opportunity or a
terrible investment today we’re going to
outline the pros and cons of each and go
over in a straightforward way what I
think you should do when choosing to
invest in Bitcoin today alright the pros
so the first pro is that it traded at
more than double back in early 2018 in
late 2017 so would it be crazy to assume
that it was gonna raise again if not
potentially even double so that you
could buy low right now we don’t it
until it gets higher and then
potentially double your money in the
months to come
alright the second Pro nobody really
knows the ceiling if you go back up to
nineteen thousand it could go to twenty
five thousand hell it could even go to
fifty thousand nobody really knows all
right in the third and final Pro that I
have on today is it’s got the hype now
it will almost assuredly continue to
rise with all the hype surrounding both
today and videos like this and you know
as more and more people create videos on
Bitcoin because of the recent surge it’s
almost assuredly to generate more
interest more hype thus causing and
raising that price to continue to go up
all right now it’s time to be practical
and look at the con side so just like we
don’t know the ceiling over
we also don’t know the floor yes it
could go up to 19,000 yes it could cook
to 50,000 however it could also drop to
2,000 or it could become completely
irrelevant a year from now thus causing
you to lose all your money
at the end of the day no one really
knows if it’s gonna go up or down
anybody that tells you it’s definitely
going to do one of the either
it’s obviously aligned to you plain and
simple it’s an investment and a risk
just like all investments it’s crashed
before and sure people have definitely
made a lot of money on it and a lot of
different people for that matter whether
they got in right away at the start when
it was really really cheap or they you
know bought low and then eventually sold
it much higher when it was at the the
you know the the ceiling of its hype
however it’s gone down in the past and
it will almost assuredly crash again the
question is when maybe that’s a year
from now maybe that’s five years from
now maybe it’s next month or the month
after you purchase thus resulting you
will lose all your money and finally if
you listen to any one thing in this
video listen to this if you’re looking
at investing in anything you have to ask
yourself and this is you know something
that the smartest investors in the world
but you know investors like Warren
Buffett as well as man I don’t mean to
say like I’m a smart investor anything
but people that are smart about
investing understand this and that’s the
question that you need to answer is can
you influence the outcome I like to
invest in things where I can personally
influence the outcome in a positive way
whether that stocks you know real
estates bonds companies you know
anything like that crypto whatever if I
can use my expertise or anything at my
disposal to influence the outcome in a
positive way well then obviously I’m
more inclined to invest in that and feel
good about it the reason for that is
it’s kind of like playing a game of
cards with a stacked deck obviously I’m
more inclined to win and the odds are in
my favor
if you asked me to play fortnight I
would probably say no because guess what
I suck at fortnight however if you asked
me to play soccer or baseball or
something I’m good at I would most
assuredly probably say yes because
better chance that I’m going to win I
like playing rigged games where the odds
are in my favor and that’s how you
should look at investing if I can’t
influence the outcome then at the end of
the day it’s just a roll of the dice
sure I might make money but I could lose
it just the same so to answer the
question whether I think Bitcoin is a
good investment for you I’ll leave you
with one question – and that is can
anything that you bring to the table
whether that’s in business or life in
general anything that you bring to the
table influenced Bitcoin in a positive
way will it cause that price to continue
to go up if you can answer that yes then
maybe that’s a good investment for you
if not well guess what then you’re
rolling the dice sure you could get
lucky but chances are you won’t thank
you for watching guys I truly and
genuinely appreciate each and every one
of you for spending your time here on
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ever made an investment in anything
whether that stocks bonds real estate
crypto literally anything and what the
outcome was and I’ll see in the next one